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India, the most tolerant country

By : Shashikant Sharma | Updated on: 02 Jul 2018, 06:55:24 PM
India, the most tolerant country (PHOTO: FACEBOOK.COM/MUMBAI.MERIJAAAAN)

New Delhi:

India is the world’s largest democracy but the politics practiced in the country isn’t that magnanimous as here exists double standards in dealing with cause, particularly when its political in nature.

A faction of society which includes politicians, intellectuals and few elites are always seen on the opposite side, no matter how sensitive the issue is. The only interest of these individuals seems to increase vote bank base, in other words, play politics of appeasement.

The reference here is of two news which had been on the anvil of coverage recently, sadly while one received attention for all the wrong reasons, the other was lost in oblivion.
Tanvi Seth, a Noida-based woman in an inter-faith marriage, was in news lately for her passport. She had alleged in her tweet to the MEA harassment on communal grounds at the Lucknow passport office, the reason being she was married to a Muslim man. Just a tweet made the entire Central and State machinery swung into action. And, Seth’s passport was issued in no time and presented to her in full media glare.

Democracy in grave danger 

The pseudo seculars who had been in deep slumbers till then were stirred up and what followed were debates in studios, print, social media and in public domain on how intolerant the country has grown, how democracy was in grave danger, how the present institution failed to protect people rights and a lot more.

Now, here’s the irony. The Uttar Pradesh police have sited discrepancy in Seth’s application, pointing out that she had not been staying at the mentioned address since a year which is a prime prerequisite for issue of a passport. The officer, Vikas Mishra, who had been at the receiving end since the controversy erupted, had been transferred with an enquiry being initiated against him but with a fresh twist in the entire episode the officer seems to stand vindicated. Pity, none of the seculars where there to hear his narrative.

Where there is no media outrage

Now, here’s another case. Juhi, a native of Bihar currently settled in Delhi was also in an inter-faith marriage with one Sajid Ali Ansari. The couple had children from their marriage but even that did not stop Ansari from allegedly killing her. Reportedly, the couple had frequent arguments over financial troubles and Sajid’s unemployment despite being a B Tech degree holder.

Juhi also suspected Sajid of having affair with another woman. During one of their arguments, Sajid strangulated Juhi and with the help of his brothers chopped the body into seven pieces and disposed it near Okhla tank area, according to reports. The body was dismembered to such an extent that it became a herculean task for the Delhi Police to identify her.

But in this case, there was no media outrage, none of the pseudo seculars came forward to express solidarity with the victim’s family, tweeterati was not on boil, politicians got into deeper doze, there was no communal angle given, no women rights activists came forward rather the matter seemed to have been passed as a simple case of domestic violence.

Securing the votebank
The question, therefore, goes out to all pseudo seculars…. Why this dual treatment? The logical mind answers… had these elements taken the correct stand in both the cases their vote bank would have got agitated.
Today, the so-called secular brigade comes out in full throttle to brand the establishment anti-people on almost every issue. The hypocrisy of these elements manifests from the fact that they always attempt to amalgamate issues with religion and take advantage thereof.

The Constitution of India gives equal rights to every citizen irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith and is supreme for all. The time is right for citizens to shape their opinion based on facts rather than falling prey to the cabal of few power brokers.

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First Published : 02 Jul 2018, 08:44:32 AM