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Aliens found? What NASA said on hacking group Anonymous's claim of announcement on extraterrestrial life

Hacking Group Anonymous Had Released A 12-minute Video On YouTube, Showing A Masked Man Saying That At A Congressional Hearing In April, Zurbuchen Had Said: Our Civilisation Is On The Verge Of Discovering Evidence Of Alien Life In The Cosmos.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Bindiya Bhatt | Updated on: 27 Jun 2017, 04:27:02 PM
NASA on anonymous video claiming alien life: 'No pending announcement, looking for evidence of aliens'

New Delhi:

A day after hacking group Anonymous claimed that NASA has discovered aliens and will soon be making the evidence of alien life public, the US space agency has clearly denied such reports and has said that it has no pending announcement on extraterrestrial life.

Associate administrator for the agency's Science Mission Directorate, Thomas Zurbuchen, said that NASA scientists are still searching for evidence of alien life, Xinhua news agency reported.

He said that NASA scientists are yet to discover whether humans are alone in the universe and the space agency has future missions to answer this question.

"Are we alone in the universe? While we do not know yet, we have missions moving forward that may help answer that fundamental question," he tweeted.

Hacking group Anonymous had released a 12-minute video on YouTube, showing a masked man saying that at a Congressional hearing in April, Zurbuchen had said: "Our civilisation is on the verge of discovering evidence of alien life in the cosmos."

"Taking into account all of the different activities and missions that are specifically searching for evidence of alien life we are on the verge of making one of the most profound and unprecedented discoveries in history," the masked man quoted Zurbuchen as saying.

The video which also talks about the latest discovery regarding Earth-size planets around the star TRAPPIST-1 and several alleged UFO sightings, has been watched more than 1 million times.

The video has been posted on an unofficial YouTube channel that claims to be affiliated to Anonymous. The video repeats the text of three articles from the, which is the conspiracy website. Half a million people have watched the video.

There have been recent discoveries in our solar system and beyond that have raised the hopes of alien hunters who are just waiting to have the first contact with the alien life.

In April, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft had discovered hydrogen on Saturn moon Enceladus. Hydrogen is the ingredient that can support life on the seafloor of the moon.

This month, NASA scientists had revealed that 'most reliable' catalog yet of the potential planets in our galaxy that could sustain life, bringing the total to 4,034. 

2,300 planets that were spotted by the Kepler missions have been confirmed, including 30 terrestrial-sized planets that are present in the 'Goldilocks Zone' of their star considered conducive to life, scientists say. The new discoveries shed light on potential place for alien life on other planet.

“Only in the last few decades have we been able to detect the existence of other worlds,” said House Committee on Science Space and Technology Chairman Lamar Smithin an April 26 hearing. “The pursuit of evidence of life beyond our planet fascinates the American people.”

The Anonymous video starts with the text of an article that responds to the Congressional hearing and predicting the imminent announcement of the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

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That article and two other reads were published on the website Ancient Code between January and April of this year, has confirmed. The articles didn’t have bylines and the Ancient Code website seems to be registered in Croatia.

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First Published : 27 Jun 2017, 01:17:00 PM