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Pakistan vs Afghanistan ICC World Cup: Pakistan beat Afghanistan by 3 wickets

Live Cricket Score, PAK Vs AFG ICC World Cup 36th ODI: Catch All Updates Between Pakistan Vs Afghanistan Match Ball By Ball Commentary At News Nation Sports From Leeds Cricket Ground.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Siddharth Vishwanathan | Updated on: 29 Jun 2019, 10:37:56 PM
Shaheen Afridi took 4/47 as Afghanistan ended on 227/9 against Pakistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 clash in Leeds. (Image credit: Getty Images)

New Delhi:

Afghanistan has chosen to bat against Pakistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 clash in Leeds. Shaheen Afridi struck twice before Asghar Afghan and Ikram Ali Khil steadied the ship with a steady partnership. Asghar Afghan looked good for a fifty but he was cleaned up by Shadab Khan and that resulted in an Afghanistan collapse. The Afghanistan lower order frustrated Pakistan but Shaheen Afridi came back and ended with 4/47 as Afghanistan managed to reach 227/9 in their full 50 overs. Pakistan has a tricky chase on their cards as they look to win this match and stay in contention for the semi-final. (LIVE SCORECARD)

22:36 hrs IST: That's it from us. Hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we did to bring this to you. Do join us for tomorrow's game as India take on England. Till then, it's goodbye from Vedant, Aseem, and Siddharth. Keep cheering and enjoy the World Cup. 

22:28 hrs IST: Imad Wasim was awarded as the man-of-the-match. 

22:23 hrs IST: RESULT: Pakistan beat Afghanistan by 3 wickets (Imad Wasim 49*, Shaheen Afridi 4/47)

22:20 hrs IST: Absolutely sensational performance by Wahab Riaz. A small cameo is doing all good for Pakistan. 6 needed off 6 balls. After 49 overs, it's 222/7. 

22:16 hrs IST: Just two runs from the over. Mujeeb Ur Rahman finishes his spell. 16 needed off 2 overs. After 48 overs, it's 212/7.

22:12 hrs IST: 18 needed off 18 balls. Wahab Riaz has joined in-form Imad Wasim. After 47 overs, it's 210/7. 

22:10 hrs IST: WICKET! Oh dear! Just when Pakistan was looking at the driver's seat, Shadab Khan gets run out. After 46.4 overs, it's 206/7. 

22:06 hrs IST: BIG over from Pakistan. Three boundaries  and 18 runs from it. After 46 overs, it's 200/6. 

21:57 hrs IST: 48 needed off 36 deliveries. Imad Wasim still at the crease. After 44 overs, it's 180/6. 

21:53 hrs IST: Pakistan batsmen doing the right thing at the moment, rotating the strike and getting vlose to the target. After 43 overs, it's 174/6. 

21:48 hrs IST: A boundary and four singles makes the over look good. After 42 overs, it's 169/6. 

21:44 hrs IST: Pakistan making it tough for themselves. Six wickets down and they need 67 off 54 balls. After 41 overs, it's 161/6. 

21:35 hrs IST: RUN OUT! Sarfaraz Ahmed departs at 18, Pakistan still needs 72 runs off 66 balls

21:27 hrs IST: 150-up for Pakistan. After 38 overs, it's 154/5. 

21:21 hrs IST: Mohammed Nabi finishes his outstanding spell of 10 overs (10-0-23-2)

21:18 hrs IST: Rashid Khan picks his first wicket in Haris Sohail, Pakistan in big trouble now

21:15 hrs IST: Tight over by Shinwari, PAK is 135/4 after 33 overs

21:10 hrs IST: After 31 overs, Pakistan is 129 for 4 wickets

21:00 hrs IST: Mujeeb Ur Rahman strikes again, picks his second wicket in Hafeez, PAK 121/4 after 29.1 overs

20:44 hrs IST: 100-up for Pakistan. After 25 overs, it's 103/3. 

20:40 hrs IST: It's 96 for the loss of 24 overs. Haris Sohail struggling to rotate the strike. 

20:32 hrs IST: Another good over from Mohammad Nabi, just one came from the over. After 22 overs, it's 91/3. 

20:30 hrs IST: Just three runs from the over. After 21 overs, it's 90/3. 

20:27 hrs IST: The 11-20 overs have been dominated by Afghnaistan. They have picked two set batsmen, and more importantly, the men-in-green are struggling. After 20 overs, it's 87/3. 

20:24 hrs IST: Just two came off the over and Paksitan, for the first time in this game are under pressure. After 19 overs, it's 84/3.

20:16 hrs IST: WICKET! Mohammad Nabi flighted the ball and Babar Azam tried to sweep it through leg side. He missed it completely and gone. Pakistan lost third wicket. After 17.2 overs, it's 81/3.

20:14 hrs IST: Nine runs from the over. After 17 overs, it's 81/2. 

20:09 hrs IST: WICKET! Mohammad Nabi tossed the ball up and Imam Ul Haq went down the track and missed it completely. The wicket-keeper didn't do any mistake. Departs for 36. After 16 overs, it's 72/2.

20:07 hrs IST: Rashid Khan introduced into the attack and has been treated nicely. Seven runs from it. He hasn't been effective in the tournament thus far. After 15 overs, it's 71/1.

20:03 hrs IST: Four runs off Mohammad Nabi's second over. After 14 overs, it's 64/1.

20:00 hrs IST: Ones and twos and Pakistan are getting close to the target. After 13 overs, it's 60/1.

19:57 hrs IST: Three singles from the over. After 12 overs, it's 54/1.

19:52 hrs IST: Two runs from the over. After 11 overs, it's 51/1. 

19:50 hrs IST: The first 10 overs is slightly tilted in favour of Pakistan, with Imam and Babar hitting the ball nicely. After 10 overs, it's 49/1.

19:45 hrs IST: Three singles from the over. After 9 overs, it's 45/1. 

19:42 hrs IST: After the early wicket, Pakistan team has comeback strong. After 8 overs, it's 42/1. 

19:35 hrs IST: Good over by Afghanistan skipper, just two runs off the over, Pakistan is 32/1 after 6 overs. 

19:30 hrs IST: After 5 overs, Pakistan is 30/1 

19:21 hrs IST: A boundary and three singles in the over, Pakistan is 17/1 after 3 overs

19:18 hrs IST: Just four more runs in the over, Pakistan is 10/1 after 2 overs 

19:15 hrs IST: After 1 over, Pakistan is 6/1 with Babar and Imam at crease 

19:10 hrs IST: OUT! Second Ball, Mujeeb Ur Rehman puts first dent on Pakistan innings in Fakhar Zaman 

18:40 hrs IST: Afghanistan have batted out their full 50 overs and they have ended on 227/9. Shaheen Afridi the star with 4/47. Tricky chase coming up for Pakistan.

18:30 hrs IST: WICKET! Brilliant from Wahab Riaz. A low, reverse swinging yorker and Hamid Hassan is cleaned up. In the 49th over, Afghanistan are 219/9.

18:28 hrs IST: Samiullah Shinwari gets an inside edge to the fine leg fence for a boundary. After 48 overs, Afghanistan are 218/8. Can they reach 240?

18:21 hrs IST: WICKET! Rashid Khan mistimes a full, slow ball and Fakhar Zaman takes it at mid-off. Shaheen takes his fourth and Afghanistan are 210/8 in the 47th over.

18:18 hrs IST: Rashid Khan whips a full ball from Mohammad Amir to the deep midwicket fence and Afghanistan are 208/7 after 46 overs.

18:12 hrs IST: WICKET! Shaheen takes his third. Length ball angled across and Najibullah does not move his feet as he looks to flay the drive to the off side, ends up dragging it back onto the stumps. Afghanistan are 202/7 in the 45th over.

18:09 hrs IST: Najibullah nears a fifty and Afghanistan are 197/6 after 44 overs. Can Afghanistan reach 240?

18:05 hrs IST: With the end of 43rd over, Afghanistan is 192/6

18:00 hrs IST: Just one run off the over, AFG is 185/5 with Shinwari  and Najibullah at crease

17:50 hrs IST: After the end of 40 overs, Afghanistan is 184/6

17:41 hrs IST: WICKET! The partnership is broken and Nabi falls to Riaz. Short ball and he top-edges it to fine leg, Amir runs and dives low to take a good catch. Poor stroke after settling in. In the 37th over, Afghanistan are 167/6.

17:39 hrs IST: Afghanistan are frsutrating Pakistan with Najibullah Zadran and Mohammad Nabi stitching a solid stand. After 36 overs, Afghanistan are 164/5.

17:34 hrs IST: Live visuals has emerged of a scuffle between Afghanistan and Pakistan fans in Leeds. This is a serious issue.

17:21 hrs IST: Najibullah and Mohammad Nabi are steadying the ship. After 32 overs, Afghanistan are 145/5.

17:11 hrs IST: Shaheen Afridi continues to leak runs as Najibullah Zadran short-arm pulls a ball to deep backward square leg. After 31 overs, Afghanistan are 140/5.

17:07 hrs IST: Mohammad Amir is into the attack as Pakistan look to get into the tail. Afghanistan are 133/5 in the 30th over.

16:55 hrs IST: WICKET! Another one falls and Ikram Ali Khil's vigil ends. Flighted ball from Imad Wasim and Khil mistimes the lofted shot to be caught at long on. Afghanistan are 125/5 after 27 overs.

16:47 hrs IST: WICKET! Just as I said, the partnership is broken. Poor shot from Asghar. Looks to slog sweep a flighted ball from Shadab and the off stump is knocked back. Afghanistan are 121/4, Asghar Afghan out for 42.

16:45 hrs IST: Afghanistan are making solid progress as Asghar Afghan is nearing a fifty. Pakistan desperately need a wicket. After 25 overs, Afghanistan are 120/3.

16:42 hrs IST: The partnership has crossed fifty. Afghanistan are 117/3 after 24 overs.

16:37 hrs IST: Imad Wasim and Shadab Khan are wheeling away. Afghanistan are 114/3 after 23 overs.

16:27 hrs IST: The partnership between Ikram Ali Khil and Asghar Afghan is reaching fifty. Afghanistan are 105/3 in the 21st over.

16:22 hrs IST: SIX! Asghar Afghan is really taking the attack to the Pakistan bowlers. He launches Shadab Khan for a massive six over deep midwicket and then cracks a boundary to deeppoint off Wahab Riaz to bring up the 100. Afghanistan are 100/3 after 18.2 overs.

16:14 hrs IST: Wahab Riaz is gunning got a wicket but Afghanistan are making decent progress. After 17 overs, Afghanistan are 83/3.

16:08 hrs IST: Ikram Ali Khil steers a short ball from Wahab Riaz to the third man fence and gets a boundary. After 15 overs, Afghanistan are 77/3.

16:04 hrs IST: Asghar Afghan strikes a massive six off Imad Wasim and Afghanistan are 71/3 after 14 overs.

15:56 hrs IST: WICKET! Massive moment and Rahmat Shah, who was looking so good falls to Imad Wasim. He throws his wicket away and Babar Azam takes a simple catch at cover. Afghanistan are 57/3 after 12 overs. Rahmat got a leading edge.

15:51 hrs IST: Mohammad Hafeez is into the attack and he concedes few runs. Afghanistan are 51/2 after 11 overs.

15:47 hrs IST: Imad Wasim is back into the attack and Afghanistan are 46/2 after 10 overs.

15:43 hrs IST: Shaheen Afridi bowls a ball on the pads and Rahmat Shah glances it to fine leg. Afghanistan are 45/2 after nine overs.

15:40 hrs IST: Amir bowls yet another tight over and Afghanistan are 40/2 after eight overs.

15:35 hrs IST: Rahmat is in great form as he drives Shaheen Afridi to the boundary straight down the ground while he pulls a short ball to deep midwicket for a couple. Afghanistan are 39/2 after seven overs.

15:31 hrs IST: Ikram Ali Khil was given out LBW but he immediately reviewed it and the replays showed a massive inside edge. Afghanistan are 32/2 after six overs.

15:24 hrs IST: WICKETS! After being hit for two boundaries, Shaheen Afridi strikes in his first over and that too twice. Gulbadin Naib gets an edge and the umpire does not give it out. Replays show there is an edge and the decision is reversed. Next ball, Hashmatullah Shahidi gets a leading edge of  a length ball that straightens on middle stump and it is taken at mid-off. Shaheen misses the hat-trick as Ikram Ali Khil gets a leg glance to fine leg. Afghanistan are 31/2 after five overs.

15:15 hrs IST: Superb batting from Rahmat Shah. He caresses a full ball to wide long off and then clips a full ball to deep square leg as Amir concedes runs. After four overs, Afghanistan are 17/0.

15:12 hrs IST: Gulbadin Naib drives Imad Wasim past the gap at cover and the first boundary of the match is scored. Afghanistan are 9/0 after three overs.

15:09 hrs IST: MAIDEN OVER! Mohammad Amir bowls in the right areas and Afghanistan are 5/0 after two overs.

15:04 hrs IST: Pakistan have started off in surprising fashion. They open with left-arm spinner Imad Wasim. Is the pitch that dry? Afghanistan are 5/0 after the first over.

14:42 hrs IST: Here are the playing XIs of both the sides. 

Afghanistan (Playing XI): Gulbadin Naib(c), Rahmat Shah, Hashmatullah Shahidi, Asghar Afghan, Mohammad Nabi, Samiullah Shinwari, Najibullah Zadran, Ikram Ali Khil(w), Rashid Khan, Hamid Hassan, Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Pakistan (Playing XI): Imam-ul-Haq, Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam, Mohammad Hafeez, Haris Sohail, Sarfaraz Ahmed(w/c), Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Amir, Shaheen Afridi

14:36 hrs IST: Afghanistan have chosen to bat against Pakistan. Hamid Hassan is back in place of Dawlat Zadran while Pakistan are unchanged, with Wahab Riaz apparently recovering from a finger injury.

14:25 hrs IST: Afghanistan can help England, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in a big way by defeating Pakistan. If Pakistan lose today, then it becomes a lot easier for Bangladesh, England and Sri Lanka as they may not have a must-win situation.

14:00 hrs IST: A warm welcome to the clash between Pakistan and Afghanistan from Leeds. According to the latest report, the pitch is a spinning one and there might be trial by spin. Slightly overcast conditions but rain will not play a part.

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First Published : 29 Jun 2019, 10:37:56 PM