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IPL 2017 | KKR vs SRH: Kolkata Knight Riders defeat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 17 runs Live

This Is Going To Be A Clash Of Two Best Bowling Sides Of IPL 2017 And Both Teams Will Look To Outplay Each Other And Kolkata Would Also Want To Avenge Their Defeat In The Eliminator Round Last Season.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Shashikant Sharma | Updated on: 16 Apr 2017, 12:21:45 AM
IPL 2017 | KKR vs SRH

New Delhi:

Riding high on confidence Kolkata Knight Riders will look to continue their winning momentum when they face off Sunrisers Hyderabad at their home venue Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

This is going to be a clash of two best bowling sides of IPL 2017 and both teams will look to outplay each other.

However, the previous record gives KKR an upper hand on SRH and they have won six of the eight games against SRH overall and have never lost against them in four games at the Eden Gardens.

In their last game against Punjab, KKR skipper Gautam Gambhir played a masterstroke and let Sunil Narine open the innings as the duo killed their chase with their best ever Powerplay display of 76 runs.

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The KKR 'mystery' spinner Narine showed his skill with the bat, slamming three sixes and four boundaries en route to an 18-ball 37 after regular opener Chris Lynn got injured. 

Kolkata would also look to avenge their defeat in the Eliminator round last season.

Here are the Highlights:

#7:33 PM

Trent Boult to N Ojha, 1 run, Kolkata Knight Riders win to avenge their defeat in the Eliminator round last season. They also kept their record unchanged and never lost any match against Hyderabad at Eden Gardens.  

#7:28 PM

Woaks to Bipul SharmaSIX, few more similar hits needed to take SRH over the winning side. And that is very unlikely. Kolkata Knight Riders would win this contest easly as 30 runs needed in last 6 balls.   

#7:27 PM

41 needed in 2 overs, And KKR would look to wrap things up as early as possible. 

#7:23 PM

Boult to Cutting, out, Ben Cutting was trying to do what was needed but fall short of power and timing and caught by de Grandhomme!!

#7:18 PM

Woakes to Cutting, SIX, that's in his half and Cutting has clubbed that straight back over the bowler. 

#7:17 PM

57 need of 24 balls, not an impossible task but would difficult for SRH from here. 

#7:14 PM

Narine bowled a very tight last over of his spell. Just 3 runs of that over. 

#7:10 PM

Woakes to Yuvraj, out! Look what that extra delivery has done, it has provided KKR the much-needed wicket. Yuvi walks back disappointed.

#7:08 PM

Woaks to yuvraj, Wide, Fear!! is it? Woaks tried to get away by attempting full outside off.  

#7:06 PM

Woakes to Cutting, FOUR, Cutting joins the league too. 

#7:05 PM

Woaks to Yuvraj, Six!! My goodness, Thank you Yuvraj Singh, it was a treat to eyes shot. Flat-footed, takes on the short and wide ball, thumps it flat over extra cover.

#7:04 PM

75 from 6 overs now. Not improbable by any means only if Yuvraj gets going. 

#7:00 PM

Narine to Deepak Hooda, out Stumped!!

#6:58 PM

U Yadav to Deepak Hooda, FOUR, good over for SRH. They need those runs as the required rate was touching 12runs per over mark. 

#6:56 PM 

U Yadav to Yuvraj, FOUR

#6:55 PM

U Yadav to Yuvraj, SIX, All you want to do is stand, admire and applaud the class of Yuvi. 

Umesh Yadav [2.0-0-13-0] is back into the attack

#6:52 PM

Good Come back by Kuldeep after that first ball six, gave just four runs. 10 runs of the over. 

#6:50 PM

Kuldeep Yadav to Deepak HoodaSIX, gets right to the pitch of the delivery and hacks him over wide long-on.

#6:47 PM

Woakes to Henriques, OUT!!

Yuvraj Singh, left handed bat, comes to the crease

#6: 39 PM

Kuldeep Yadav to Warner, OUT!! Kuldeep gets the big wicket, sends skipper warner packing. A tossed up delivery, pitched outside off and turned away, warner looking to clear long off with not enough power behind. Woakes take an easy catch near the ropes. 

Time OUT!!!

#6:36 PM

Narine to Henriques, 2 runs, tight over from Narine, conceded just 5 runs.

#6:34 PM

Sunil Narine to Henriques, 1 run, Narine is keeping his line on the stumps. 

#6:30 PM

Kuldeep Yadav to Warner, Missed stumping chance, Ohh my good lord! what have you done Uthappa,  The ball turned too much and warner was well out of the crease.

#6:29 PM

Y Pathan to Henriques, no run, flat ball on a shortish length, stroked back to the bowler

Moises Henriques, right handed bat, comes to the crease

#6:27 PM

OUT!! Yusuf Pathan sends Dhawan back to the pavilion. He goes early for 23(22) 

#6:23 PM

FOUR!! Reverse sweep this time from Warner,  

#6:22 PM

Kuldeep Yadav, left-arm chinaman, comes into the attack

#6:19 PM

Sunil Narine to warner, FOUR!! easy to put away. Drifting down leg, all Warner had to do was get a tickle, which he did.

#6:17 PM

Back to back boundaries, Warner accelerates with two consecutive boundaries to Bolt. 

#6:15 PM

Bolt makes a very good comeback after that first bowl boundary, Four dots in a row and Single to end the over. 5 runs of the over.

#6:14 PM

Boult to Dhawan, FOUR, width on offer outside off. Dhawan gets a thick outside edge and the ball goes past the slip for four. 

Trent Boult, left-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

#6:11 PM

Good first over from Yadav, He bowled very tight line giving away just 5 odd runs.

#6:10 PM

Warner and Dhawan are at the crease. Warner is on strike. U Yadav will open the attack for KKR

Innings Break!!

#5:54 PM

Bhuvneshwar to Y Pathan, 1 run, with that KKR innings end, they have set a target of 173 for Hyderabad. Pathan, as usual, goes to swing big, losing all his timing in the process. Hyderabad conceded just 22 runs in last three overs and this shows why the team is tauted to be the best bowling side of IPL 2017. 

#5:43 PM

Bhuvneshwar to de Grandhomme, out Bowled!! Right in the blockhole, shatters the stumps. No connection of bat and ball at all. 

#5:42 PM

Six!! Into the orbit, Pathan sends it into the skies. Length delivery right in the slot and Pathan is in his beast mode unleashing the entire bat curve bringing it down off a massive backlift and spanks it high and mighty

Bhuvi to bowl the last over of KKR's inning

#5:39 PM

OUT!! Nehra StrikesNehra bends his back in banging it short  Yadav tries to hook it and the ball took the edge and went into the hands of W&K Ojha.

#5:37 PM

FOUR!! How long could he escape? First runs for Suryakumar Yadav

#5:35 PM

 Two, Back to back wides. Nehra is not looking in his full flow the 'young old man' is trying to get away.

Nehra to bowl last over of his spell

#5:33 PM

Bhuvneshwar to Pathan, 1 run and Pathan will keep the strike.

Suryakumar Yadav is the new man in..

#5:30 PM

Buvneshwar to Pandey, OUT!! Warner takes a good high catch to end Manish's inning. He falls for 46(35)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar [2.0-0-7-1] is back into the attack

#5:25 PM

Ben Cutting to Pandey, FOUR!! Attempted wide yorker but Pandey manages to reach to the bowl and guides it to third man.

#5:24 PM

Ben Cutting to Pandey, Six!! What a hit, Straight over the head of the bowler.

Time Out!!!

#5:21 PM

Bipul Sharma to Yusuf Pathan, FOUR!! Stretches and powers it to square. 

#5:18 PM

Bipul Sharma to Pandey, SIX!!  Dances down the ground and hit over long off. 

#5:15 PM

Cutting to Pandey, FOUR!! Goes full and takes edge to kiss the ropes behind the wicket.

#5:13 PM

Ben Cutting to Uthappa, Out! His brave inning comes to end as the luck runs out. He goes for 68 (39)

#5: 10 PM

Rashid Khan to Uthappa, FOUR, Poor efforts from Naman Ojha, his second time missed chance, Rashid gets some extra bounce on his top-spinner but all that comes in handy with Uthappa looking to sit and slog.

#5:08 PM

Nehra to Pandey, One more Four! very expensive from Nehra. 14 of the over.  

#5:07 PM

Nehra to Uthappa, FOUR again!! Nehra tries his best to evade the reach with a wide yorker. Gets under it and shows the full bat face in lofting it over extra cover

#5:06 PM

Nehra to uthappa, FOUR!! As if he rode on that.  goes for one bounce boundary. 

#5:02 PM

Nehra wants the caught behind. And such has been the day that he finds it necessary to charge towards the umpire in doing so. They decide to take matters upstairs - OUT being the soft signal. The reply shows no bat involved and Uthappa survives again. 

Nehra comes back into the attack.

#4;57 PM

FOUR! Uthappa reaches to his 18th IPL fifty, a good show from the Knight and when the luck flows for you, you'd better be milking it. Rohit, take some lessions from Uthappa. 

Rashid brought back

#4:53 PM

Moises Henriques in his second over's first bowl to Uthappa, Six!! Takes on the line off a length sliding in and swats it flat batted, nice way to get back the lost form. If Rohit Sharma watches this inning, he would be calling Uthappa and ask him, How to get that back mate. 

#4:51 PM

Bipul Sharma to Uthappa, Six! The umpiring error is costing SRH heavily as Uthappa who could have been out on first bawl is sending SRH bowlers out of park.  

#4:50 PM

Bipul Sharma to M Pandey, no run, missed stumping chance! Lovely flight outside off. Naman Ojha failed to collect that and Pandey survives.

Bipul Sharma, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack

#4:47 PM

Time Out!!

#4:44 PM

Bangs it short and ounces high, high enough to be called wide and beat the keeper. Wide and 5 runs.  

#4:43 PM

His third ball of the first over and Uthappa hit that for a six.

Moises Henriques comes into the attack

#4:40 PM

Rashid Khan to Manish Pandey 1 run to deep square leg, 6 off the over.

#4:35 PM

Cutting to Uthappa, 1 run, straight lines, Uthappa milks a single in front of mid-on

Manish Pandey, the right handed bat, comes to the crease, Ben Cutting to continue 

#4:31 PM

And he does it again, Gambhir out Bowled!! He has been the super buy of SRH and proving his worth. Gautam Gambhir b Rashid 15 (16)

#4:28 PM

Rashid Khan to Uthappa, SIX,

Here comes the Kabuliwala, Rashid Khan.

#4:27 PM

 Good over for Kolkata, 13 runs of the first over of Ben Cutting.

#4:24 PM

Cutting to Gambhir, FOUR, stands deep inside his crease and exerts all his power on the punchy drive, gets it past a diving mid-off to his right

Ben Cutting replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar

#4:20 PM

Old is the new young that what Nehra would like to tell when he banged that 139 KPH bouncers to Gautam Gambhir. However, given wide. 

#4:16 PM

Bhuvneshwar to Uthappa, no run.  Uthappa has nicked that off the bat face to the keeper. Warner appeals, pleads, begs and he doesn't give up as yet. Walks to the umpire and has a word. 

Robin Uthappa replaces Narine

#4:14 PM

Buvneshwar Kumar to Narine, Out bowled!! The off-stump goes flying. The yorker from Bhuvi ends Narine's inning early. He scored just 6(9)

#4:10 PM

Four! Narine hit the ego off Nehra, Straight down the ground had enough power if not fully controlled. 

#4:09 PM

Nehra to Narine, no run, short and wide, Narine leaves watchfully

#4:07 PM

Old Horse on Course, Ashish Nehra comes into the attack

#4:05 PM

Bhuvneshwar to Gambhir, no run, top nut! Swung away sharply beating Gambhir. Top class bowling from Bhuvneshwar. 

#4:01 PM

Bhuvneshwar to Narine, 1 run, inswinger, starts around off and snaps back in to take the inside half as Narine attempts a meek push with a straight bat.

#4:00 PM

Narine and Gambhir are at the crease. Narine is on strike. Bhuvneshwar will open the attack

#3:30 PM

Sunrisers Hyderabad has won the Toss and they have decided to chase.

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First Published : 15 Apr 2017, 03:18:00 PM