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The curious case of Baba’s in India

One Always Aspires For Things Lacking And When It Is Not Gained By Own Ways And Means, One Often Turns To Cosmic Powers. It Is This Belief That Brings People Close To These Babas Or Godmen Who Conveniently Exploits Their Emotional Side.

By : Shashikant Sharma | Updated on: 27 Apr 2018, 03:21:02 PM
The curious case of Baba’s in India

New Delhi:

A young girl, her spirit undying, struggled and fought a victorious battle to crush the demon, one of the many baba’s in India, who destroyed her life forever.

It took a little while, but truth and justice must prevail and finally, the so-called baba, Asaram, was declared guilty of raping the innocent and the court sentenced him to life. However, the court verdict drew mixed reactions from different quarters.

Asaram’s followers feel it is a conspiracy against their beloved baba, while the aggrieved demand a harsher punishment still.

Well in a country of 1.3 billion people, the rise of these baba’s or godmen and their subsequent fall is not a new spectre, but the question which comes to mind is why mostly in India we see “the curious case of Baba” who sway public perception so strongly that not only a single state but also all adjoining states need to be warned about them. Of course, this doesn’t come free, tax payers’ money goes in securing law and order.

Now one doesn’t need to be an Einstein to figure out why Indians are obsessed with godmen. Let’s take a brief glance at some of the underlying reasons. 

Belief System

Homo sapiens species by nature have unending aspirations. One always aspires for things lacking and when it is not gained by own ways and means, one often turns to cosmic powers. It is this belief that brings people close to these babas or godmen who conveniently exploits their emotional side, hypnotising them to believe on a hotline call to God to deliver the impossible. 

Education System

If you are under the impression that only the uneducated or illiterate or naïve goes to bathe in the radiance of these Babas, you might need to review your opinion. One can find people here from all strata of society and from all professions. There are people stepping down from Rolls Royce to a daily wage earner. Today, religious text and books are readily available in paper back and in their digital avatar as well. Does one really need a godman to understand the essence conveyed by these scriptures? Yet, there are some who otherwise claim themselves to be highly evolved but need a straw to hold on to.

Social conditions

Let’s take an example, a high school passed person earning roughly Rs.15k a month requires Rs.20 lakh for a critical illness treatment. The private medical expenses and the everlasting struggle to avail government treatment is known to all. Under these circumstances and over a period of time when his burden increases, he gradually starts drifting towards the hope of an unknown miracle which not any MBBS/MD qualified can provide but a BABA, who with a “Churn”, assures him that all his miseries will disappear but mind it, the “Churn” too is costly as well.

Balance of power and money

These two entities are made for each other and cannot part ways even in the worst of circumstances or times. Generally, with power comes money and with money comes power. The moneyful use BABAs’ influence over their Bhakts (in other words their vote bank) to scale the ladder of politics very legally through the electoral system while the powerful use the same element to mint money. Which is why, these godmen are not unknown to the corridor of position, power and money. 

Amid the crimes and chaos that continue to find a hold and pervade the system, the country’s attention is often diverted from real issues. There’s an urgent need to address the menace and focus on real issues for the growth of the society and the nation as a whole. 

The need of the hour is not godmen, but better healthcare, jobs, quality education, women security, pollution free environment and many more, which lack is making the country suffer. Have you heard of any BABA in Norway or Switzerland? These countries hold top rank in Human Development Index and year on year their steady performance reflects the resolve of their citizens.
If they can, so can we…

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First Published : 27 Apr 2018, 03:19:00 PM