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IPL 2017 | RPS vs GL, Highlights: Stokes century powers Pune to victory

Rising Pune Supergiants And Gujarat Lions Set To Play In The 39th Match Of VIVO IPL 2017 As Both Teams Aim For Important Two Points.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Shashikant Sharma | Updated on: 02 May 2017, 12:12:15 AM
IPL 2017  RPS vs GL

New Delhi:

The IPL 2017 have witnessed excellent run chases, majestic power hitting and deadly bowling. With 5 wins in 9 games Rising Pune Supergiants take on Suresh Raina's Gujarat Lions in the 39th match of IPL 2017 at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune.

Rising Pune Supergiants will look to strengthen their chances to qualify for playoffs while Gujarat will also like to clinch the much-needed win to keep their playoff hopes alive. 

Pune have never beaten Gujarat Lions. The teams have met each other thrice starting last year when both of them came into existence, but Gujarat have had the wood ever since. 

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Here are the Highlights:

#Christian does a Dhoni here. Finishes things off with powerful Six. Pune have won the match and Thanks to Stokes. 

# score levels 1 run needed in 2 balls.  we are not going to see another tie braker here. 

# Four runs and What a way to make his first IPL hundred. Now four needed in Just 5 balls. 

James Faulkner [2.0-0-18-0] is back into the attack

# 8 runs needed in 6 balls. 

# Single to end the over and Stokes will keep the strike. But wait... He is down with cramps!!

# Six!! With that he is just 3 runs away from a brilliant 100.

# 16 needed off 9 balls. 

# 2 runs, brilliant peice of fielding from jadeja saves two important runs.  

# Basil Thampi to Stokes, SIX, to long on. The 14 crore man doing justice to his buy. 19 needed of 11 balls.

# 11 off the over. 15 need in 2 overs. Thampi to bowl important 19th over.

# Sangwan to Christian, FOUR, the ball goes past Faulkner at backwards point.

# In the airrr... And lands safely. MacCullum could not reach on that. And if he can't, no one can. 

# Sangwan to Stokes, 1 run, Fuller and reversing in. Wonderful bowling from Sangwan.

36 off 18 balls now. Sangwan to bowl 18th over of the innings.

# Basil Thampi to Dhoni, out Caught by Brendon McCullum! Whatever we say is being heard. We advised Pune to accelerate and they did, we advised Gujarat to be cautious and they brought Thampi who dismissed Dhoni. 

Basil Thampi [2.0-0-10-1] is back into the attack

# 15 off the over and Pune is doing exactly what they need to do but Gujarat now have to be cautious one bigger over and things will change completely in Pune's favour.  

# Six! Stokes goes for the big one. And FOUR! to next ball.  

#Dwayne Smith starts with a wide and then a leg bye.

# 12 runs off the over, Pune needs two big overs from here. 60 needed in 30 balls.

# Faulkner to Dhoni, SIX, he has heard me saying that and started accelerating. 

James Faulkner [1.0-0-6-0] is back into the attack

# Dwayne Smith bowls a bundle of beauty giving just 3 runs. 

# Dhoni is playing very slow and he has now faced 26 bowls and scored just 15 runs but he can accelerate in no time and now is the time to do that.

# Dwayne Smith to Stokes, no run. Pune needs 75 runs off 41 bowls. Not the tough take if these two stays. 

# After 13 overs Pune are 87 for 4.

# Ankit Soni bowls a wonderful over. He conceded just 1 run and bowls 5 dot balls.

# Jadeja to Dhoni, FOUR, off the very first bowl. But Jadeja does a very good come back and bowls 5 dot balls.

 Ravindra Jadeja, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack

# Very tight line from Soni. he conceded just 4 runs of his first over.

Ankit Soni, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

# Run Out! Rahul Tripathi has to go this time. He called for the second run and then stopped midway. However, Crowd seems to be cheering his wicket and chants of Dhoni echoes all over MCA. 

# Faulkner to Stokes, FOUR, slower ball that is too wide, Easy runs for Stokes

James Faulkner comes into the attack

# Sangwan to Tripathi, FOUR, Beautiful shot from Tripathi. Good over for Pune. 13 off the over.

# SIX! Sangwan bangs it short and Stokes goes back and pulls it to the deep backwards square leg. 

# Sangwan to bowl Stokes with slip on.

# After 4 overs RPS is 32 for 3.

# Gujarat whose bowling is considered weak link of the team have performed well and put RPS on backfoot in their own backyard. 

# OUT Lbw!! Thampi strikes in his very first over. Tiwary goes for the golden duck.   

 Manoj Tiwary, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Basil Thampi, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

# OUT! Smith departs Caught by Ankit Soni!! Smith c Ankit Soni b Sangwan 4(2) [4s-1]

# Four! Captain Smith shuffles and flicks to mid wicket. 

# Sangwan to Rahane, out Lbw!! UP goes the finger. Rahane has to depart early. 

# Sangwan to Rahane, FOUR on the second ball and with that he has now 4000 runs in T20s

Rahane and Tripathi are at the crease. Rahane is on strike. Sangwan will open the attack

Innings Break.

That it for Gujarat they have got a good start but could not make it big. 162 is the Target for Pune and they would not mind chasing that especially on their home turf. 

#Unadkat to Basil Thampi, out Bowled!! Basil Thampi b Unadkat 2(6)

Ankit Soni, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Unadkat to Basil Thampi, OUT!! Run Out!!

# Unadkat to Karthik, FOUR

# Unadkat to Basil Thampi, 1 run, does well to bring Karthik on strike.

Unadkat to bowl the last over. 

# Dot bowl. what have you done that karthik? brought Thampi on Strike in the last over!!!

# FOUR! Finally, Karthik listen to us. and goes for a boundary.

# Two dot bowls and a single. 3 runs of first four bowls. its been overs since last boundry came.

Basil Thampi, comes to the crease, Stokes will bowl 19th over of the inning.

# OUT! Another wicket goes. Sangwan c Tripathi b Unadkat 1(2)

 Pradeep Sangwan is the new man in

# Unadkat to Faulkner, out Caught by Manoj Tiwary!! Gujarat would have been expecting some big hits from Faulkner but Unadkat crushing all their hopes get him.   

Jaydev Unadkat [2.0-0-22-0] is back into the attack

# It's been three overs since last Boundry came. 

# Christian to continue in his third over. Pune is bowling very tight lines here as they have just conceded 9 runs in last 10 balls.

Tahir to Karthik, no run, Karthik plays that safely. so no 'hattrick sprint' for Tahir. He conceded just 5 runs off the over.

Imran Tahir [3.0-0-22-3] is back into the attack

James Faulkner, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Hat-trick ball for Tahir!

# Christian to Jadeja, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!! 19(12)

Daniel Christian [1.0-0-15-0] is back into the attack

# Thakur to Jadeja, FOUR, to fine leg. Thakur does well to concede just 7 runs.

# Aonother FOUR. A good over for Gujarat. 12 off the over.

# Stokes to Jadeja, FOUR, to long on. Jadeja has been a lil out of form in this season but has a very good chance Today.

Ravindra Jadeja, left handed bat, comes to the crease

# OUT! Thakur removes Brendon McCullum, and this is the big blow for Gujarat. He goes for 45(27)

# SN Thakur to Karthik, FOUR, to deep extra cover. 

Shardul Thakur [1.0-0-11-0] is back into the attack

# After 11 overs Gujarat Lions are 101 for 4.

# Stokes to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, Gujarat losing wickets regularly but this man standing tall and delivering.

# Ben Stokes [1.0-0-11-0] is back into the attack

Dinesh Karthik, right handed bat, comes to the crease

# Tahir to Dwayne Smith, out Bowled!!Two in two. He is bowling brilliantly here. 

# Tahir to Finch, out Caught&Bowled!! Wicket again.

# Six! Tahir to Finch, SIX, what can a bowler do. Nothing wrong with that delivery but Finch is the manName who can hit good bowls out the park  easily. 

# Six on the last ball of the over. MacCullum is looking very dangerous today. 

# Finch hits Christian for FOUR and takes a single to give MacCullum strike.

# Finch comes out to in the middle and Daniel Christian, right-arm medium, comes into the attack.

Run Out! Suresh Raina has to depart, Dhoni beautifully does that with the speed of light. Unbelievable. 

# Tahir to Raina, no run, flat ball from over the wicket.

After 7 overs Gujarat Lions are 66/1

# 11 runs off the first over of Shardul Thakur

Shardul Thakur, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

Suresh Raina, left handed bat, comes to the crease

#OUT! Googly worked. Kishan's show comes to an end. 31(24)

# Back to back boundaries from Kishan 

# Imran Tahir, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

# McCullum hits a FOUR! and SIX back to back but Stokes does a good come back and gave 11 runs. 

Ben Stokes, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

# SIX! Kishan is blowing his trumpet here. Short and Kishan has pulled him over deep mid-wicket. 

# Washington Sundar to Ishan Kishan, FOUR, completely deceived Kishan but gets inside edge and went for four. 

# Sundar to Brendon McCullum! Sindar keeps testing the batsman here with a dot ball and a single.

# SIX!! Ishan Kishan goes after the shortish delivery. Fielder there hoping to catch that but the flies over his hands. 12 off the over.

# MacCullum takes a single. 

# Unadkat to Ishan Kishan, 2 runs and then a single to bring MacCullum on strike.

# Washington Sundar bowled a very tight over, conceded just 1 run and didn't gave a single chance to Kishan to open his hands.

Washington Sundar, right-arm off break, comes into the attack

FOUR! Brendon McCullum is known for greeting bowlers with a boundary. And another FOUR to end the over. 11 off the first over. Good start for Gujarat. 

# Unadkat to Ishan Kishan, 1 run, Gujarat Lions off the mark with leg byes. Single to bring Baz on strike. 

# Ishan Kishan and Brendon McCullum are at the crease. Ishan Kishan is on strike. Unadkat will open the attack

# Andrew Tye is no longer with Gujarat - he's out injured with a dislocated shoulder. 

#Pune wins toss, invites Gujarat to bat first


Rising Pune Supergiant (Playing XI): Ajinkya Rahane, Rahul Tripathi, Steven Smith(c), Manoj Tiwary, MS Dhoni(w), Ben Stokes, Daniel Christian, Washington Sundar, Jaydev Unadkat, Shardul Thakur, Imran Tahir

Gujarat Lions (Playing XI): Ishan Kishan, Brendon McCullum, Suresh Raina(c), Aaron Finch, Dwayne Smith, Dinesh Karthik(w), Ravindra Jadeja, James Faulkner, Ankit Soni, Pradeep Sangwan, Basil Thampi

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