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IPL 2017 Final Highlights | RPS vs MI: Mumbai Indians clinch their third title, defeat Rising Pune Supergiant by 1 run

Mumbai Indians Clinched A Historic Victory As They Defeated Rising Pune Supergiant By 1 Run. Johnson Bowled A Brilliant Last Over To Help Mumbai Earn The Crown For A Third Time.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Rahul Mishra | Updated on: 22 May 2017, 12:35:01 AM
IPL Final 2017 Score: Rising Pune Supergiant vs Mumbai Indians

New Delhi:

Mumbai Indians defeated Rising Pune Supergiant by 1 run as they couldn't score the required 130 runs for victory. Mitchell Johnson, Jasprit Bumrah and Lasith Malinga bowled exceptional death overs to help restrict Pune to 128 runs.

Scorecard: Rising Pune Supergiant vs Mumbai Indians

Pune required 130 runs for victory in what could be their maiden IPL title. However, Mumbai didn't lose hope till the end and fought like cornered tigers to clinch victory.

Earlier, Rising Pune Supergiant bowlers rattled the Mumbai Indians batsmen as the two time champions were all at sea against Jaydev Unadkat and Adam Zampa. Despite Krunal Pandya's stellar knock of 47 runs, Mumbai could score only 129 runs off their allotted 20 overs.

Updates: Rising Pune Supergiant vs Mumbai Indians

#11:40 PM: A brilliant over by Johnson where he took two wickets restricted Pune to 128 runs. MI won their third IPL title and defeated Pune by 1 run.

#11:33 PM: Johnson clinches another wicket as Steve Smith goes  

#11:30 PM: Mitchell Johnson to Manoj Tiwary, out Caught by Pollard

#11:29 PM: RPS 119-3 after 19 overs 

#11:21 PM: Bumrah to Smith, SIX, perhaps one that seals it. 13 off 7 now. The glory hit this will be in hindsight.

#11:21 PM: RPS score 107-3 after 18 overs

#11:18 PM: Malinga to Smith, FOUR! Smith has shuffled across, opening his stance and waiting for this full, dipping ball on leg-stump. 23 are needed off the last 2 overs now

#11:16 PM: Lasith Malinga is back into the attack

#11:15 PM: Score after 17 overs RPS 100-3

#11:12 PM: Bumrah to Dhoni, out! Caught by Parthiv Patel. Its a huge blow for Pune as Dhoni was their most prized wicket

#11:11 PM: Jasprit Bumrah comes back into the attack

#11:10 PM: RPS score after 16 overs 97-2

#11:08 PM: Krunal Pandya to Smith, SIX! 

#11:07 PM: Krunal Pandya to Dhoni, FOUR, through backward point. The man with the 'Midas touch' doing his job perfectly.

#11: 05 PM: Score after 15 overs RPS 83-2

#11:01 PM: Malinga to Dhoni, 1 run, slower ball on the pad and Dhoni gets a single round the corner

#11:00 PM: Lasith Malinga is back into the attack

#10:59 PM: Score after 14 overs RPS 77-2

#10:58 PM: Krunal Pandya to Smith, 2 runs, nudged through mid-wicket and the duo Dhoni home a couple. Lovely running. 53 off the last 6 overs

#10:54 PM: Krunal Pandya is back into the attack

#10:53 PM: Score after 13 overs RPS 73 -2 

#10:50 PM: Karn Sharma returns for his last over. Dhoni nudges a single to long-on

#10:49 PM: RPS 71-2 off 12 overs

MS Dhoni, right handed bat, comes to the crease. The stadium roars with chants of Dhoni! Dhoni! The crowd has kept its best shout for its heroes intact

#10:47 PM: Johnson to Rahane, out Caught by Pollard! The slower delivery does the trick

#10:46 PM: Johnson to Smith, FOUR! Smith slashes behind backward point, and in front of third man

#10:44 PM: Score after 11 overs RPS 65-1

#10:41 PM: Krunal Pandya to Rahane, FOUR! Nothing seems to be going right for Pune tonight

# 10:40 PM: Score after 10 overs RPS 58-1

#10:39 PM: Johnson to Rahane, FOUR, the previous ball, Rahane had to fetch the pull from outside off. This time, Johnson hands it to him on a platter with a short ball down the leg-side. 

#10:37 PM: Mitchell Johnson returns to the attack

#10:36 PM: RPS score 50-1 off 9 overs

#10:33 PM: Karn Sharma to Rahane, 1 run. Rahane plays it cautiously and simply drives it down to long-on

#10:32 PM: RPS score 48-1 off 8 overs

#10:29 PM: Jasprit Bumrah is back into the attack. He bowls a brilliant over as only 5 runs come off it.

#10:28 PM: Score after 7 overs RPS 43-1

#10:25 PM: Karn Sharma to Smith, 2 runs, not finding his lengths, bowling a touch too short for this pitch. Smith punches him to the left of long-off

#10:24 PM: Score after 6 overs RPS 38-1

#10:22 PM:  Malinga to Rahane, FOUR, terrific shot. The shot went like a bullet through the cover region

#10:21 PM: Rahane scores a single off a Malinga delivery

#10:20 PM: Score after 5 overs RPS 32-1

#10:18 PM: Karn Sharma to Rahane, FOUR, sublime wrists from Rahane. He hits a boundary on the on-side

#10:17 PM: Karn Sharma, right arm leg break, comes into the attack

#10:16 PM: Score after 4 overs RPS 23-1

# 10:14 PM Malinga to Rahane, 1 run, back of a length on middle, Rahane tucks it to deep backward square

#10:13 PM:  Lasith Malinga is introduced into the attack

#10:12 PM: Score after 3 overs RPS 21-1

#10:11 PM: Bumrah to Tripathi, out Lbw! Brilliant Bumrah, takes a wicket of his second delivery of the match

#10:10 PM: Jasprit Bumrah, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

#10:08 PM: RPS score 14-0 off 2 overs

#10:07 PM: Johnson to Tripathi, leg byes, FOUR, poor delivery down onto the pads, tickled away fine as the pads make contact. 

#10:06 PM: Johnson to Tripathi, 1 run

#10:05 PM: Mitchell Johnson comes into the attack

#10:04 PM: Score after 1 over RPS 6-0

#10:03 PM: Krunal Pandya to Rahane, FOUR! Good start for Pune as their openers begin in a cautious manner

#10:02 PM: Krunal Pandya to Rahane, 1 run, slower in the air and Rahane taps the ball away with soft hands and scampers through for a quick single. 

#10:00 PM: Rising Pune Supergiant come out to bat as Ajinkya Rahane and Rahul Tripathi open the innings for them. Krunal Pandya to bowl the first over for Mumbai Indians

#9:39 PM: MI score 129-8 after 20 overs

#9:38 PM: Christian to Krunal Pandya, out Caught by Rahane!

#9:37 PM: Christian to Krunal Pandya, SIX, Krunal Pandya is tonking them big now

#9:35 PM: Christian to Krunal Pandya, FOUR, full on the sticks, nothing really wrong with the ball. But Krunal Pandya moved across his line and slogged the ball away to the deep mid region for a four.

#9:34 PM: MI score after 19 overs 115-7

# 9:33 PM: Unadkat to Krunal Pandya, SIX, its a massive blow!

#9:29 PM: MI score after 18 overs 105-7

#9:27 PM: Christian to Johnson, SIX! The short ball angled across and Johnson thwarted it down the ground despite not connecting it with the meat of the bat

#9:25 PM: MI score after 17 overs 92-7

#9:20 PM: Unadkat to Krunal Pandya, leg byes, 2 runs, short ball onto the hips, Krunal Pandya misses the pull and the ball thuds the pad to run away towards fine leg for a brace

#9: 19 PM: Jaydev Unadkat is back into the attack

#9:18 PM: MI score after 16 overs 86-7

#9:17 PM: Christian to Krunal Pandya, 2 runs, looks to clip a full ball away, the leading edge is chalked and the ball escapes past the clutches of the man at point. They run back for a couple

#9:14 PM: MI score after 15 overs 81-7 

#9:11 PM: SN Thakur to Karn Sharma, out Karn Sharma Run Out!! Dropped, but Karn Sharma is run-out by the combined efforts of Christian and Thakur

#9:10 PM: Shardul Tahakur is back into the attack

#9:09 PM: MI score after 14 overs 79-6

#9:08 PM: Christian to Karn Sharma, no run, looked like the slower delivery angled across, swing and a miss from the batsman

#9:05 PM: Christian to Hardik Pandya, THAT'S OUT!! Lbw!! Christian gets enough swing as he gives another blow to MI and picks his first wicket off his second delivery

#9:04 PM: Daniel Christian, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

#9:03 PM: Score after 13 overs MI 76-5

#9:00 PM: Zampa to Hardik Pandya, SIX! What a shot that is, the ball is sweetly timed and flies over long-off.

#8:59 PM: Zampa to Krunal Pandya, 1 run.

#8:58 PM: Score after 12 overs MI 66-5

#8:57 PM: Sundar to Krunal Pandya, 1 run, very straight, Krunal works it to mid-wicket. Brilliant over as only 1 run comes in it.

#8:55 PM: Washington Sundar to Krunal Pandya, no run, round the wicket, Krunal defends

#8:54 PM: All-rounder Hardik Pandya, right handed bat, comes to the crease

#8:53 PM: Score after 11 overs MI 65-5

#8:52 PM: Zampa to Pollard, THAT'S OUT!! Caught! Zampa begins a mini-collapse as he grabs two quick wickets

#8:51 PM: Zampa to Pollard, SIX, wowww! What a start. The ball flies over long-off

#8:50 PM: Kieron Pollard, right handed bat, comes to the crease

#8:49 PM: Zampa to Rohit, OUT! Caught by SN Thakur. What a phenomenal catch by Thakur at the boundary

#8:48 PM: MI 56-3 off 10 overs

#8:47 PM: Washington Sundar to Krunal Pandya, FOUR, in the airrrr, in the gap and a poor effort from Dan Christian meant the ball escaped for four. 

#8:45 PM: Washington Sundar to Krunal Pandya, 1 run

#8:44 PM: Washington Sundar is back into the attack

#8:43 PM: MI score after 9 overs 50-3

#8:42PM: Zampa to Krunal Pandya, 1 run. Four runs are scored in the over

#8:39 PM: Zampa to Krunal Pandya, no run, aah! Here comes the batsman racing down the pitch, but Zampa is clever. Sprays it down the leg side and also shortens the length to force the batsman into an defensive line, fended away off the thigh pad

#8:38 PM: Score after 8 overs MI 46-3

#8:36 PM Lockie Ferguson to Rohit, 1 run

#8:35 PM: Lockie Ferguson to Rayudu, OUT! Excellent work on the field by RPS captain Steven Smith whose direct hit dismisses Rayudu

#8:34 PM: Lockie Ferguson to Rayudu, no run

#8:33 PM: Nine runs come off the over as MI score after 7 overs is 41-2

#8:31 PM Zampa to Rayudu, FOUR, poor ball from Zampa, dropped it short and wide of off, Rayudu waits on it and cuts it hard, beats backward point to his left and rolls away to the fence

#8:29 PM: Adam Zampa, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

#8:28 PM: Score after 6 overs MI 32-2

#8:27 PM: Rohit Sharma relieves some pressure of Mumbai as he hits four boundaries of the Ferguson over

#8:26 PM: Lockie Ferguson to Rohit, FOUR

#8:24 PM: Ferguson to Rohit, FOUR, first boundary of the final

#8:23 PM: Lockie Ferguson, right-arm fast, comes into the attack

#8:22 PM: MI score after 5 overs 16-2

#8:21 PM: Five runs come in this over as Thakur maintains a good line

#8:19 PM: Thakur's first two deliveries bring two runs

#8:18 PM: Shardul Thakur, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

#8:17 PM: MI score after 4 overs 11-2

#8:16 PM: Washington Sundar to Rayudu, no run, appeal for a stumping. MS isn't that confident this time around though. Rayudu is well in, NOT OUT is the call

#8:15 PM: Washington Sundar to Rohit, no run, Sundar tosses one on the stumps, Rohit leans forward and pushes it to the left of mid-wicket. Smith gets across quickly and prevents the single

Live updates: Rising Pune Supergiant vs Mumbai Indians

#8:13 PM: Score after 3 overs MI 9-2

#8:12 PM: Unadkat to Simmons, out Caught & Bowled. Its a majestic catch by Unadkat who uses his reflexes well in the follow through. The Pune seamer sends both Mumbai openers to the pavilion. Jaydev Unadkat has taken 24 wickets thus far and is in the run for the Purple cap. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the only bowler this season who is ahead of him with 26 wickets and it's a good opportunity for Unadkat to pass Kumar's wicket tally.

#8:11 PM: Unadkat to Rayudu, 1 run

#8:09 PM: Unadkat to Parthiv Patel, OUT, caught by SN Thakur!! The early pressure has resulted in the fall of Parthiv. This was a back of a length delivery on the stumps, it was the slower one as well. Unadkat deceives Parthiv to claim the 1st wicket

#8:08 PM: Score after 2 overs MI 7-0

#8:07 PM: Washington Sundar to Parthiv Patel, 2 runs, pushed through quicker and flatter, Parthiv makes room for the cut and gets it to the left of cover

#8:05 PM: Off spinner Jaydev Unadkat is introduced into the attack

#8:04 PM: Score after 1 over MI 3-0

#8:03 PM: Unadkat to Simmons, 1 run 

#8:02 PM: Unadkat to Simmons, 1 run, first run of the final, on a good length and on the stumps, Simmons shuffles across and nudges it in front of mid-wicket. Vacant area over there and Simmons is off with a single

#8:00 PM: Lendl Simmons and Parthiv Patel open the batting for Mumbai whereas Jaydev Unadkat opens the bowling for Pune

Rising Pune Supergiants have an impressive record against Mumbai Indians beating them on four of the five occasions in IPL encounters. RPS have completely dominated MI while winning all three encounters against their fancied rivals. Pune clinched both the league encounters and inflicted a telling defeat on MI in the first qualifiers to march into their maiden final. 

Rising Pune Supergiant (Playing XI):

Ajinkya Rahane, Rahul Tripathi, Steven Smith(c), Manoj Tiwary, MS Dhoni(w), Daniel Christian, Washington Sundar, Lockie Ferguson, Shardul Thakur, Jaydev Unadkat, Adam Zampa

Mumbai Indians (Playing XI):

Lendl Simmons, Parthiv Patel(w), Ambati Rayudu, Rohit Sharma(c), Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Karn Sharma, Mitchell Johnson, Jasprit Bumrah, Lasith Malinga

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First Published : 21 May 2017, 07:21:00 PM