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Are Aliens hiding on exomoons? Scientists have THIS to say

Aliens Could Be Living On ‘exomoons’ The Moons Orbiting Other Planets, Scientists Have Said. There Are Plenty Of Exoplanets Nearly 4,000 Which Orbit Stars Outside Our Solar System

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Fayiq Wani | Updated on: 09 Jul 2019, 12:11:31 PM
Aliens on 'exomoons'

New Delhi:

Aliens could be living on ‘exomoons’ the moons orbiting other planets, scientists have said. There are plenty of exoplanets nearly 4,000 which orbit stars outside our solar system. However, only a limited number of them are actually able to sustain life as they are either too close or far from the sun which causes the water available to evaporate or freeze up. But some of them have moons with right conditions for water and therefore alien life.

"These moons can be internally heated by the gravitational pull of the planet they orbit, which can lead to them having liquid water well outside the normal narrow habitable zone for planets that we are currently trying to find Earth-like planets in," The Independent quoted Phil Sutton from the University of Lincoln as saying.

"I believe that if we can find them, moons offer a more promising avenue to finding extra-terrestrial life," he said.

According to, there could be as many as 100 exoplanets that have exomoons. By comparison, there are more than 150 moons for just the eight planets in the solar system, according to data compiled by NASA.

Gravitational forces between all particles were calculated and used to update the positions, velocities and accelerations in the computer models of the planet and its ring system.

He then added a moon that orbited at various ratios outside of the rings to test whether this caused gaps to form where expected over 100 orbital periods.

Findings revealed that while the orbiting moon did have an effect on the scattering of particles along the ring edge, the expected gaps in the ring structure were unlikely to be caused by the gravitational forces of a currently unseen moon orbiting outside the rings. 

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First Published : 09 Jul 2019, 12:11:31 PM