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IPL 2017 | KKR vs KXIP, highlights: Kings XI Punjab defeat Kolkata Knight Riders by 14 runs

Kings XI Punjab Bowlers Weaved Shackles Around The Kolkata Knight Riders Batsmen Who Were Unable To Score Freely And Thus Lost The Match At Mohali.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Rahul Mishra | Updated on: 09 May 2017, 11:38:01 PM
IPL 2017 |  KKR vs KXIP

New Delhi:

Kings XI Punjab bowled a tight line and length as they beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 14 runs. Apart from Chris Lynn, none of the KKR batsmen were able to have starts as the team consistently kept on losing wickets.

Earlier, Kolkata Knight Riders bowlers kept the Kings XI Punjab batsmen in check with their variations as they scored 167 runs off their 20 overs. The Punjab batsmen were unable to go for the big shots in regular intervals as they kept on losing wickets on a consistent basis.

Scorecard of KKR vs KXIP

Kolkata Knight Riders had won the toss and opted to bowl in the match.

As it happened in the KKR vs KXIP match:

#11:28 PM

KKR score after 20 overs 153/6. KXIP win the match by 14 runs.

#11:22 PM

KKR Score after 19 overs 148/6

#11:19 PM

Mohit Sharma to Chris Woakes, SIX, to mid wicket

#11:15 PM

Mohit Sharma to Y Pathan, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!! KKR lose 6th wicket for 139 runs

#11:14 PM

Score after 18 overs 139/5

#11:12 PM

 Matt Henry to Chris Lynn, out Chris Lynn Run Out!! It's a huge blow for Knight Riders

#11:10 PM

Matt Henry to M Pandey, out Caught by Axar!

#11:09 PM

Score after 17 overs 131

#11:05 PM

Mohit Sharma returns to the attack.

#11:04 PM

Score after 16 overs 124/3

#10:58 PM

 Score after 15 overs, KKR 118/3

#10:56 PM

Axar to Chris Lynn, SIC! That's a massive six. 

#10:54 PM

KKR score after 14 overs 106-3


KKR score after 13 overs

#10:52 PM

 Swapnil Singh to Chris Lynn, SIX!

#10:48 PM

KKR score after 12 overs  86-3                                                     

#10:45 PM

Rahul Tewatia to M Pandey, no run, drills a full ball to cover. A slight fumble, he wants a run but Chris Lynn isn't interested. Why will he be

#10:44 PM

KKR score after 11 overs 82-3

#10:39 PM

KKR score after 10 overs 79-3

#10:38 PM

 Rahul Tewatia to Uthappa, OUT! Caught by Axar!!

#10:36 PM

 Rahul Tewatia to Gambhir, OUT! Caught by Shaun Marsh

#10:34 PM

KKR score after 9 overs KKR 76-1

#10:29 PM

 Score after 8 overs KKR 68-1

#10:27 PM

Rahul Tewatia, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack.

#10:24 PM

 Score after 7 overs KKR 64-1

#10:20 PM

KKR 61-1 off 6 overs

#10:18 PM

 Matt Henry to Chris Lynn, SIX! The shot goes over deep square leg-fence 

#10:17 PM

Matt Henry to Chris Lynn, FOUR! Clears the fence at deep mid-wicket

#10:15 PM

KKR 49-1 off 5 overs

#10:13 PM

 Axar to Chris Lynn, FOUR!, Axar throws it wide outside off. Chris Lynn keeps his front leg out of the equation and drives to the deep cover fence

#10:12 PM

KKR 39-1 off 4 overs as captain Gautam Gambhir joins Chris Lynn in the middle

#10:10 PM

Mohit Sharma to Narine, out Bowled!! Round the wicket slower ball deceives him.

#10:08 PM

Mohit Sharma to Narine, FOUR! slower ball but Narine waits, as if he knew what was coming, and drives over extra cover. 

#10:06 PM

Score after 3 overs KKR 31-0

#10:00 PM

KKR 25-0 off 2 overs

#9:57 PM

Matt Henry to Chris Lynn, FOUR! Henry might have had a wicket off the first ball this season. But the wicket-keeper and the slip fielder both remain undecided and KKR gained a boundary.

#9:56 PM

Matt Henry, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

#9:55 PM

KKR 14-0 off 1 over

#9:54 PM

Sunil Narine hits Sandeep Sharma for two fours as KKR makes an aggressive start

#9:50 PM

Chris Lynn and Sunil Narine come out to bat as KKR begin their innings

#9:36 PM

KXIP 167-6 off 20 overs

#9:31 PM

Ankit Rajpoot comes to bowl the last over

#9:29 PM

KXIP 158-6 off 19 overs

#9:26 PM

 Woakes to Rahul Tewatia, FOUR! Tewatia hits a full-blooded lofted drive through extra cover

#9:25 PM

Chris Woakes to Swapnil Singh, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

#9:23 PM

KXIP 148-5 off 18 overs

#9:22 PM

Kuldeep Yadav to Saha, wide, out Stumped!! Yadav uses his variations, flight and loop to the utmost extent

#9:21 PM

Kuldeep Yadav to Saha, SIX, gets the slog right. Invites him with an airy googly does Kuldeep and Saha throws everything he has into it.

#9:19 PM

KXIP 134-4 off 17 overs

#9:15 PM

Narine to Axar Patel, 2 runs, squares him up with the bounce.

#9:14 PM

KXIP 128-4 off 16 overs

#9:13 PM

Kuldeep Yadav to Maxwell, out Caught by Woakes!! The Punjab captain is flummoxed by the Chinaman's variations 

#9:10 PM

Two sixes off two delivers as Maxwell takes Kuldeep Yadav to the cleaners. Both of them weremassive hits and bring the crowd to its feet

#9:07 PM

KXIP 115-3 off 15 overs

#:9:06 PM

Narine to Saha, FOUR! too short and wide. Further amplified by Saha backing away violently. Waits on the ball to get close and slaps it through the covers

#8:58 PM

Sunil Narine returns to the attack

#9:00 PM

KXIP 105-3 off 14 overs

#8:54 PM

KXIP 97-3 off 13 overs

#8:51 PM

 Rajpoot to Saha, FOUR!

#8:50 PM

Ankit Rajpoot, right-arm medium, is introduced into the attack

#8:49 PM

KXIP 86-3 off 12 overs

#8:47 PM

 Colin de Grandhomme to Maxwell, SIX! right in the slot. And Maxwell goes into the beast mode. Swings, hard and mighty. Hits a majestic shot over long-on

#8:45 PM

 Score after 11 overs KXIP 67-3

#8:41 PM

KXIP 63-3 off 10 overs

#8:38 PM

Colin de Grandhomme to Maxwell, wide, de Grandhomme misses his radar, bowls one down leg, beating Maxwell's whip. Deemed as a wide

#8:37 PM

KXIP 57-3 off 9 overs

#8:36 PM

Woakes to Shaun Marsh, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!! He's beaten Marsh for pace.

#8:35 PM

 Chris Woakes to Shaun Marsh, wide, bouncer well over the batsman's head, called as a wide

#8:33 PM

KXIP 54-2 off 8 overs

#8:30 PM

 Colin de Grandhomme to Shaun Marsh, FOUR! Excellent shot by Marsh, he's showing true class.

#8:29 PM

KXIP 45-2 off 7 overs

#8:26 PM

Chris Woakes, right-arm medium is introduced in the attack

#8:25 PM

KXIP 41-2 off 6 overs

#8:24 PM

Narine to Guptill, OUT Lbw!! A vociferous appeal for lbw and the umpire raises the finger. 

#8:22 PM

Sunil Narine returns to the attack

#8:21 PM

 U Yadav to Vohra, out Caught by Uthappa!! Umesh Yadav persists with the short ball stuff and that gives him the required results. KXIP score 39-1 off 5 overs

#8:19 PM

 U Yadav to Vohra, FOUR, slower delivery and Vohra takes full toll of it.

#8:18 PM

KXIP score 28-0 after 4 overs

#8:14 PM

Narine to Vohra, its another FOUR! 

#8:13 PM

Sunil Narine comes into the attack. Narine to Manan Vohra, FOUR, doesn't get away this time. Seam up delivery from a shortish length, Vohra punches it handsomely through the covers. 

#8:12 PM

 KXIP score 19-0 after 3 overs

#8:08 PM

KXIP 11-0 after 2 overs

#8:07 PM

Colin de Grandhomme to Vohra, no run, de Grandhomme starts with a back of a length delivery on middle and leg, Vohra wants to take him on. Moves off-side and looked to play the pick-up, gets it off the cue end of the bat

#8: 05 PM

Colin de Grandhomme, right arm medium comes into the attack

#8:04 PM

 KXIP score after 1 over 8-0

#8:03 PM

Umesh Yadav to Guptill FOUR!  Its the first boundary of the evening. A loose ball down leg, Guptill moves across slightly and nudges it very fine into the fine leg fence

#8:00 PM

Manan Vohara and Martin Guptill start the innings for Punjab 


Kings XI Punjab (Playing XI):

 Manan Vohra, Martin Guptill, Shaun Marsh, Glenn Maxwell(c), Wriddhiman Saha(w), Axar Patel, Rahul Tewatia, Matt Henry, Mohit Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, Swapnil Singh

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing XI):

Sunil Narine, Gautam Gambhir(c), Chris Lynn, Robin Uthappa(w), Manish Pandey, Colin de Grandhomme, Yusuf Pathan, Chris Woakes, Umesh Yadav, Kuldeep Yadav, Ankit Rajpoot

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First Published : 09 May 2017, 07:28:00 PM