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India vs Ireland, Highlights 2nd T20I: Chahal, Kuldeep leaves Ireland in tatters, India win by 143 runs

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Subhayan Chakraborty | Updated on: 29 Jun 2018, 11:48:18 PM
India vs Ireland, Live Score 2nd T20I at The Village Dublin

New Delhi:

The second and final T20I contest of India's quick Irish stopover takes place Friday when both teams return to The Village, Dublin for a rematch of India's comfortable 76-run win.

With India ranked number three in the world in T20 cricket and Ireland number 17, the considerable difference in skill and experience was clearly visible as the visiting team (on the back of a 160-run opening partnership by Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan) never looked in trouble.

Ireland's captain Gary Wilson summed up the post-match mood perfectly, saying, "World-class side, aren't they! The two lads had a big opening stand."

Other than a superb knock of 60 from 35 balls by Jamie Shannon, no other batsmen scored more than 12 runs. If that element of the team's performance can be improved in the game number two, a closer matchup can be expected.

Highlights of Ireland vs India 2nd T20I:

# Some records to fall today as this is the biggest victory in terms of runs in T20I. India were just way too good for Ireland in all departments as they cleaned up Ireland in the third shortest T20I ever.

# 12.3 Overs: OUT! All over red rover. Rankin wildly swing and misses as he glides down the wicket and it is an easy stumping for Karthik.

# After 10 Overs, Ireland are 56/7

# After 8 Overs, Ireland are 40/6

# After 7 Overs, Ireland are 36/5

# After 6 Overs, Ireland are 30/4

# After 5 Overs, Ireland are 27/3

It was a mild surprise that Gary Wilson chose to bowl first after winning the toss, but a bigger surprise was watching Virat Kohli open the innings with KL Rahul, who was one of the four changes that India brought in today.

# Ireland need 214 runs to win!

# After 19 Overs, India are 192/4

# 17.6 Overs: O'Brien to Pandya, no run.

# 17.5 Overs: 1 run. Late cut on the slow ball and the dive at point is just wide of the catch.

# 17.4 Overs: FOUR. The inside out punch through cover. What a glorious strike!

# 17.3 Overs: OUT! O'Brien has his eyes on five wickets. He gets his third there. The short off speed delivery and the pull by Raina goes straight to deep mid wicket. Raina c Dockrell b O'Brien 69

# 17.2 Overs: O'Brien to Pandey, 1 run.

# 17.1 Overs: 1 run. Speared in yorker, nice delivery.

# 16.6 Overs: Stirling to Raina, 1 run.

# 16.5 Overs: 1 run. Another full toss and Pandey punches it to long off.

# 16.4 Overs: Stirling to Raina, 1 run. One knee slog sweep on the full toss but can't find the gap.

# 16.3 Overs: Stirling to Pandey, 1 run.

# 16.2 Overs: Stirling to Pandey, 2 runs. Better fielding this time on the mid wicket ropes, the dive saves two runs.# 16.1 Overs: Stirling to Raina, 3 runs. Full toss punched to deep cover, the tandem fielding by the two Irish players is very average.

# 16.1 Overs: Stirling to Raina, wide delivery.

# After 16 Overs, India are 157/3

# After 15 Overs, India are 144/3

# 13.6 Overs: 1 run. Glides down the pitch to the half volley but not timed as he wanted and two bounces to long on.

# 13.5 Overs: Dockrell to Raina, 1 run.

# 13.4 Overs: Dockrell to Pandey, 1 run.

# 13.3 Overs: Dockrell to Pandey, no run.

# 13.2 Overs: Dockrell to Pandey, no run.

# 13.1 Overs: 1 run. Guided off the back foot to backward point.

# 12.6 Overs: 1 run. Clipped off the pads to deep mid wicket.

# 12.6 Overs: O'Brien to Raina, wide delivery.

# 12.5 Overs: 1 run. Punched to sweeper cover.

# 12.4 Overs: O'Brien to Pandey, no run.

# 12.3 Overs: OUT! Actually O'Brien is putting his hand up for a knighthood. Sharma reaches for the wide half volley and a low catch at point is taken. Sharma c Stirling b O'Brien (0)

# 12.2 Overs: No run. Wicket and dot ball after two deliveries. Maybe O'Brien will get the new ball next Irish match.

# 12.1 Overs: OUT! O'Brien the master class bowler, first ball into the attack and the slower delivery gets the big wicket of Rahul. The easiest of caught and bowled. Rahul c & b O'Brien (70)

# After 12 Overs, India are 128/1

# 5.6 Overs: Chase to Rahul, 1 run.

# 5.5 Overs: Chase to Raina, 1 run.

# 5.4 Overs: FOUR! Raina connects this one off the pads as he gives himself room leg side, Chase followed him but Raina hits this into the gap on the leg for four.

# 5.3 Overs: Chase to Raina, no run.

# 5.2 Overs: Chase to Raina, no run.

# 5.1 Overs: 1 run. Slower ball on the stumps, turned to mid-wicket for a single.

# 4.6 Overs: No run. Better finish, good length on off and pushed down to long-on for a single.

# 4.5 Overs: 1 run. Gets the line right this time, pushed to mid-off who is on the ring and an easy single on offer.

# 4.4 Overs: Thompson to Raina, wide delivery.

# 4.4 Overs: Wide delivery. Thompson is under pressure, radar off line wide outside off.

# 4.3 Overs: SIX! What a shot. That was full on the pads and Raina picks this up and over deep mid-wicket for a six.

# 4.2 Overs: No run. Pushed to cover who fields.

# 4.1 Overs: SIX! Easy as you like, inside out up and over cover for six. Great shot. Classic Raina!

# 3.6 Overs: Rankin to Rahul, no run.

# 3.5 Overs: Rankin to Rahul, no run.

# 3.4 Overs: SIX! Great short, not the shortest ball but Rahul is so fast to get into position and he helps this up and over fine leg for six.

# 3.3 Overs: 1 run. Banged in short, Raina back with the front knee up paddles this around the corner to deep square leg.

# 3.2 Overs: 1 run. Length ball on off stump, flicked around the corner to short fine leg for a quick single.

# 3.1 Overs: Rankin to Raina, 1 run.

# 2.6 Overs: 1 run. Slower ball first up, Raina hops back and turns this to the square leg for a single.

# 2.5 Overs: 1 run. Flicked off the pads to backward square leg.

# 2.4 Overs: OUT! Huge wicket! Straight up, in the air for an age down to fine leg and a great take by Dockrell on the boundary. Banged in short and Kohli went for the pull, got a big top edge and the ball hung in the air forever, well taken by Dockrell in the end. Kohli c Dockrell b Chase 9(8)

# 2.3 Overs: 1 run. Missed out there, full toss on the pads and Rahul can't make any connection, gets an inside edge on the pads.

# 2.2 Overs: Chase to Rahul, no run.

# 2.1 Overs: 1 run. Kohli shuffles down the track and works this leg side for a single.

# 1.6 Overs: Rankin to Kohli, 1 run.

# 1.5 Overs: Rankin to Kohli, no run.

# 1.4 Overs: FOUR! Almost holes out at mid-off. On middle Kohli looks to go big gets a thick inside half of the bat just wide of mid-off and away for four.

# 1.3 Overs: 2 runs. Too straight and that is easy pickings for Kohli, flicks this to deep square leg.

# 1.2 Overs: Rankin to Kohli, no run.

# 1.1 Overs: 1 run. Full and straight, Rahul flicked to deep mid-wicket for a single.

Boyd Rankin to open from the other end.

# 0.6 Over: 1 run to end the over. India 12/0

# 0.5 Over: FOUR! Great shot, after the wide Rahul knew it would be on the off side and gives himself room and hammers this over cover for four.

# 0.5 Over: Singh to Rahul, wide delivery.

# 0.4 Over: FOUR! First boundary up, Rahul just gives himself some room and hits this over the bowlers head for a one bounce four.

# 0.3 Over: 1 run, and Kohli is also off the mark now.

# 0.2 Over: 1 run, and India and Rahul are off the mark.

# 0.1 Over: No run. Slight turn into the pads, Rahul tucked to mid-wicket.

Right we are all set for some action, Kohli and KL Rahul walk to the middle to open as the fans go wild. Singh to open the bowling for Ireland.

The national anthems are being bellowed out in Dublin. Interestingly, Rahul and Kohli are padded up along with Raina. Looks like those three will be the top-three today. No joy for Sharma fans!

# Of course, India are expected to enjoy another easy victory, but like Scotland showed against England a couple of weeks ago, if the visitors have their minds already on their big tour of England rather than the opposition at hand, anything is possible.

INDIA XI: L Rahul, R Sharma, V Kohli, S Raina, D Karthik, M Pandey, U Yadav, K Yadav, Y Chahal, S Kaul

IRELAND XI: P Stirling, J Shannon, A Balbirnie, S Singh, G Wilson, K O'Brien, W Porterfield, S Thompson, G Dockrell, B Rankin, P Chase

Ireland wins the toss and elects to bowl first against India

Players to watch: Virat Kohli needs 17 runs more to achieve the 2,000 T20I runs milestone. Remarkably his average of 49.57 is almost ten runs better than the second-best average (Aaron Finch - 41.61) of those players in the top 50 all-time international T20 run scorers. While Paul Stirling lines up for his 50th T20 match. With 1,152 runs to his name, he is Ireland’s all-time leading run scorer. While he has had eight scores over fifty, on six occasions he has been dismissed for a duck.

Stats: Seven T20s have been played on this ground and the team batting first has won only twice.

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First Published : 29 Jun 2018, 07:30:42 PM