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Seven magical foods for men that can do wonders to their sex life

In Case, You Often Worry About Your Performance In The Bed And Want To Spice Up Your Sex Life, Then There's Some News For You. Nutritionists Have Said That The Food A Man Consumes Can Have A Major Impact On His Sex Life.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Abhishek Ranjit | Updated on: 11 Aug 2017, 07:25:56 AM
Consuming some foods can boost up men's libido

New Delhi:

Attention men. Why settle for so-so sex when you can increase your stamina and have a satisfying and longer sexual activity? There are some foods which you should have to boost your libido. 

In case, you often worry about your performance in the bed and want to spice up your sex life, then there's some news for you. Nutritionists have said that the food a man consumes can have a major impact on his sex life. 

According to  founders of Neat Nutrition, Charlie Turner and Lee Foster there are seven magical food items that can literally charge your libido. These seven food items can increase the sex drive and make you a champion in bed.

So don't wait any longer, visit the market as soon as you read this article. 

Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate is truly for lovers. It has substances which can impact your mood and energy in a remarkable way.  Dark chocolate is known to increase blood flow to your sex organs and put you in the mood to do 'it'. Not many know that dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which is produced when you're in love. Eating a dark chocolate daily can truly incite the passion inside you. Say good bye to low sex drive by having a bite of the chocolate and rekindling the romance once again. 


Though you would avoid eating garlic just before sex, but you must give it a thought. Of course who would want to spoil the intimate moment because of the foul odour of garlic? Consuming a garlic can increase the blood flow in the penis and increase the sex drive. Men who face erectile dysfunction should consume it and see the magic. Garlic is truly good for your little johny.


You must have been told many times to eat almonds, walnuts, peanuts and Brazil nuts. Who knew eating these energy boosters can boost up the sex drive? The nuts are even known to reverse impotence in men. As a matter of fact, nuts contain zinc, vitamin E and other minerals which are consdered important for sexual health. 

Broccoli & Celery

These green vegetables can really do wonders for your libido. Broccoli removes the extra oestrogen and in turn increases the level of  testosterone in your body.  Celery is known to contain  androsterone, which is an odourless hormone released when a male perspires. This acts a big turn and can led you to love making. 


Who gave a thought to the fact that having oats in breakfast can be useful for sexual health? Not many know that oats are known to increase the level of  testosterone available in your bloodstream. Having them on a continuous basis will improve your libido and make you give a long lasting performance. 


Proteins are not only good for your tissues but also for your act in the bed. They boost up your testosterone levels as they are rich in whey, which are significant for the generation of the same.


Why keep the fish only in the aquarium and not in your yummy? Jokes aside, fish is very beneficial for your sexual health. Fishes are extremly high in vitamin B which play a key role in increasing the sex drive. Vitamin B3 causes anaerobic metabolism, which is known to provide sexual energy and increase the blood flow to the penis. Vitamin B6 found in fishes regulate prolactin which is responsible for maintaining the levels of sexual enjoyment in males. So don't hesitate to include fish in your daily diet. 

 Make these foods a part of your daily diet and see the magic.

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First Published : 08 Aug 2017, 10:31:55 PM