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Student Submits ‘Blank’ Paper As Assignment But Gets An ‘A’, How? Find Out The Reason

Professor Yuji Yamada Said He Had No Hesitation In Rewarding Eimi Full Marks For Her Assignment Telling BBC, I Had Seen Such Reports Written In Code, But Never Seen One Done In Aburidashi.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 12 Oct 2019, 04:28:08 PM
Student Submits ‘Blank’ Paper As Assignment But Gets An ‘A’

New Delhi:

Well, well....never having to write anything during an exam but getting a full-mark? Could anything get better than this? For one Japanese student, the ‘unthinkable’ happened and she was given an 'A' for handing over a blank paper as her assignment. What Harry Potter sorcery is this, you must ask. Well, it so happens that the paper wasn't blank at all; in fact, it was inscribed with an essay written in invisible ink. Eimi Haga, who studies at Mie University, deployed the ancient ninja technique of 'aburidashi', spending hours soaking and crushing soybeans and mixing the extract with water to make the stealthy ink.

She then wrote the essay with a thin brush on fine paper. The words when dried vanish on the page making it appear like nothing is on the paper. It wasn't until Eimi's professor ‘heated the paper’ that he realised that she had mastered all the ninja-tricks by even making her assignment disappear.

Professor Yuji Yamada said he had no hesitation in rewarding Eimi full marks told BBC, "I had seen such reports written in code, but never seen one done in aburidashi.

"To tell the truth, I had a little doubt that the words would come out clearly. But when I actually heated the paper over the gas stove in my house, the words appeared very clearly and I thought 'Well done!'

"I didn't hesitate to give the report full marks - even though I didn't read it to the very end because I thought I should leave some part of the paper unheated, in case the media would somehow find this and take a picture."

Even luckier for Eimi that the teacher didn’t bother to go through the whole assignment as he was rather swayed by her ‘non-visible’ assignment because Eimi herself admids,

"When the professor said in class that he would give a high mark for creativity, I decided that I would make my essay stand out from others.

"I gave a thought for a while, and hit upon the idea of aburidashi.

"I was confident that the professor would at least recognise my efforts to make a creative essay.

"So I wasn't really worried about getting a bad score for my essay - though the content itself was nothing special."

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First Published : 11 Oct 2019, 12:19:47 PM