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ICC Champions Trophy | Ind vs SL, Cricket Score: Sri Lanka script seven run victory against India

A Resurgent India Defeated Sri Lanka By 7 Wickets While Overcoming Their Mammoth 321 Run Total. The Sri Lankan Batsmen Played With Authority And Cantered The Indian Bowlers All Over The Ground.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Gautam Lalotra | Updated on: 11 Jun 2017, 01:35:23 PM
ICC Champions Trophy  | India vs Sri Lanka - File Photo

New Delhi:

Sri Lanka defeated defending champions India by 7 wickets as their batsmen overcame a huge 321 run total while scripting a great victory.

With this victory, Sri Lanka has kept their chances alive in the Champions Trophy.

India had earlier beaten arch-rivals Pakistan in their opening encounter at Edgbaston on June 4. Meanwhile their opponents Sri Lanka were handed a crushing 96 defeat by South Africa in their opener.

ICC Champions Trophy - India vs Sri Lanka at Oval (India Innings Report)

 Sri Lankan captain Angelo Matthews won the toss and invited India to bat on a seam-friendly track at Oval in London. The Indian openers Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma started off cautiously against the Lankan seamers but eventually broke loose. Dhawan and Sharma forged a good opening stand to build a strong foundation for India. Dhawan got to his 10th ODI ton. Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma contributed handsomely with a well made 78. Mallinga eventually broke the Indian resistance by scalping Rohit Sharma. Nuwan Pradeep pegged the Indians back by scalping the skipper Virat Kohli for a duck. Yuvraj Singh didn't last long as he fell cheaply to Asela Gunaratne for seven. India's ace finisher MS Dhoni then joined Shikhar Dhawan to step up the run rate with a flurry of boundaries. Dhawan eventually fell to Mallinga for a scintillating 127. Dhoni then combined with Kedhar Jadhav to step up the gas in the last five overs to power India to an imposing 321 total. 

Cricket Score: India vs Sri Lanka

Here are the Match Updates - 

#Sri Lanka canter home, reach 322/3 and beat India by 7 wickets in the 49 th over

#Umesh Yadav to Mathews, FOUR, straight down the ground

# Umesh Yadav to Gunaratne, 1 run, adjusts at the last moment and steers it from off and middle towards third man. That's the sign of good Test batsman. Sri Lanka, watch out

# Umesh Yadav to Gunaratne, 2 runs, slower short ball, Gunaratne swivels to lift the pull over square leg

#Umesh Yadav is back into the attack

#Sri Lanka needs 8 more runs to win, score 314/3 in 48 overs

# Bumrah to Gunaratne, 1 run, too full, missed his yorker by an inch

# Bumrah to Gunaratne, 1 run, slower ball

Just 13 needed. The physio is treating Gunaratne's shoulder

#Sri Lanka inch closer to target, score 309/3 in 47 overs

#Bhuvneshwar to Mathews, FOUR! past backward point to his left. No nerves for Mathews.

# Sri Lanka surpass 300 run mark, score 301/3 in 46 overs

# Gunaratne clobbers him for a SIX! 

#Jasprit Bumrah is back into the attack

# Sri Lanka 290/3 in 45 overs

#Bhuvneshwar to Gunaratne, FOUR! stays way outside the leg-side and manufactures the needed room, thrashes Bhuvneshwar Kumar through the point. 

#Bhuvneshwar to Gunaratne, FOUR!  Knuckle ball, sat up on the pitch around middle and leg, Gunaratne rocks back and brutes it away behind square

#Bhuvneshwar to Gunaratne, 2 runs, flicked away off the pads, square leg dives to his left and makes a half-stop. Saved a boundary, but can't prevent the batsmen from stealing a double

# Sri Lanka 279/3 in 44 overs

#Umesh Yadav to Gunaratne, SIX! short and drifting towards his head, helped away with the wind. As simple as that. Gunaratne swivels to fetch the line and once he got inside he just helped it away in its direction.

# 51 runs are required off 42 balls. Kusal Perera goes out of the field due to a troubled hamstring, Asela Gunaratne is the new batsman

# Sri Lanka 271 for 3 in 43 overs

#Bhuvneshwar to Kusal Perera, wide, pressure showing on Indian bowlers

#Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back into the attack

#57 runs are required now from 48 overs

# Sri Lanka 265 for 3 in 42 overs

# Umesh Yadav to Mathews, FOUR! to backward square leg

# Umesh Yadav to Mathews, FOUR!, a little too full perhaps, Mathews takes full toll of it. Clears his front leg and clatters it away over wide mid-off

#Sri Lanka 255 for 3 in 41 overs

#Bumrah to Kusal Perera, FOUR! to deep mid wicket

# Bumrah to Mathews, 1 run, direct hit would have been interesting. Kusal Perera was in though, say the replays. 

#Sri Lanka 247 for 3 in 40 overs, need 75 runs off 60 balls

#U Yadav to Kusal Perera, FOUR, to fine leg, 50 partnership between Perera and Mathews

#Umesh Yadav to Mathews, FOUR! to deep mid wicket

#Umesh Yadav to Mathews, no run, direct hit and Perera was gone! Mathews mistimes the pull to Jadhav at mid-wicket

# Sri Lanka 237/3 in 39 overs, need 85 to win in 11 overs

# Mathews and Perera play Bumrah cautiously

# Bumrah to Kusal Perera, 1 run

#Bumrah to Mathews, 1 run, edged and through. Bumrah bowls the in-between length to push Mathews back

# Jasprit Bumrah is re-introduced in the attack

# Sri Lanka 232/3 in 38 overs

#Umesh Yadav to Mathews, 3 runs, Dhawan this time, runs all the way to his left from sweeper and dives full length to cut the boundary.

#Umesh Yadav to Mathews, 2 runs, too much width, Mathews throws his hands on the drive, sweeper had to run to his right to prevent a boundary.

#Umesh Yadav is back into the attack

# Sri Lanka 227/3 in 37 overs

#Hardik Pandya to Mathews, FOUR! the boundaries keep coming. Hardik Pandya hits his natural length - back of a length, but he gets his line wrong. With fine leg inside the ring that's easy pickings for Mathews who tickles it away with a swivel off his feet

# Sri Lanka 216/3 in 36 overs

#Jadeja to Kusal Perera, FOUR, Kusal Perera bringing out the Sanath in him. Innovation at its very best. Spotted the dip at around middle stump and reverse slapped it away over short third

# Sri Lanka 206/3 in 35 overs

#A good over by Pandya as only 3 runs are scored from it

# Hardik Pandya is back into the attack

#Sri Lanka surpass the 200 run mark, score 203/3 in 34 overs

# Sri Lanka 196/3 in 33 overs

# Angelo Mathews, right handed bat, comes to the crease

#Bhuvneshwar to Kusal Perera, out Kusal Mendis Run Out! India will breathe a huge sigh of relief

# Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back into the attack

# Sri Lanka 194/2 in 32 overs

# Kohli finishes another over, the Indian captain has been pretty economical thus far

# Sri Lanka 190/2 in 31 overs

#Kedar Jadhav bowls a good over, 6 runs come off it

#Sri Lanka 184/2 in 30 overs

# Sri Lanka 179 /2 in 29 overs 

# Sri Lanka 171/2 in 28 overs

#Kusal Perera comes out to bat

#Kohli to Gunathilaka, out Gunathilaka Run Out! Its a huge blow for Sri Lanka

#Kohli to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, a real loosener to begin with, dropping it halfway down the pitch and the ball just sits up at his pace.

# Virat Kohli, comes into the attack

# Sri Lanka 162/1 in 27 overs

# Four runs come in the over as Jadhav makes a good start

#Kedar Jadhav, right arm off break, into the attack

# Sri Lanka 158/1 after 26 overs

#Hardik Pandya to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, short of length again, this time Mendis gets right on top of the bounce to pull it to the long-leg boundary. 15 off the over. Where does Kohli go?

# Hardik Pandya to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, top-edged and four. Short of length into the body, the ball gets big on Mendis as he pulls and he's in no control. But the placement couldn't be any better - right over the keeper

# Sri Lanka 143/1 after 25 overs

#Bumrah to Kusal Mendis, 1 run, slanted into the stumps, Mendis works it through mid-wicket

# Sri Lanka 141/1 after 24 overs 

# Jadeja to Gunathilaka, FOUR! to third man

# Jadeja is taken to the cleaners as Kusal Medis brings his half-century with a SIX!

# Sri Lanka 125/1 after 23 overs

# The Sri Lankan batsmen are not calculating Bumrah still. Singles form the majority of his over

# Sri Lanka 120/1 after 22 overs

#Jadeja to Kusal Mendis, FOUR! India just aren't able to build pressure right now, and a lot of credit has to be given to the duo. Good calculative batting. 

# Sri Lanka 113/1 after 21 overs

#Bumrah to Kusal Mendis, 1 run, climbing from a short of length on off, Mendis allows it to come on before using the pace by opening the bat-face down to third man

#Bumrah to Gunathilaka, 1 run, back of a length close to off, Gunathilaka dabs it softly down to third man

#Jasprit Bumrah is back into the attack

#Sri Lanka 108/1 after 20 overs

#Kusal Mendis hits two boundaries in the over.

# Sri Lanka 98/1 after 19 overs

# Hardik Pandya to Gunathilaka, SIX! cracking shot, fraction short and just outside off, Gunathilaka swivels across and there's no small measures on the pull, sends it high and over mid-wicket, went a long way over the ropes, brings up his fifty as well, his 4th in this format of the game

# Sri Lanka are 90 for 1 after 18 overs

# Sri Lanka is moving steadily with both the batsmen set now

# Sri Lanka are 87 for 1 after 17 overs

# Sri Lanka are 76 for 1 after 16 overs

# Sri Lanka are 70 for 1 after 15 overs

# Sri Lanka are 70 for 1 after 14 overs

# Sri Lanka are 62 for 1 after 13 overs

# Sri Lanka are 59 for 1 after 12 overs

# Sri Lanka are 53 for 1 after 11 overs

#Sri Lanka bring up their 50 in the 12th over

# Sri Lanka are 44 for one after 10 overs

#Sri Lanka 38 for one after 9 overs

#Sri Lanka get 12 off the over

#Sri Lanka getting some momentum now

#Umesh fullishfulluish delivery, Gunathilaka slams that one for four

#Yadav straying in line once again, Gunathilaka scampers for two more

#Gunathilaka breaks the shackles, hits Umesh Yadav for a huge six

#Sri Lanka are 22 for 1 after 7 overs

#Bhuvneshwar just gives 5 off his over

#Bhuvi is mixing up his deliveries well to outfox the Lankan batsman

#Bhuvi is looking quite potent with his enhanced speed

#Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been lethal with his swing

#Sri Lanka are 17 for 1 after 6 overs

#Sri Lankan batsmen have played and missed at couple of deliveries

#Umesh Yadav is foxing the Lankan batsmen with some inswing

#Umesh Yadav is getting help from the track

#Sri Lanka are 15 for one after 5 overs

#Gunathilaka hits Bhuvneshwar Kumar for a boundary off the last delivery 

#Bhuvneshwar Kumar is looking quite potent on the Oval track

#Kusal Mendis joins Gunathilaka at the crease

#Sri Lanka are 11 for one

#Sri Lanka have an uphill task from here

#Bhuvneshwar Kumar strikes opening blow, dismisses Dickwella for seven

#Sri Lanka are 11 for no loss after 4 overs

#Gunathilaka defends a good delivery from Yadav

#Dickwella is flirting with danger, mistimes another hit

#Dickwella struggles to get going against Yadav

#Umesh Yadav bowls a tidy line in the next two deliveries 

#Umesh Yadav bowls a wide

#Nicroshan Dickwella tried to unsettle Umesh Yadav by coming on the front foot

#Sri Lanka are 7 for no loss after 3 overs

# Bhuvneshwar to Gunathilaka, no run, appeal for LBW, but for this to be gone, the rules have to changed. Pitched a long way outside leg stump line. Gunathilaka fell over on the flick to this full ball and got hit on the pad

# Sri Lanka score 4 runs off 2 overs without loss of a wicket

# Umesh Yadav to Gunathilaka, 1 run, shortish and on the leg stump, Gunathilaka works it behind square on the on-side

# Umesh Yadav, right-arm fast, comes into attack

#Sri Lanka 2/0 in 1 over

Bhuvneshwar to Dickwella, 2 runs, to deep square leg

# Bhuvneshwar bowls 2 dot balls

# Sri Lanka begin their innings as Niroshan Dickwella and Danushka Gunathilaka come out to bat. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is bowling the first over for India

#Sri Lanka will have to bat out of their skins to chase down an imposing 322 target against a formidable Indian attack

#India end up with 321 on the board

#Jadhav chips in with a valuable cameo

#Jadhav dispatches the last ball for a four

#Can India finish off with a bang

#Jadhav has gone beserk, hits a full toss for a boundary

#Perera digs one in the block hole

#Jadhav hits a slog sweep for six, India eyes 330

#Perara strikes, Dhoni tries to hit one straight down the ground, get caught at long on for 63

#India are 306 for five in 49 overs

#Dhoni once again hits the last ball of a delivery for four 

#Lasith Mallinga is bowling a tight line with Dhoni looking to hit everything out of the ground

#India bring up the 300 as MS Dhoni pushes on the acceleration button

#India are 297 for after 48 overs

#Dhoni finishes off the over with a huge six

#Dhoni hits one with full force over covers, brings up his half century

#Perera starts off with a wide

#Three overs to go!!!!India should aim for 330

#India are 289 for four after 47 overs

#Jadhav strikes the last delivery for four

#Sri Lankan fielders are also playing their part on the field

#Pradeep has slowed down the scoring for the Indians

#Dhoni two runs away from another half century

#Nuwan Pradeep comes back into the attack

#India are 281 for 5 after 46 overs

#Kedhar Jadhav joins Dhoni at the crease

#Lakmal dismisses Pandya for 9 

#Lakmal bowls a leg side full toss, Pandya heaves that for a six

#Lakmal strays in line, that is a big wide

#Lakmal would look to finish off strongly

#India would target 50 runs off the last five

#India are 270 for four after 45 overs

#Hardik Pandya starts off with a double

#Hardik Pandya comes out to join MS Dhoni 

#India are 266 for 4 

#Shikhar Dhawan falls to Lasith Mallinga for  well made 125

#India are 261 for 3 after 44 overs

#Lakmal drags one down to the leg side, Dhawan swirls it for one

#Lakmal bowls a low full toss to Dhoni, driven straight to mid-on

#Lakmal is bowling wicket to wicket so as to avoid Dhoni, Dhawan from freeing their arms

#Sri Lanka have spread the field to cut on the boundaries

#Lakmal comes back into the attack

#India are 251 for 3 after 43 overs

#Dhawan hits Mallinga straight down the ground for a single

#Mallinga bowls a slower delivery, Dhoni picks it up early and scampers for a single

#Dhawan is seeing the ball like a football

#Dhawan dispatches Mallinga for four in the very first ball

#Mallinga back into the attack

#India looking to get something in the range of 310-320 

#India are 242 for 3 after 42 overs

#MSD hits back to back boundaries 

#Dhoni launches an assault

#Pradeep being taken to the cleaners

#Dhawan hits Pradeep for a huge six

#India are 227 for 3 after 41 overs

#The Indians are looking good to finish strong

#Lakmal been given the treatment by Dhawan

#Lakmal bowls a full toss, Dhawan strikes it straight down the ground

#Lakmal back into the attack

#India are 218 for 3 after 40 overs

#Dhawan cuts Pradeep behind point, brings up his 10th ODI ton

#Dhoni is looking dangerous now, Lanka will have to get him early

#Pradeep bowls in Dhoni's hitting arc, smashed for a four

#Dhoni is stepping up the scoring rate

#India are 207 for 3 after 39 overs

#Dhawan cracks a boundary, nears his century

#Dhawan makes the most of it by picking up singles

#Lakmal a lilttle wayward in his line

#Lakmal comes back into attack

#India are 200 for 3 after 38 overs

#Gunaratne finishes off with just three runs

#Dhoni trying his best to step up the gas

#Gunaratne slows down things for India

#India are 191 for 3 after 37 overs

#Dhoni steps up the momentum, cracks a boundary off Gunathilaka 

#Danushka Gunathilaka is back into the attack

#India are 191 for 3 after 36 overs

#India are 188 for 3 after 35 overs

#Suranga Lakmal is back into the attack

# India 179 for 3 after 34 overs

# MS Dhoni comes to the crease

# Gunaratne to Yuvraj, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!! Its a huge blow for India

# Asela Gunaratne, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

# India 178 for 2 after 33 overs

# India 174 for 2 after 32 overs

# India 170 for 2 after 31 overs

#Gunathilaka to Dhawan, 1 run, the good length delivery allows Dhawan to go back and punch with a straight bat to long-on

# India 169 for 2 after 30 overs 

# India 166 for 2 after 29 overs 

# India 160 for 2 after 28 overs

# Pradeep to Dhawan, FOUR, came back over the wicket and bowled short on the stumps, easy for Dhawan to swivel and pull behind square. Split the two men to perfection. Pradeep didn't get enough behind that short delivery and paid the price

# India 148 for 2 after 27 overs

#India are 139 for 2 after 26 overs

#Virat Kohli falls for a golden duck

#Nuwan Pradeep strikes big, dismisses Indian skipper

#Nuwan Pradeep comes back into the attack

#India are 138 for 1 after 25 overs

#Mallinga strikes opening blow, dismisses Rohit Sharma for 78

# Thisara Perera to Rohit, 1 run, short of length around the fourth/fifth stump line, drop and run in front of point

# Thisara Perera to Dhawan, no run, fullish and angled across Dhawan who mistimes the cover drive to cover

#India are 124 for no loss after 23 overs

# Malinga to Rohit, FOUR! The Indian openers are in grand form

#Lasith Malinga comes into the attack 

#India are 116 for no loss after 22 overs

#Sharma should not get complacent, he can score big

#Dhawan cuts hard, but straight to the fielder

#Perera continues with his medium pacers

#India are 114 for no loss after 21 overs

#Sharma showcases his mastery against spin 

#Sharma strikes a loose delivery straight down the ground for a boundary

#Gunathilaka has no answer to the Indian openers

#India are 107 for no loss after 20 overs

#India bring up their 100 in 20 overs

#That is another biggie from Rohit, Perera under Pressure

#Rohit brings up his 50 with a six

#Perera is being taken to the cleaners

#India are 94 for no loss after 19 overs

#Perera's delivery raps Rohit on the pads, big appeal for LBW, turned down by the umpire

#Perera has been clever enough to not bowl upto Indian batsmen

#Perera pretty steady with his length

#Perera is bowling back of a length to stay away from the Indian openers hitting arc

 #Thisara Perera  is back into the attack

#India are 86 for no loss after 17 overs

#India are 79 for no loss after 16 overs

#Dhawan and Sharma content with taking the singles 

#Pradeep has bowled good lines to the Indian openers

#Sri Lanka continues with Pradeep. They need a breakthrough desperately 

#India are 75 for no loss after 15 overs

#Six runs off the spinners over

#Gunathilaka pretty tight in his next few deliveries

#Gunathilaka settles into a good line

#Dhawan greets the spinner with a cracking boundary

#Gunathilaka comes into the attack

#India are 68 for no loss after 14 overs

#Pradeep bowls it slightly short, Dhawan pulls it for two

#Pradeep bowls it straight once again, good stuff

#Nuwan Pradeep is generating brisk pace on this Oval track

#India are 63 for no loss after 13 overs

# Dhawan and Sharma deal in singles

# Thisara Perera, right arm medium is introduced in the attack

# India 59 for no loss after 12 overs

# Pradeep to Dhawan, 5 wides, wasted effort from Pradeep, banged in short and on the stumps, sails over Dhawan's head and Dickwella has no chance of stopping it, five bonus runs for India

# Pradeep to Rohit, 2 runs, beautifully played, this was full and wide of off, Rohit waits on it, opens the face of the bat at the last moment and drives it wide of cover, comes back for the second run

# India 51 for no loss after 11 overs

# Dhawan and Rohit are dealing in singles now

# India reach the 50-run mark

#Lakmal to Dhawan, leg byes, 1 run, Lakmal turns back in an appea, but the ball was angling down the leg-side.

# India 48 for no loss after 10 overs

# A quiet over for India as Nuwan Pradeep bowls a good line and only three runs come off it

# India ar 46 for no loss after 9 overs

# Lakmal to Rohit, FOUR! Sharma takes Lakmal to the cleaners

# Singles follow the boundary as Dhawan and Sharma rotate strike

#Lakmal to Rohit, FOUR! Majestic shot that is, what a stylish player Sharma is

#India are 36 for no loss after 8 overs

#Good stuff from the Lankan pacers to keep the Indian openers pretty quiet

#Pradeep is mixing up his length to surprise the Indian openers

#The young phasn'thasnt given any room to the Indian so far

#Pradeep settles into a good line

#Pradeep has been impressive with his pace in the warm-up games

#Nuwan Pradeep, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

#India are 32 for no loss after 7 overs

#Singles have been the order of the over

#Mallinga gets into a good bowling rhythm 

#India are 27 for no loss after 6 overs

#Good over for India, 10 off the Lakmal over

#Lakmal comes back strongly with two good deliveries

#Indian openers step up the momentum, Dhawan hits two consecutive boundaries off Lakmal

#Lakmal comes back for his third over

#India are 17 for no loss after five overs

#Mallinga makes a rare mistake and Dhawan punishes him through the extra covers for a boundary 

#Mallinga does what he is best at. Bowls a yorker at 140 kms.

#Mallinga continues for Lanka, the seamer is in search of a wicket

#India are 12 for no loss after four overs

#That's a maiden from Lakmal, brilliant stuff 

#The Sri Lankan pacer hasnt given any room to Dhawan

#Lakmal has settled into a good line here

#Lakmal getting some swing at Oval

#Lakmal starts with his second over

#India are 12 for no loss after three overs

#Excellent over by Mallinga, only two off it

#Two singles taken by the Indian openers in the next two deliveries

#Mallinga starts off well, tightens up in his line

#Mallinga starts with his second over

#India are 10 for no loss after the second over

#Dhawan picks up another two bu cutting a loose delivery

#Lakmal comes up with a beauty of a delivery, that almost cleaned up Dhawan

#Lakmal errors in line, that's easy picking for Dhawan, hits that one for four 

#Lakmal starts off with a good delivery

#India are 4 for no loss after the first over

#Hint of outswing for Malinga, these are good bowling conditions

#Mallinga comes back strongly with a straight delivery

#Rohit Sharma gets India going with a cracking four

#Mallinga runs into bowl the first over

#Sharma and Dhawan come out to open for India

#Mallinga has the new ball in his hand

Sri Lanka (Playing XI): Niroshan Dickwella (w), Danushka Gunathilaka, Kusal Mendis, Angelo Mathews(c), Dinesh Chandimal, Kusal Perera, Asela Gunaratne, Thisara Perera, Suranga Lakmal, Lasith Malinga, Nuwan Pradeep

India (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Yuvraj Singh, Hardik Pandya, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah

# Sri Lankan captain Angelo Matthews won the toss, invited India to bat in seam friendly conditions

#The two captains are out for the toss in the middle for the toss

Pitch report: "This is a fresh wicket. This is the first time this pitch is being used in the Champions Trophy. There is fresh grass, which means the pace bowlers will get some lateral movement. When I put my hand on it, I can feel the moisture. I don't see any assistance for the spinners. One would be tempted to bowl first here," opines Saba Karim.

#Weather News: The notorious rain once again is expected to arrive in Oval and the weather department has forecasted scattered drizzle on Thursday in London. 


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First Published : 08 Jun 2017, 01:50:00 PM