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IPL 2017, RPS vs GL, Highlights: Gujarat outplays RPS to register season's first win Live

The IPL 2017 Has Streched Its Arms In To All Directions And The Action Moves To The City Of Rajkot Where Home Team Gujarat Lions Will Take On Rising Pune Supergiant In The 13th Match Of Indian Premier League 2017.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Shashikant Sharma | Updated on: 14 Apr 2017, 11:39:38 PM
Gujarat Lions vs Rising Pune Supergiant

New Delhi:

The IPL 2017 has streched its arms in to all directions and the action moves to the
city of Rajkot where home team Gujarat Lions will take on Rising Pune Supergiant in the
13th match of Indian Premier League 2017.

Both teams are the new born babies of IPL who made their debut in the last season
and has played just 2 games against each other. In both games Gujarat Lions was unbeaten and would look
to stretch this winning streak.

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However, Gujarat Lions has done well in home and the team lost 4 matches played at its home ground.
So it's gonna be a crucial game for Gujarat as the team has lost both the matches
it played so far while Pune has won 1 and lost 2.

Gujarat Lions (GL) will be relieved as their star player Ravindra Jadeja comes back in a crucial Indian Premier League (IPL) match against Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) at Rajkot.

So, the action begin at Rojkot as the Gujarat Lions have won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Here are the Highlights:

#11:13 PM

Six! to finish things off in style. Finch punch it straight over the bowlers head. Gujarat Lions registers their first win of the season.

#11:12 PM

Six! Huge on the leg side, and with this only six more runs needed in 13 bowls.

#11:08 PM

Lockie Ferguson to Finch, FOUR! put down by Imran Tahir, he is having a bad day here. Finch palyed it straight in the hands of Tahir but he failed to collect it and even gave a boundary.

#11:06 PM

Thakur to Raina, Staright to the bowler, no run. Just 5 of the ove.

#11:04 PM

Shardul Thakur

26 off 24 needed

#11:00 PM

Four! 2 in a row from Captain Raina. Tahir will not have easy night, very expensive from him, gave away 53 runs in his 4 overs spell. Lions are roaring louder and louder enough.

#10:58 PM

Tahir to Finch in his last over, Four! Power punch from Finch. What a batting performance from Lions

#10:57 PM

Four, top class timing, top class placement a treat to eyes shot from Raina.

#10:55 PM

Stokes to Raina, FOUR, first poor delivery from Stokes. 

#10:52 PM

Six! Finch has started showing his colors early, hit it high and long enough over long off.

#10: 50 PM

Rahul Chahar to Aron Finch, FOUR1 paddle-scoops a leg-drifter to the fine leg fence

#10:49 PM

Gujarat Lions have a very strong batting line-up. One danger man goes another equal comes.

Aaron Finch, right handed bat, comes to the crease

#10:47 PM

Out! Inside edge onto the stumps. Karthik has to depart.  After expensive first spell, Smith continued to have faith in Tahir and didn't let his captain down.

#10:26 PM

64 need in 46 balls would not be that easy for Gujarat Lions.

Imran Tahir is brought back into the attack

#10:43 PM

Appeal for stumping, refered to third umpire, Karthik Survives.

Dinesh Karthik, right handed bat, comes to the crease

#10:40 PM

Rahul Chahar to Brendon McCullum, out Stumped!! Rahul Chahar is the man again to pasue MacCullum' roar. Impressed with the young man. First he saves 4 crucial runs and now send the danger man back to pavillion.

#10:39 PM

Tight from Ben Stokes he just conceded 6 runs.

#10:36 PM

Stokes to Brendon McCullum, 2 runs,  Rahul Chahar has pulled off one of the finest moments of this IPL. He saves crucial 4 runs for his team. 

#10: 30 PM

Ferguson to MacCullum, Pacy and hits on the pad as MacCullum was late on the flick. 

Captain Raina comes into the crease

#10: 28 PM

OUT! Smith departs after the magnificent 47 runs of just 30 balls. Shardul Thakur provides RPS a much needed break through. But is it come late? Yes it is untill something extraordinary happens here.

#10:25 PM

Shardul Thakur comes back into the attack. He has been the only bowler to restrict Lions' opener.

#10:23 PM

Tahir to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, full floater on middle and leg, Smith drills it to the right of a diving Imran Tahir. 20 runs of the over.

#10:22 Pm

Tahir to Brendon McCullum, SIX, skips out of his crease and smokes a dart high into the night sky, straight back over the bowler's head

#22:21 PM

Tahir to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, a repeat of the previous delivery.

#10:19 PM

Imran Tahir to MacCullum in his Second over, FOUR, kneels down and sweeps, Exhibition of Fours and Sixes.

10: 18 PM

Rahul Chahar to Dwayne Smith, back to boundaries again, its raining boundaries in Rajkot.

10:18 PM

Rahul Chahar to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, too close to cut, but Smith has played it well!

#10: 14 PM

Rahul Chahar, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

#10:13 PM

Tahir to Brendon McCullum, SIX, to long on Baz is playing his heart out, 15 comes of the first over of Imran Tahir. And its time for a strategic break.

#10:11 PM

Imran Tahir now comes into the attack. Mcculum in full flow back to back boundaries. 2 in a row.

10:09 PM

Stokes to Brendon McCullum, no run, good start from Stokes. Just two off the over. A quick yorker outside off, McCullum can only squeeze it towards point

#10:07 PM

Ben Stokes comes into the attack,  MacCullum take a single to handover the strike to another Lion roaring.

#10:04 PM

Lockie Ferguson to continue, Lions are roaring loudly here and 11 comes of the over. Score settles to 44 runs in just 4 overs.

#10:01 PM

Good over from Thakur didn't gave too much room to score freely. Six runs of the over.

#9:59 PM

Shardul Thakur, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

#9:57 PM

Lockie Ferguson to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, What a start for Gujarat. Another big over 29 runs in first 2 overs. Smith who batted down in last games were promoted to open the inning and he shows his power, so does the MacCullum.

#9:55 PM

Lockie Ferguson to Brendon McCullum, SIX, Ferguson banged it short and MacCullam does well to send it over the extra cover.

#9:53 PM

Ankit Sharma to Dwayne Smith, FOUR, now Ankit fires it short and Smith goes back to punch it through the covers. What a blistering start for GL! 16 off the first over.

#9:52 PM

Ankit Sharma to Dwayne Smith, SIX, he's got proper hold of that. Not much different than the first delivery as Smith lunges at a length ball but this time he muscles it right off the middle. 

#9:50 PM

First ball of Gujarat Lions innings Ankit Sharma to Dwayne Smith, Four! Smith just plants his foot down looking to loft it down the ground without being anywhere close to the pitch.

#9:48 PM

Dwayne Smith and Brendon McCullum are at the crease. Dwayne Smith is on strike. Ankit Sharma will open the attack

#9:34 PM

In the airr and Jadeja drops it. That could have, and should have, been four in the over for Tye. Another knuckle ball, Chahar is early into the slog and miscues it to Jadeja of all people at deep mid-wicket.

#9:31 PM

Hattrick ball!! Will he be the second bowler tof the day to take a hattrick. Wooohooo bowled him,Tye dips a knuckle ball into the blockhole. What a day in the history of IPL. two hattrick in a day.

#9:30 PM

Andrew Tye to Manoj Tiwary, out Caught by Ishan Kishan!!

#9:28 PM

High very high in the sky and guess who catches it!! None other than superhero MacCullum. Out! Ankit Sharma c Brendon McCullum b Andrew Tye 25(15) [4s-2 6s-1]

#9:26 PM

Praveen Kumar has been very very expensive and he conceded 51 runs in his four overs.

#9:25 PM

P Kumar to Manoj Tiwary, 2 runs, the bat has completely come off the handle. Hahahahah Scenes. 

#9:22 PM

SIX! The paceless Kumar is not at all effective and so easy to pick. Ankit does well to send it over the ropes.

#9:21 PM

Praveen Kumar comes to bowl the second last over and starts with a wide.

#9:19 PM

Tye does well in the 18th over conceded Just 6 runs.  After 18 overs RPS is 155 for 5.

#9:16 PM

Andrew Tye [2.0-0-7-2] is back into the attack,He has bowled a wonderful first spell giving away just 7 odd runs in 1 overs and took 2 wickets.

#9:14 PM

Jadeja to Manoj Tiwary, SIX, As if he heard me, goes down on one knee and hit it straight for a maximum. 

#9:12 PM

Manoj Tiwary is playing almost run a ball, scored just 20 runs in 19 balls. He has to accelerate.

#9:10 PM

Thampi is mixing it up from 136 KPH to 92 KPH but not well enough to stop runs flow. He gave 9 of the over. 

#9:08 PM

Basil Thampi to Manoj Tiwary, FOUR, brilliant timing. The ball races away past point. Back of a length outside off, Tiwary eases onto the back foot and punches it firmly.

#9:05 PM

FOUR! Ankit Sharma is the new man in and gets off the mark on second ball.

#9:03 PM

Jadeja to Dhoni, OUT! The Poor run of form continues and Dhoni departs for 5(8)

#9:00 PM

Shadab Jakati to Manoj Tiwary, first ball after the time out and goes for FOUR!

#8:57 PM

Time out! The game is spinning from head, at one time its in Gujarat's grip another Pune holds the grip. Manoj Tiwary and MS Dhoni is on the crease and they have to bat for another 4-5 overs to take Pune's scoreboard towards 200 runs mark.

#8:53 PM

Andrew Tye to Stokes, out Bowled!! The aeroplane takes off. Second wicket for Tye and what a selection he's been for GL. Another biggie for the home side.

#8:48 PM

After 11 overs RPS is 101 for 3 wickets.

#8:44 PM

Manoj Tiwary is the new man in... Dwayne Smith is bowling tight lines here not giving too much room to batsman.

#8:42 PM

Big blow for RPS Captain Smith departs. Dwayne Smith doing the magic here. Smith c Finch b Dwayne Smith 43(28) [4s-6 6s-1]

#8:40 PM

Dwayne Smith, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

#8:32 PM

Basil Thampi to Smith, no run, Smith is down. Right in the ribcage and the RPS skipper is withering in pain.

8:27 PM

End of the Powerplay and this brings Ravindra Jadeja into the attack.

#8:26 PM

Ben Stokes, left handed bat, comes to the crease

#8:25 PM

Gone! Andrew Tye Strike in a very first over. His first IPL 2017 match what a wonderful bowling show. Rahul Tripathi gone for 33(17)

#8:24 PM

Tye is a clever bowler he is not giving too many opportunities to score runs.

#8:23 PM

Andrew Tye, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack.

#8:21 PM

Hattrick! back to back boundaries. Very expensive over from Praveen Kumar. Give away 25 runs.

#8:20 PM

P Kumar to Tripathi, SIX, the result though does not change. Good length ball around off, Tripathi lofts through the line, nice free flowing of the bat and off it went over the long-off fence.

#8:18 PM

P Kumar to Tripathi, SIX, well, Tripathi showing why he's been sent out to open. One, two and bang. Advances to the length delivery and swings through the line.

#8:16 PM

Shadab Jakati to Smith, SIX, glorious. Uses his feet to reach to the line of ball rest was easy.

#8:15 PM

Shadab Jakati, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack

#8:10 PM

P Kumar to Tripathi, FOUR, lovely shot! He waited for the ball to come and guided past to diving cover fielder.

#8:08 pm

Basil Thampi to Smith, FOUR, wow! Wristy... very Wristy from Smith as he brings those wrists into play and flicks it over mid-wicket.

#8:07 pm

Basil Thampi, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

#8:06 PM

Four! Smith gets off the mark. Class written on it all over. 

#8:05 PM

Skipper Smith comes into the crease.

#8:03 PM

Out!! Raina takes a stunner. Rahane has to depart. Early blow for RPS, Rahane 0(3)

#8:00 PM

Praveen Kumar to open the attack for Gujarat, First ball going away from right handed Rahane. He let it go into the hands of wicket-keeper. 

#7:58 PM

Openers are coming out in the middle, Ajinkya Rahane and Rahul Tripathi will open the innings.

#7:40 PM

Good News is for Gujarat Lions as Ravindra Jadeja comes back and also for RPS as skipper Smith is fit and back.

#7:30 PM

Gujarat Lions won the toss and elected to bowl first.

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First Published : 14 Apr 2017, 07:17:00 PM