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International coffee day: Five astonishing facts about this aromatic drink

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 01 Oct 2018, 03:59:49 PM
International coffee day: Five astonishing facts about this aromatic drink

New Delhi:

1st of October is celebrated as International Coffee Day. Before 2015,this day was celebrated on different dates in different countries. The day marks the importance of raising awareness about sustainable cultivation and fair-trade practices within the coffee industry. 
As one of the most loved brewed drinks in the world, coffee may be an energy-dynamo to the start of your day. The beverage is not just a great energiser, it also boasts of several health benefits.

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But, regardless of the claim, did you know these interesting facts about coffee?

  1. The most expensive coffee in the world known as the Kopi luwak is derived from the poop of an Asian palm civet, a certain Indonesian cat-like animal . Sold for a whopping $100 to $500 per pound, Kopi Luwak is made by collecting the defecated coffee beans eaten by the wild civets which are then processed and sold.
  2. The first coffee can be traced as back as 800 AD in Ethiopia circa by a shepherd named Kaldi which he discovered while tending the herd. He noticed that his goats after ingesting the coffee berries were super energetic for the whole night due to the ‘magical’ caffeine effect. And legend says that Kaldi tried the fruit for himself and had a similar reaction 
  3. The coffee that you have every morning might have travelled all the way from Brazil. About 40% of the world’s coffee is produced in Brazil making it the largest coffee producing country in the world with Columbia and Vietnam taking the 2nd and the 3rd place.
  4. While coffee might be your ‘must-have’ beverage every morning, coffee is actually a fruit. Coffee beans that you know about are the pits of  a cherry-like red fruit of the coffee shrub. Coffee is a fruit that falls under the seed family because of its resemblance to actual beans.
  5.  Forget drinking coffee to awake you because even the aroma of coffee can wake you up. A group of scientists reported that the sniff of the capturing aroma of coffee can alter the activity of some genes in the brain, reducing the effects of sleep deprivation.

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First Published : 01 Oct 2018, 01:42:18 PM