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Supermoon Pink Moon Is On April 8: Here's How You Can Watch Earth's Celestial Neighbour On Special Day

2020 May Not Have Been A Good Year In Terms Of The Global Health System, However, It Has Been A Good Year In Terms Of Supermoons.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Surabhi Pandey | Updated on: 04 Apr 2020, 10:08:34 AM
Supermoon Nasa

So why the April Supermoon is called Super Pink Moon? Well, the answer is NOT the colour of the Moon. (Photo Credit: NASA)

New Delhi:

Super Pink Moon 2020: Earth's natural satellite, our celestial neighbour is all set to appear in its full glory on April 8 in form of Super Pink Moon. A treat for the avid skywatchers, Super Pink Moon 2020 is that time of the year when our beautiful friend will be closest to our planet. In simple terms, any time of the year when Moon comes closest to Earth, it is called 'Supermoon'. According to NASA, 'Supermoons' occur when the Full Moon's orbit is closest to the Earth. In scientific terms, it is known as 'perigee'.

So why the April Supermoon is called Super Pink Moon? Well, the answer is NOT the colour of the Moon. Not to dampen your spirits, the Moon won't be appearing pink as some photos on the internet will make you believe. Rather, the name comes from the North American spring flower that blooms at this time of the year. According to the Farmer's Almanac, the flower, commonly known as 'pink moss' is in full bloom and the timing coincided with the Supermoon, hence the name - Super Pink Moon. The flower's scientific name is Phlox subulata.

2020 may not have been a good year in terms of the global health system, however, it has been a good year in terms of Supermoons. The last Supermoon was seen on March 9 and the next Supermoon will be seen on May 7. The April Super Pink moon will be the biggest and brightest the Earth will see. According to a report by CNET, the Super Pink Moon on April 8 will be 30 per cent bigger and brighter than normal days.

What is the timing of Super Pink Moon in India? Well, for us in India, there is nothing much to cheer about. According to the latest reports, the Super Pink Moon will appear in Indian skies at around 8 am. Since it will be daylight in our region, Indian skygazers will not be able to see the beautiful Super Pink Moon. However, some sites will be livestreaming the moonrise.

Cool tip to watch Super Pink Moon in India: In case, you really, really want to watch the celestial delight, wake up really early. The best time to catch the Super Pink Moon in India can be anytime between 3 am to 6 am i.e. before the Sunrise. With the coronavirus lockdown clearing up the air pollution, who knows, you might just see the most breathtaking view of your lifetime! So what are you waiting for? Set your calendar date for April 8 and put your alarm for 3 am! Good luck with Super Pink Moon 2020!

Meanhile, latest media reports suggest that researchers have identified an asteroid orbiting the Earth. The scientists have christened the mini-moon as ‘2020 CD3’. However, this cosmic guest won’t stay for long. The researchers say that 2020 CD3 will leave the Earth’s orbit in April this month. Moon is the only surface in space apart from Earth, where humans have been set foot! The discovery of the mini-moon was first mentioned by a researcher on Twitter on February 26. Kacper Wierzchos, an astronomer with University of Arizona's Catalina Sky Survey, took to the micro-blogging site to make the announcement.

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First Published : 04 Apr 2020, 10:01:43 AM

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