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LOVE Potions soon to help you save your relationship; Click here to know how

Is Your Relationship In Danger, Is Your Lover Running Away From You And Ignoring You? Here Is A Good News As LOVE Potions Soon To Help You Save Your Relationship.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Neha Singh | Updated on: 15 Apr 2017, 08:06:34 AM
LOVE Potions soon to help you save your relationship; Click here to know how

New Delhi:

Why do we fall in love? According to Sandberg, it's because human babies are essentially useless. A real love potion can soon be created by making a conoction of hormones ( oxytocin, vasopression and CPH). 

According to the researchers from Oxford has said that they are not yeat sure about it it but they know that making this isn't easy as the conoction will have to affect the right portion of the brain  by stimulating the system.

"From a purely hedonistic view, people have been taking drugs to have more fun in the bedroom since forever," says Dr. Sandberg in Nordic-accented tones. "There are endless crazy aphrodisiacs in folklore and medicine!" But enhancing sexual function and desire is in no way the same as enhancing love, as anyone who's had sex with someone they despise will know well.

"We humans have really hopeless babies," Sandberg says, "unlike baby horses, who can walk a few hours after getting born. So from an evolutionary point of view, we need to make sure parents stay together to give their offspring the best chance of survival. That's where pair-bonding systems come into play."

"The thing that really creates a bond together is the dopamine system," Sandberg says. "Many of the symptoms are similar to taking a stimulant effect. You have a dopamine release in your frontal lobe, and this causes you to recognize that this is someone who you should be around, who you should feel close to."

"The classic love potion, which makes you fall in love with someone just because you drank the potion, is certainly problematic," Sandberg says. "From an ethics point of view, if love potions like this existed, they'd really be quite horrifying date rape drugs, in essence." But he argues that love potions—if used moderately—can have a strengthening effect on already existing relationships.

"When you're already in love with someone, emotions can change over time. What if there was a way of topping up that love that might be starting to fade?" he asks. Maybe you recently bought a house together, or you have kids. Sandberg envisions a world where love potions are treated, alongside relationship counseling, as a way to strengthen failing relationships before they reach the point of no return.

"I don't think you can keep a relationship together through medication," he says, "but if you took drugs to put you in the right empathetic mode, and then combined that with proper couples therapy, that could work well."

"What you're really talking about is the idea that there's one true love out there," he says, "and that when you see them the music will play and the birds will sing and everything will change. But it's kind of a myth."

"A lot of people say that unpacking the science of love is like unweaving the rainbow," the well-read Dr. Sandberg goes on, making reference to the poet William Blake's criticism of Isaac Newton for trying to explain concepts like gravity.

"There's the idea that rainbows are just reflections and water drops, and if you understand how they work on a scientific level, they lose their meaning." But, he goes on, "I think you can understand something like love in a scientific way without losing its beauty. It's just a deeper understanding there."

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First Published : 15 Apr 2017, 07:05:00 AM