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Aliens are just two decades away from being found by humans, says NASA-supported research

NASA Too Has Supported Impey’s Research. Impey Firmly Believes That Humans Are Just Less Than Two Decades Away From Discovering The Alien Life.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Bindiya Bhatt | Updated on: 14 Jun 2017, 05:47:59 PM
Humans may find aliens within two decades: Experts


‘Aliens exist or not’ remains mystery and one of the most debatable topic, while many alien enthusiasts keep coming up with their own evidences trying to prove their point on their existence. Amid this mystery, experts have said that discovering aliens doesn’t seem to be a distant dream as humans may be manage to find them within next two decades or 10-20 years.

They have said that humans may discover life beyond our planet Earth soon. Researchers using the James Web Space Telescope and other detection devices in may look for biomarkers such as oxygen and methane in the atmospheres of these Earth-like planets in the next few years, said Chris Impey, from the University of Arizona in the US.

“This biomarker experiment could find evidence of microbial life indirectly,” said Impey. The research is likely to help us pinpoint the planets that are “the closest to Earth as possible, not in distance, but in character,” he said.

He said that as Earth is the only known planet to host life, finding the most Earth-like planets will be their best bet for finding alien life.

NASA too has supported Impey’s research. Impey firmly believes that humans are just less than two decades away from discovering the extraterrestrial life. However, we are more likely to detect microbial life withing the next 10 to 15 years rather than intelligent life, he told ‘Futurism’.

Impey has also not ruled out the possibility of existence of life on Mars, saying those lifeforms are likely below the surface and are, therefore, much harder to detect.

He believes that there is better chance of finding evidence of life that used to exist on the red planet.

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“If we actually get Mars rocks back here to Earth from a place that we think could have been habitable in the past, then we might find evidence of prior life,” Impey said.

Other bodies in our solar system could potentially host life as well including the water world Europa. Future missions targeting the satellite could yield helpful - if not entirely conclusive. 

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First Published : 14 Jun 2017, 03:20:00 PM