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Women break-free else patriarchal society will always 'favour' you! Happy International Women's Day

It Is International Women's Day On March 8 And The Mood Is Already Set In Society With Several Award Shows And Contests Celebrating The Spirit Of Feminism. But Do We Actually Need A Day To Glorify The Womanism.

By : Devika Chhibber | Updated on: 06 Mar 2016, 07:06:41 PM

New Delhi :

It is International Women's Day on March 8 and the mood is already set in society with several award shows and contests celebrating the spirit of feminism. But do we actually need a day to glorify the womanism.

No, we need to deal with the issue everyday, every moment and try to create a better society for our future girls.

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Parliament today, "Women are already empowered just that there is no realisation."

He added, "we must think beyond women's development" and move towards "women-led development."

Thus to bring the change, there are issues which woman should deal with at this very moment and if required should stop doing to usher in peace and prospertity in the society. 

Take a look at some of them:

Stop treating yourself weak: You are not, it is the patriarchal society which at every step will make you feel dependent and responsible. You have your duties to fulfill but also have your own space to think about.

Break free: Don't worry about what others are saying. Especially in the patriarchal society, you will never be supported if you show yourself as creative, independent and a strong woman- for a woman should always has a father, husband or son to be strong, right! Some may call you a burden, some may say that they are favouring you by taking care of you but please girls, it is you who is actually favouring the society.

A girl leaves her parents, her comfortable household because of societal pressures, nurture your baby; so even if you giving her something in return, it will never be enough. And, we are actually doing a favour, Always remember!

Support another woman: If males behave dominantly or are unable to understand the importance of the women in their lives, one of the major reason for such impossible behaviour is their mother. Why don't you teach your sons to share the burden of the household. If a woman must deal with the working hours and still do daily chores and cook food (thank god one-time no cooking has finally set in some households), why can't you sons do the same too? Think again (this is another favour).

Teach your kids: Sons and daughters are equal and inculcate the feeling in them. Both the genders have a right to do what they want to do in life but not at the cost of others.

Stay away from parents: Read somewhere- "It has nothing to do with love in the first place." So true! If a daughter has to stay with in-laws why can't a son live with his in-laws; why should a girl has to sacrifice everything including her parents to be with her husband? And, if this is not possible, then it is better to develop a household where both sides in-laws are welcome i.e. stay separate but have a healthy bond with either sides families. However, the issue is still difficult to adopt because Indians 'sanskaari' roots will lose essence. The mindset- if you have a son you have every right on them- from their staying together to household income and even what is cooking in the kitchen. But a female becomes husband's property once she is married to her Prince Charming. Wow! Education has certainly made the female kind slaves in different form. You have an opinion but can't speak out your mind, otherwise you always have the option to leave your husband for he won't ever.

The last point may sound controversial as per the deeply rooted beliefs of traditional Indian society but the topic is highly debatable and inconclusive but has been mentioned here understanding the viewpoint of many girls who want to live with their parents but can't as the male-dominated and female-suppressive society still forces her to stay with the husband's family. Here the demerit also goes to the girl's family who would not try to bring her in once she is married. Strange, you teach her to be empowered yet bow to societal pressures.

But the hard fact is it will still take generations to understand the lime fact. Hail Indian society! 

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First Published : 06 Mar 2016, 05:40:00 PM