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BCCI could go back to 80s, when there was no money: Shashank Manohar

Having Stepped Down As President Of The Embattled Indian Cricket Board That Is Facing The Heat From The Supreme Court, Shashank Manohar Today Said He Quit As He Was Not Capable Of Implementing The Recommendations Of The Justice Lodha Committee And See BCCI’s Structure Collapsing.

PTI | Updated on: 22 May 2016, 08:49:13 AM


Having stepped down as president of the embattled Indian Cricket Board that is facing the heat from the Supreme Court, Shashank Manohar today said he quit as he was not capable of implementing the recommendations of the Justice Lodha Committee and see BCCI’s structure collapsing.

“I did whatever was good and in the interest of the Board even before the Lodha committee recommendations were given. I’m not a person who is capable of implementing them,” the Nagpur lawyer, who has become the first independent chairman of the International Cricket Council, told reporters here.

“There may be more capable people in this Board than me who can implement these. I can’t see an organisation being destroyed which has been built by so many persons,” he said.

“Today in the entire world of cricket India is doing better in administration, infrastructure, cricket and finances. What more can you expect? No institution in this world is perfect.

“I also believe it’s people who make a difference.  Statutes are only provisions to make the difference. You need good people to run an organisation and not laws,” Manohar explained.

He said the Board had already implemented 75 per cent of the Lodha panel’s recommendations for sweeping reforms in the BCCI, but had reservations on a few of them which, he felt, were not good for the game.

“When I took over this Board, the Lodha Committee work was in progress. Even before the recommendations came many of them had already been implemented by the Board. Seventy five per cent of the recommendations of the committee are very good. But I have reservations about 4-5 recommendations which are not in the interest of the Board,” Manohar said.

He charted them out one by one and also explained the reasons.

The ones he said that cannot be implemented were: No TV advertisement between overs, one state one association, having franchise representatives in the IPL governing council, players sitting in the working committee, cutting down the selection panel from five to three members and cooling off period for office bearers. PTI SSR ARS AH AH 05211833    “If these things are sorted out then I think there is no other problem. Rest are fine and most have been implemented by the Board,” said Manohar.

He also said as per the principles of natural justice the BCCI should have been called by the Lodha committee for deposing before submitting its recommendations to the Supreme Court.

“I honestly feel principles of natural justice was also required. I could not have foreseen what’s going on in the mids of the committee and answered them. We don’t know what was going on in the mids of the committee.

“The committee ought to have called the Board and told them this is what we propose to do, what do you have to say.  What’s principle of natural justice? First we have to be put on notice. The Board was never put on notice about these changes,” said Manohar.

On the recommendation that no advertisement should be shown in between overs, Manohar said it will bring down the earnings of the Board to the 1980s level and impact several good schemes the Board has set up, besides affecting the holding of domestic matches at the junior level.

“It will destroy financial structure of the Board. It has appointed an agency to monitor that during telecast all six balls are shown and there’s a penalty of termination clause in the contract itself if all six balls (in an over) are not shown.

“The Board generates its revenue through advertisements booked. The Board gets Rs 43 crore per game and if this is implemented the revenue will come down to only 15-20 per cent of what it is getting, from Rs 2,000 crore to 400 crore that will be Rs 300 crore after tax.

“As it is Star, the official broadcasters for BCCI, had written a letter to me when the recommendations came that they will like to renegotiate the contract as it was impossible to pay Rs 43 crore if ads (in between overs) were not shown.

“If ads are not shown the Board will go back to 1980s level. A lot of (welfare) schemes (for retired players) will be shut down. Around 900-1000 junior level games are played all over the year and they will not be possible,” he said.

”For organising (seniors) matches and tours Rs 90-100 crores goes and Rs 125 crores are distributed to the players. Then the infrastructure has to be maintained by each association that needs Rs 2-3 crore per year excluding matches to be played. All these things will not be possible (if the recommendations are implemented).

“Today the Board has a clout internationally that will disappear. According to me it’s not wise to stop advertisement between overs. What we sell (to broadcasters) is ‘live’ feed (only) and not lunch and tea intervals. It’s (recommendation) not in the interest of the Board.”

Explaining the reason for opposing the one state one association recommendation, Manohar said it was wrong to assume that with Mumbai CA given full membership from Maharashtra and the other two (Maharashtra CA and Vidarbha CA) made into associates of BCCI, the last two can continue to play in domestic cricket.

“One state-one association recommendation is not correct.  There is no equal representation in the Parliament for all states. The Supreme Court appoints judges from various states.  There are more judges from Mumbai and Kolkata and there may not be anyone from the North East. It (rule) has to apply to everything.

“Many of these (BCCI) members (more than one from one state) - Baroda, Maharashtra Vidarbha, Saurashtra, Universities, Services, CCI and NCC - are founder members of BCCI which was formed in 1932. The State Re-organisation Act came in 1956. They are in existence for 85 years and built infrastructure in Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur (for example).

“The Lodha Committee recommendation says the other two associations (in same state) are allowed to play in domestic cricket. I fail to understand the constitution prepared by committee that out of these associations only one should be chosen as full member.

“If Mumbai is chosen, automatically Maharashtra and Vidarbha will be associate members. In the (proposed) constitution it says full members will have jurisdiction over the entire state. Then where am I (Vidarbha) going to select my players. From heaven? I cannot conduct a domestic game as I have to take permission from the full member. Therefore, there cannot be a team of Vidarbha and Maharashtra.” 

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First Published : 22 May 2016, 08:46:00 AM

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