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Man confesses to 90 murders, could be the most infamous serial killer in US history

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 29 Nov 2018, 04:43:33 PM
Samuel Little could be the most prolific serial killer in the US history (Photo: Twitter)

New Delhi:

A 78-year-old drifter identified as Samuel Little could be the most infamous serial killer in the US history surpassing even the records of the notorious Ted Bundy or Charles Manson. According to reports, the drifter in Texas has confessed to 90 murders. However, the count and the exactment of the crime is still being investigated on. If what Samuel has confessed is proven true, he could be the most infamous serial killer in US history.  

According to reports, Samuel Little showed all tendencies a serial killer normally showed-preying on prostitutes and drug addicts. He is said to have stretched from coast to coast alluding the authorities while continuing with his decades-long murder spree. 
A former boxer, Little, who is 6ft 3in (1.9m) was arrested at a homeless shelter in Kentucky in 2012 and extradited to California to face drug charges. Little did he know then that his conviction of a drug charge will unravel a long list of a murder conviction which was linked back to his DNA test. 

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In 2014, Little, also known as Samuel McDowell was linked to the murder of three women at Los Angeles in between 1987 and 1989.
According to autopsy reports, the three women were said to have beaten then strangled. He was sentenced to life in prison and then transferred to Texas in connection to another murder charge.

Bobby Bland, district attorney of Ector County has issued a statement saying that the accused, Little has eventually confessed to the 1994 murder of Denise Christie Brothers in Odessa, Texas. Authorities suspicious of more crime induced Little to confess more to which he did after befriending a Texas Ranger named James Holland who had gained his trust. Little is then said to have confessed to dozens of other murders committed between 1970 and 2005.

FBI crime analyst Christina Palazzolo said during the course of an interview in May 2018, Little "went through city and state and gave Ranger Holland the number of people he killed in each place.

"Jackson, Mississippi - one; Cincinnati, Ohio - one; Phoenix, Arizona - three; Las Vegas, Nevada-one..." Palazzolo said.
Up until now, the number of his murders which estimates to 90, out of which 34 killings have been verified by the law enforcements. 
"Little will be confirmed as one of, if not the most, prolific serial killers in US history," Bland said in a statement.
The FBI have said they are working with the Department of Justice, Texas Rangers and dozens of state and local agencies to match Little's confessions to unsolved murders across the country.

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According to the FBI, Little "remembers his victims and the killings in great detail" but is "less reliable, however, when it comes to remembering dates."
Because his victims were mostly drug addicts and prostitutes, in some cases the women were never identified and their deaths were not investigated.

"Little's method of killing also didn't always leave obvious signs that the death was a homicide," the FBI said.
"The one-time competitive boxer usually stunned or knocked out his victims with powerful punches and then strangled them," it said.
"With no stab marks or bullet wounds, many of these deaths were not classified as homicides but attributed to drug overdoses, accidents, or natural causes."

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The FBI have also said that despite the serial killer’s declining health, he is likely to spend the remainder of his days in prison in Texas. They have however refused to state the ailment he is suffering from.

Gary Ridgway also known as the The "Green River Killer" is recorded as the deadliest US serial killer convicted of over 49 murders. But if what Little has confessed is corroborated with real pieces of evidence, he could be the new deadliest serial killer in US history.

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First Published : 29 Nov 2018, 04:03:26 PM