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Girls, want to know if he is interested in you? Then watch out for these tacit signs

To Put It Right Away In Perspective, He Could Have A Serious Crush On You, Likes You, And Wants To Become A Part Of Your Life.

By : Tahir Qureshi | Updated on: 13 Aug 2017, 04:22:11 PM
Decode the ‘mystery’ by watching out for these signs

New Delhi:

Ladies, ever wondered if that guy who has been lately lingering around you is doing this wandering around just naturally or is there a hidden message behind his sudden bearing? 

To put it right away in perspective, he could have a serious crush on you, likes you, and wants to become a part of your life, but is too shy to approach. 

Here is how you can crack the code with sure shot observations from your side. So, read on and cut the clutter out and decode the ‘mystery’ by watching out for these signs: 

Body language: Tried and tested parameter. Psychologists and body language experts across the globe are unanimous in their studies and research that people say a lot of things without opening their mouths or jotting down. The medium is their body language.   

A few signs of body language to watch out for - He looks at you a lot, more than required, looks gently at your face and makes eye contact. If he leaves no chance to get nearer to you then this is a sign of his interest in you.

If his hands, feet, legs, and toes are pointed toward you then it means that his thoughts are directed towards you. Pointing is a subconscious indicator of his interest in you.

Eye contact: Eyes are the mirror of the soul and any guy interested in you will look at you a lot, or as we say steal a glance. Occasionally he is looking directly in your eyes, but not for a long duration, say about 2-3 seconds or else it looks awkward.  

If he maintains, and even intensifies eye contact with you, he's interested! If he looks left, then suddenly turns towards your face, or if he is looking right and suddenly looks at your face then it’s a sign he's very attracted to you.

Observe his face: Look at his facial expressions during your interactions. If his pupils dilate or get widen then it is a major indicator that he has got his eyes on you, in a gentle meaning of course. Other gestures include raising the eyebrows, licking the lips to moisten them, or giving a mild, soft smile. 

He is listening: The guy who is interested in you will listen to whatever you say to him, without interrupting or stopping you. This is because he wants you to know that he is interested in whatever you are talking about. 

The touch: You must observe his inclination about touching and being touched. Touch is an important sign of interest and you can easily make out if he is attracted to you both by observing how he touches you and how he reacts when you touch him. 

The interested guy will try his best to touch you, either by putting his hand on yours, gently brushing his leg against yours, or holding your hand in a warm gentle manner while shaking hands with you.

He treats you differently: Of course, if he is into you he will treat you with extra care and concern. Watch out how he acts when he is interacting with other members (female) of the group and when he is communicating with you.  

If he treats you differently from other (female) members, say is more attentive to you, asks personal questions, tries to ask you out, or becomes protective about you, then he is really interested in you.

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First Published : 13 Aug 2017, 04:22:11 PM