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IPL 2017 | RPS vs DD: Delhi Daredevils score thumping victory, thrash Rising Pune Supergiant by 97 runs Live

On Papers, The Steven Smith-led Side Looks More Balanced With A Couple Of Good All-rounders, While The Delhi Team Is Still Struggling To Find A Subtle Combination After Suffering A Few Injury Blows Before The Start Of The IPL 10.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Manas Dwivedi | Updated on: 11 Apr 2017, 11:24:07 PM
IPL 2017 | RPS vs DD: Delhi Daredevils defeat Rising Pune Supergiant by 97 runs

Pune :

Delhi Daredevils bowled, batted and fielded brilliantly as they defeated Rising Pune Supergiant by 97 runs. Delhi's bowlers led by captain Zaheer Khan and leg-spinner Amit Mishra made crucial strikes and put shackles around Pune's batsmen. More than half of the Delhi team returned to the pavilion without even putting 100 runs on board.

Zaheer and Mishra took three wickets apiece and were well supported by Pat Cummins who took two wickets. Chris Morris and Shahbaz Nadeem too played their part well and took the remaining two wickets.

Earlier, Delhi batted brilliantly to take their team's score to 205 runs with the loss of 4 wickets. Sanju Samson hit a brilliant century and received crucial support from Rishabh Pant and Chris Morris.

Match Preview: Rising Pune Supergiant look to return to winning ways against Delhi Daredevils

Here are the updates:

#11:19 PM

Rising Pune Supergiant could score only 108 runs off 16.1 overs and lost the match by 97 runs to Delhi Daredevils

#11:18 PM

Pat Cummins takes a wicket off the first ball of the 17th over as Mishra takes an amazing catch off his bowling.

#11:16 PM

RPS 108/9 off 16 overs

#11:15 PM

Tahir and Dinda ae unable to tackle Mishra's spin and only two runs come in the over.

#11:13 PM

RPS 107/9 off 15.3 overs

#11:12 PM

Mishra to Zampa, out Caught by Samson!! Another catch for Samson and another wicket for Mishra. Mishra has flummoxed the batsmen with his varieties.

#11:11 PM

Mishra uses all his guile to fox Ashok Dinda and Zampa

#11:10 PM

After 15 overs, RPS are 106 for 8

#11:09 PM

Dinda hits a four off Zaheer's bowling

#11:08 PM

Zaheer to Dinda, no run, has Karun plucked a one-handed catch? The third umpire is called for as the on-field umpire referred it to him. Looked like a good catch on first view. Has the ball touched the ground, has he got his fingers underneath? The third umpire gives him not out.

#11:06 PM

Zaheer, the wily fox strikes on the first ball of his second spell as he claims Chahar's wicket. Pant takes a brilliant catch as Pune lose their 8th wicket

#11:04 PM

Zaheer Khan, the old warhorse returns to bowl his second spell

#11:03 PM

After 14 overs, RPS are 100 for 7

#11:02 PM

Amit Mishra gets the wicket of Rajat Bhatia as he tried to clear the ropes; Delhi lose 7th wicket

#11:00 PM

After 13 overs, RPS are 94 for 6

#10:57 PM

Chahar displayed excellent batting against Cummins and hit him for two sixes

After 12 overs, RPS are 79 for 6

#10:54 PM

Mishra to Dhoni, out; caught by Nair. RPS lose their sixth wicket and their most experienced player.

#10:53 PM

Dhoni too takes a run off Mishra's bowling.

#10:52 PM

Amit Mishra is introduced in the attack and Bhatia takes a run off his ball.

#10:50 PM

After 11 overs, RPS are 76 for 5

#10:49 PM

Nadeem to Dhoni, Six, lovely shot, Pune needs the old warrior to unleash his power.

#10:48 PM

Nadeem bowls the next over and both Dhoni and Bhatia take singles off his first three balls.

#10:45 PM

After 10 overs, RPS are 68 for 5

#10:41 PM

Corey Anderson has been introduced in the attack and Rajat Bhatia was hit for a six over deep mid-wicket.

#10:40 PM

After 9 overs, RPS are 58 for 5

#10:37 PM

Nadeem bowls a beautiful over and only three runs were scored in it. Rajat Bhatia joined MS Dhoni in the middle.

#10:36 PM

After 8 overs, RPS are 55 for 5

#10:35 PM

Pat Cummins strikes in his first over as claims the wicket of Ben Stokes.

#10:34 PM

Dhoni too takes a single off a 147 kph delivery.

#10:34 PM

Speedster Pat Cummins is introduced in the attack and Stokes takes a single off the first ball.

#10:31 PM

After 7 overs, RPS are 52 for 4

#10:30 PM

MS Dhoni comes to the crease

#10:29 PM

Shahbaz Nadeem, the spinner is introduced in the attack and he strikes in his first over. Du Plessis is caught by Pant off his bowling.

#10:26 PM

After 6 overs, RPS are 50 for 3

#10:25 PM

Chris Morris was hit for two fours by Rahul Tripathi before he was caught by Nadeem off Morris's bowling

After 5 overs, RPS are 38 for 2

#10:20 PM

Faf du Plessis hits a four to long off of Zaheer's bowling

#10:19 PM

Zaheer Khan strikes as he claims Mayank Agarwal's wicket. Pune lose their second wicket

# 10:15 PM

Former Indian speedster Zaheer Khan begins the fifth over.

#10:13 PM

After 4 overs, RPS are 31 for 1 

#10:11 PM

Cris Morris into the attack now. Faf du Plessis is the new batsman. FOUR off the second ball and rest a good over, 4 dot balls. Good stuff from Morris. Good fielding from Anderson down the ground. Saved probable boundary. 

#10:09 PM

After 3 overs, RPS are 23 for 1 

#10:07 PM

Skipper Zaheer Khan into the attack. Delhi needed wicket and they have got it. Rahane GONE. Zaheer strikes. Rahane hits it hard and Samson doesn't misses many. RPS loses first wicket. 

#10:06 PM

After 2 overs, RPS are 16 for no loss

#10:04 PM

Pace from other end. Patt Cummins in the attack. DD need wicket up front. Rahane really has a good record against Delhi. 

#10:01 PM

After 1 over, RPS are 10 for no loss. 

#9:58 PM

Good first over from Nadeem. Just 10 runs off the first 6 balls. Only a boundary given. 

#9:56 PM

Second innings begins now. RPS batsman out in the middle to chase DD's 205. Mayak Agrawal and Ajinkya Rahane out in the middle. Spin from Delhi, Nadeem will open the bowling.

#9:41 PM

Rising Pune Supergiant now need 206 to win 

#9:40 PM

After 20 overs, Delhi Daredevils post 205 for 4

#9:35 PM

Ben Stokes is here for the final over. Chirs Morris is on fire. Good total by Delhi Daredevils. Cheeky from Morris and another FOUR. 200 very much up here at Pune. Morris has just gone mad. What a innings by the South African. 38 runs off 9 balls. UNBELIEVABLE!!

#9:33 PM

After 19 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 182 for 4

#9:30 PM

Samson on the strike, Zampa has the bowl, just 4 needed for his first IPL century and here it is. SIX off the first ball. High-up in the over. What a SIX, what a moment. 100 up for Samson. The young lad is emotional. Next delivery and Samson is GONE. BOLD by Zampa. Chris Morris on the crease. He begins the fireworks straight away. FOUR and a couple of SIXES. 22 runs off the 19th over. 

#9:29 PM

After 18 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 160 for 3 

#9:24 PM

Ashok Dinda in for his third over. Sanju Samson looking explosive and he didn't disappoint. SIX of the first ball. Another good looking shot from Samson that went with a bullet's speed but misses a boundary. Another SIX from Samson's bat. He is on fire, beats his highest IPL score. Hitting the most expensive bolwer in IPL- Dinda, very hard with a cheeky FOUR off third man. Clever Samson. 19 runs off the over. 

#9:22 PM

After 17 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 141 for 3 

#9:20 PM

Imran Tahir back for his final over of the spell. A lot would be expected from Anderson to finish the DD innings on a big note. Samson goes big and that's SIX. Good over for Delhi. 

#9:18 PM

After 16 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 129 for 3 

#9:15 PM

Ben Stokes into the attack. Stokes to Pant, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!! Unfortunate it was. Direct hit from Mayank Agarwal and Pant is gone. Big blow to Delhi Daredevils. Corey Anderson is the new batsman. Good tight over from Stokes. Just one FOUR.

#9:13 PM

After 15 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 123 for 2 

#9:12 PM

Zampa back into the attack. Zampa to Samson, SIX, that's a pressure-releaser! Brings up the 50-run stand in style! Zampa overpitches and Samson takes full toll of it.

#9:10 PM

After 14 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 114 for 2 

#9:08 PM

Samson goes big on Stokes. Ball in the air, and DROPPED. Skipper Ajinkya Rahane drops it. Crowd cannot belive it. Pressure effect I guess. Life line to Samson and he completes his half century. Good innings by young Kerala lad. 

#9:06 PM

The game is on again and Ben Stokes is back in the attack. Just one 1 run for Samson to reach 50 run mark. DD batsman should change the gear now. They need to go for big shots. DD at least need 180 runs on board to give something to their bowlers to defend. 

#9:03 PM

After 13 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 108 for 2. Strategic Time Out. 

#9:01 PM

Tahir to continue with his 3rd over. A good partnership going on between Samson and Pant. Samson inching towards a half century. It's time for a strategic time out. 

#9:00 PM

After 12 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 104 for 2 

#8:58 PM

Bhatia into the attack now and Pant is on FIRE. A maximum down the ground. SIX. What a brilliant shot. Such a delight to watch. This guy has got some guts. Excellent over for DD. Another SIX off Bhatia, this time on the leg side. Fireworks in Pune. 16 runs off the over. 100 up for DD. 

#8:56 PM

After 11 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 88 for 2

#8:54 PM

Zampa to continue with his second over. Pant taking his time to settle down. A Classical straight drive from Pant and it's FOUR. Boundary after a long time. DD needs them more. Half way through the innings. 

#8:52 PM

After 10 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 81 for 2 

#8:50 PM

Change in bowling, Rajat Bhatia into the attack. His slow off cutters would be crucial here. DD's  run rate have also gone down after Spin has been introduced. Both Samson and Pant have to buck up now. 

#8:48 PM

After 9 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 76 for 2 

#8:46 PM

Hit-machine Rishabh Pant is the new batsman. A lot of responsibility will be on his shoulders. With this wicket, Imran Tahir also becomes the Purple Cap holder with 6 wickets in 3 matches. 

#8:45 PM

Delhi Daredevils lose 2nd wicket, Sam Billings (24) gone

#8:44 PM

First ball of 9th over and Tahir STRIKES. Sam Billings BOWLED. Billings wanted to hit it down the ground, missed it and he is gone. Partnership broken. 

#8:43 PM

After 8 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 71 for 1. 

#8:40 PM

Spin from the ends as left-arm spinner Adam Zampa comes to bowl. The ball is coming well on to the bat which is a good sign on the Pune pitch. Another tight over from Zampa. DD batsman are finding it difficult to hit the ball off spin. 

#8:39 PM

After 7 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 66  for 1 

#8:38 PM

Change in the bowling attack, Imran Tahir comes to the attack. RPS would like to break this partnership. A tight, disciplined over from Tahir. Just 4 runs of the 7th over. 

#8:35 PM

Powerplay gone now. It's time for the strategic time out. 

#8:34 PM

After 6 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 62 for 1 

#8:31 PM

Good start by Delhi Daredevils. 50 also comes up for DD. Both Samson and Billings have settled in well. Hitting boundaries at regular intervals has helped them well. 2 dot balls, then a WIDE and 3 consecutive FOURs from Billings. The English wicket-keeper batsman has joined the party. 

#8:29 PM

After 5 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 47 for 1.

#8:27 PM

Change of bowling from Pune. Ben Stokes into the attack now and the Englishman doesn't disappoint. Tight over from Stokes after getting hit for a FOUR off the first delivery. Single off the last ball and its 8 runs from the over. 

#8:22 PM

After 4 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 39 for 1 

#8:20 PM

Sanju Samson. Oh! Boy This is a class act. This guy is in good touch. Hitting the bowl very well. A FOUR off Chahar sums up a good over for the Delhi side. Chahar feeling some pressure. a WIDE delivery. 

#8:19 PM

After 3 over, Delhi Daredevils are 29 for 1 

#8:15 PM

Fireworks from Sanju Samson. He is on fire. Again back to back FOUR off Dinda. This man looks in good touch. Hitting the ball hard and in the right direction. He really needs to perform for the team to get going. Another FOUR to end a big over. 

#8:13 PM

After 2 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 13 for 1 

#8:12 PM

Sanju Samson opens his account with a FOUR. What a brilliant shot. Class act by Samson. Another FOUR from Samson, this man has got some guts. Back to back boundaries. 

#8:10 PM

Delhi  Daredevils loses first WICKET. Sanju Samson is the new batsman. 

#8:08 PM

First ball for Deepak Chahar and he STRIKES. What a delivery, swinging ball taking a thick edge of Tare's bat and he is gone. Delhi are one down. Early blow from Pune. 

#8:07 PM

After 1 over, Delhi Daredevils are 2 for no loss 

#8:05 PM

Good tight start from Dinda. There is something in the pitch as the ball is seen swinging out there. DD batsman have to be cautious to pick the ball and play some sensible shots.

#8:00 PM

The action begins now! Both Delhi openers, Aditya Tare and Sam Billing out in the middle to open. Ashok Dinda will commence the attack from Pune.

#7:40 PM

Final playing XI:

Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) : Ajinkya Rahane(c), Faf du Plessis, Mayank Agarwal, Rahul Tripathi, Ben Stokes, MS Dhoni(w), Rajat Bhatia, Deepak Chahar, Adam Zampa, Ashok Dinda, Imran Tahir

Delhi Daredevils (DD) ): Aditya Tare, Sam Billings, Karun Nair, Sanju Samson, Rishabh Pant(w), Corey Anderson, Chris Morris, Pat Cummins, Amit Mishra, Shahbaz Nadeem, Zaheer Khan(c)

#7:37 PM

One change for Delhi Daredevils- Corey Anderson comes in for Carlos Braithwaite. 

#7:35 PM

Rising Pune Supergiants have won the toss and they have decided to bowl first.  Steven Smith down with Stomach bug, out of the match. Ajinkya Rahane is the stand-in captain. Another change for RPS is Manoj Tiwary is out and Rahul Tripathi. Faf Du Plasis, Adam Zampa have made a comeback.  

#7:30 PM

Both the captain out in the field and here is a surprise! Ajinkya Rahane out in place of Steven Smith. Is Smith injured? Let's fine out.



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