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IND vs WI: Kohli leads India to series-clinching win with 43rd ODI hundred | HIGHLIGHTS

HIGHLIGHTS, India Vs West Indies, 3rd ODI Match: Follow Live Updates Of India Vs West Indies Third ODI From Queen's Park Oval, Port Of Spain, Trinidad.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Shashikant Sharma | Updated on: 15 Aug 2019, 04:02:20 AM
HIGHLIGHTS of India vs West Indies, 3rd ODI Here (Photo: Twitter/@BCCI)

New Delhi:

India clinched the three-match ODI series against the West Indies 2-0 with a six-wicket win in the rain-curtailed final match, here on Wednesday. The West Indies posted 240 for seven in 35 overs after electing to bat but India were given a revised 255-run target on Duckworth-Lewis method. Skipper Virat Kohli (114 not out) smashed his 43rd ODI century to lead India to win.  India had won the second ODI while the series-opener was washed out. SCORECARD

Highlights of India vs West Indies, 3rd ODI:

#03:46 am: FOUR! And India wins the match by 6 wickets and the series as well. 

#03:43 am: Just 8 needed off 18 balls. Score after 32 overs: IND 247-4Kedar Jadhav 18(11)Kohli 106(97)

#03:40 am: India just need 12 runs off 21 one balls to win this match and the series as well. No prizes for guessing the player of the match and series.

#03:37 am: Hundred number 43rd for Kohli. He roars in celebration and everybody in the dressing room is clapping for him. What a player. His hunger to score runs is unique. He always pushes himself to do better everytime and its not talent, its sheer hardwork. Calling him a talented or gifted player would undermine the hardwork he put it in. Take a bow Skipper.

#03:36 am: FOUR! Kohi reaches on 99 with this boundry.

#03:33 am: India need 32 off 30 balls. With Kohli on the crease, they should easily score that. Score after 30 overs: IND 223-4; Kohli 91(90) Kedar Jadhav 9(6)

#03:30 am: SIX! Jadhav comes down the track, reach the pitch of the ball and hit it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum.

#03:27 am: Just three runs off this over and a wicket. Windies need to take the strike rate up by bowling tight line to get wickets. Put batsman under the pressure of run rate and make him do mistake. Score after 29 overs: IND 214-4; Kedar Jadhav 1(3) Kohli 90(87)

#03:26 am: OUT! A wonderful quick innings comes to an end. Iyer wanted to go over the long on but could not get the elevation and hit it straight into the hands of fielder. He looks disappointed as he would have loved to bat till the end and finish the game. Jadhav is the new man in. West Indies need that wicket for a long and they finally got it. But Kohli still remains at the crease, which mean they are still out of this contest.

#03:24 am: Score after 28 overs: IND 211-3; Shreyas Iyer 65(40) Kohli 88(85)

#03:23 am: SIX! Iyer is on a different zone today. He is loving it - hitting biggies against spinners. 

#03:22 am: Roston Chase is back into the attack. West Indies despirately needs wickets of these two, if they want to come back in the contest. With these two staying for 2-3 more overs, the match will be out of the hosts' hand.

#03: 20 am: Score after 27 overs: IND 204-3; Kohli 87(81) Shreyas Iyer 59(38)

#03:15 am: Kohli has injured himself. The ball hit his thumb and he looks in pain. Physio comes in to attend him.

#03:13 am: Score after 26 overs: IND 199-3; Shreyas Iyer 57(36) Kohli 85(77)

#03:11: FOUR! And with this, Iyer brings up his second successive fifty. What a talent he is a top quality innings. Iyer is looking very confident and I reckon he is the perfect guy for number 4 job.

#03:09 am: 10 runs off the over. India is easily taking more than what is required. Score after 25 overs: IND 190-3; Kohli 84(75); Shreyas Iyer 49(32)

#03:04 am: Score after 24 overs: IND 180-3; Shreyas Iyer 47(30) Kohli 76(71)

#03:01 am: Four! A beautiful inside out shot from skipper Kohli.With this he reaches 74. Are we gonna se another hundred from the run machine? 

#02:58 am: Another good over for India. Again 12 runs off it. And thanks to another stunning six from Iyer on the last ball of the over. The required rate has come down to below 7 from 8 run per over. Score after 23 overs: IND 173-3; Shreyas Iyer 46(28) Kohli 70(67)

#02:54 am: 12 runs off the over. India has picked up the pace now. They are not willing to take it to the last over. Score after 22 overs: IND 161-3; Kohli 68(64) Shreyas Iyer 38(25)

#02:50 am: Score after 21 overs: IND 149-3; Shreyas Iyer 37(24) Kohli 57(59)

#02:48 am: Carlos Brathwaite, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

#02:47 am: Score after 20 overs: IND 142-3; Kohli 55(55) Shreyas Iyer 32(22)

#02:45 am: Massive SIX! Iyer is having a party here. He is taking the game away from England single handidly. It was in the slog and he sat down on one knee and slogged it over deep square leg.

#02:43 am: Score after 19 overs: IND 133-3; Shreyas Iyer 25(19); Kohli 53(52)

#02:42 am: SIX more! He goes again. Iyer goes again and this over deep mid-wicket. Just repeating myself, the selectors would regret for their life not picking up Iyer in the World Cup squad. He was the answet to all their woes and yet, they overlooked him.

#02:40 am: SIX! Shreyas Iyer dances down the pitch and hit it over the bowler's head. The ball struck at the roof of the pavilion. New ball please!! 

#02:38 am: 50 for Kohli. His 55th. What a player India has produced. He averages 60 in ODIs, 50 in T20I and 54 in Tests. The only players to do this. He is on a different league. But can he take his team over the line today? A tough task ahead. 

#02:34 am: Score after 17 overs: IND 111-3; Shreyas Iyer 12(15) Kohli 44(44)

#02:29 am: The two consecutive wickets have hurt India's chase. Dhawan was looking set and timing the ball well but he mistimed an attempted big shot. Pant played a very immature shot and threw his wicket away. He has to understand that he is not playing Gulli cricket. Score after 16 overs: ND 103-3; Shreyas Iyer 5(10) Kohli 43(43)

#02:25 am: Score after 14 overs: IND 97-3; Kohli 40(38) Shreyas Iyer 2(3)

#02:20 am: OUT! Pant out first ball. It is beyond my understanding that why Pant went down the track for a big shot on the very first ball. And its again Keemo Paul who pedals back and takes a good catch. Score after 13 overs: IND 93-3; Kohli 38(35) Shreyas Iyer 0(0) 

#02:18 am: OUT! Dhawan wasted a very good start. Goes down the track but fails to reach the pitch of the ball. It goes up in the air and Pauk takes a good catch over his shoulder at mid-off.

#02:15 am: Roston Chase bowls a very tight over. Just 2 runs off it. Score after 12 overs: IND 91-1, Kohli 36(32) Dhawan 36(34) 

#02:14 am: Both Dhawan and Kohli look set now. They are comfartably taking singles and doubles. Score after 11 overs: IND 89-1; Kohli 35(29) Dhawan 35(31)

#02:10 am: Score after 10 overs: IND 83-1; Dhawan 34(29) Kohli 31(25)

#02:09: FOUR! This shot proves Dhawan, the Gabber, is back. Lofted shot over mid-off, Just chipped it over and the balls went for a boundry.

#02:05 am: FOUR! Placed to perfection! Kohli smashed that quicker and flat one away through point. Score after 9 overs: IND 74-1; Kohli 29(23); Dhawan 29(25)

#02:02 am: Holder introduces spin. Fabian Allen, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack

#02:01 am: Score after 8 overs: IND 65-1; Dhawan 26(23) Kohli 23(19)

#02:00 am: FOUR! Short ball from Paul and Dhawan slashed it hard. A streaky edge goes over first slip for boundry.

#01:58 am: Score after 7 overs: IND 58-1; Kohli 22(17) Dhawan 22(19)

#01:56 am: FOUR! Top shot from Kohli. A slow off cutter outside off, Kohli waited and then hit it through the covers for a boundry. That went like a bullet.

#01:54 am: Score after 6 overs: IND 48-1; Kohli 13(13) Dhawan 21(17)

#01:53 am: FOUR! Full outside off and Kohli goes straight over the bowler with a one handed loft. One bounce four.

#01:52 am: Dropped: Shai Hope just made a big big mistake that can cause West Indies this series. Kohli charges down and the ball took the edge and went back to the keeper but hope couldn't collect it. Paul is in disbelief. He should have caught that.

#01:51 am: In the airrrr... and lands in safe zone. Kohli wanted to flick it over midwicket it went a little high up in the air but landed safely. Carefully captain! 

#01:47 am: Keemo Paul, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

#01:45 am: Roach bowls a decent over, giving just 6 off it. Score after 5 overs: IND 39-1; Kohli 9(9) Dhawan 19(15)

#01:42 am: Score after 3 overs: IND 26-1; Kohli 0(1) Dhawan 16(11)

#01:37 am: OUT! Rohit Sharma run out! Rohit came a long way and it was way too late when Dhawan sent him back. Roach picked the trow from point and dilodged the balls. Replay shows Rohit is short of the crease.

#01:33 am: Score after 2 overs: IND 21-0; Dhawan 11(6); Rohit 10(6)

#01:29 am: Back to back boundaries from Dhawan. After Rohit, he has also announced himself in style. After the injury in World Cup, Dhawan was struggling with his come back but today, we have seen a different approach from the southpaw.

#01:27 am: FOUR more! Back to back boundaries for Rohit. He has cleared his intentions straight up. Score after 1 over: IND 10-0; Rohit 9(5) Dhawan 1(1)

#01:26 am: FOUR! Rohit Sharma starts the innings with a boundry. 

#01:25 am: Welcome Back: Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan comes out to open the innings. Roach will open the attack


#01:11 am: FOUR! 15 runs off the last over and 1 wicket. West Indies finished 240/7 in their 35 overs. India will have to chase 255 in 35 overs according to the DLS revised target.

#01:08 am: Out! A pacy delivery and Brathwaite, who wanted to go big, managed a cue-end. Pant took a good high catch.

#01:07 am: SIX! Brathwaite knew Khaleel is gonna bowl the short one, he just cleared his front leg and smashed it straight down the ground.

#01:06 am: Khaleel Ahmed to bowl the last over of the innings. Brathwaite will be on strike.

#01:05 am: Just four runs of the 34th over. Shami bowled a very tight line here. Score after 34 overs: WI 225-6; Brathwaite 6(11) Fabian Allen 2(4)

#01:02 am: Score after 33 overs: WI 221-6; Fabian Allen 0(1) Brathwaite 4(8)

#12:59 am: OUT! Khaleel gets his second wicket of the day. Skipper Holder wanted this slower back of a length delivery to hit over long-on but failed to get the elevation and the ball goes straight into the hands of Kohli.

#12:55 am: Score after 32 overs: WI 217-5; Brathwaite 1(6) Holder 13(17)

#12:52 am: Score after 31 overs: WI 216-5; Brathwaite 1(2) Holder 12(15)

#12:49 am: OUT! The danger man has gone and Shami is the man who removed him. It was on the slot but Pooran decided to just chip it to Manish Pandey at long-on. He could have easily cleared him, had he gone for the hit. Carlos Brathwaite is the new man in.

#12:48 am: Score after 30 overs: WI 211-4; Pooran 30(15) Holder 8(12)

#12:47 am: SIX! Pooran is on the role here. Looks like Gayle had gave him something he had been having for the years.

#12:45 am: SIX more! Pooran has decided to do what he does the best. Send the ball outta park. Length ball outside off, Pooran bent down on knees and slog sweeps it over mid-wicket.

#12:44 am: Score after 29 overs: WI 194-4; Holder 6(10); Pooran 16(11)

#12:41 am: SIX! A short ball from Chahal and Nicholas Pooran sends it out of the park. West Indies would want him to hit few of them more. 

#12:37 am: Score after 28 overs: WI 183-4; Pooran 8(7); Holder 4(8)

#12:30 am: Score after 26 overs: WI 172-4; Holder 1(2); Pooran 0(1)

#12:28 am: OUT! Jadeja does the trick and removed another set batsman Shai Hope. It was quicker on the stumps and Hope tried to push it through the off-side but the ball skids on to hit the stumps. West Indians have wasted the start they got from Gayle and Lewis.

#12:24 am: Score after 25 overs: WI 171-3; Pooran 0(1) Shai Hope 24(48)

#12:23 am:  OUT Bowled! Shami strikes. Shami anticipated early that Hetmyer is gonna go after it and he bowled a slow off-cutter that decieved the West Indian and hit top of off stump. Genious stuff from Shami.

#12:20 am: Score after 24 overs: WI 167-2; Shai Hope 23; (47)Hetmyer 22(28)

#12:15 am: Score after 23 overs: WI 164-2; Shai Hope 22(44) Hetmyer 20(25). Jadeja to bowl his first over.

#12:11 am: Here we go. Hope and Hetmyer comes back to bat. Shami to bowl the 23rd over. 

#11:50 pm: The umpires have come out for an inspection. Play to resume at 14:35 local time. It will be a 35 overs per side match.

The rain fails to relent. If WI don't bat any more, the 20-over DLS target for India will be 194. Well, we are hearing that the umpires have come out for an inspection. So, the rain must have stopped.

#10:45 pm: Groundsmen are working on the pitch. while fans await action to resume. Forget it... forget what I said earlier. The covers are back. It is again raining here. How cruel it was. Its like you are thirsty for years and just when you are about to drink water but someone snatched your glass. 

#10:43 pm: It has stopped raining at the moment. If there is no more rain, we will have a 13:15 PM (local) scheduled start, tweets BCCI.

#10:30 pm: Good News! The rain has stopped and covers are being removed. West Indies would be thanking Gayle and Lewis as their run-rate right now will only hurt India. A big target with fewer overs on a rain-hit ground. Its gonna be a tough task for India.

#09:55 pm: The rain has got heavier and now we have started losing overs from here as more than an hour's game has been lost due to the rains.

#09:30 pm: India have pulled things back well after that early onslaught from Chris Gayle and Evin Lewis, but after 22 overs, West Indies are well paced at 158/2.

#08:50 pm: Okay! Its raining again. And covers have come in. This is the second rain interuption of the day and it is depressing. Lets hope it doesn't take a long to resume.

#08:45 pm: Score after 22 overs: WI 158-2; Shai Hope 19(40); Hetmyer 18(23)

#08:40 pm: Score after 15 overs: WI 134-2; Hetmyer 9(10); Shai Hope 4(11)

#08:30 pm: India have bounced back as both openers are back in the hut. But they have done their jobe nicely and rest will depend on these two young men. Score after 12 overs: WI 121-2; Hetmyer 0(2); Shai Hope 0(1)

#08:27 pm: OUT! It was brave effort from Khaleel to bowl gayle after being hit so brutally. And he gets the award. Gayle, the dangerman, has gone. Everybody is giving him a hug since its his last match and Virat even shakes a leg with the Universe Boss. Gayle c Kohli b Khaleel Ahmed 72(41) [4s-8 6s-5]

#08:20: Wicket! Chahal provides India with the much needed breakthrough. Lewis goes down the track and tried to slog, gets a top edge and Dhawan takes a good catch. Score after 11 overs: WI 115-1; Shai Hope 0(1); Gayle 66(37)

#08:15 pm: Score after 10 overs: WI 114-0; Lewis 43(28); Gayle 65(33) And Kohli introduces spin. Chahal comes to strike.

#08:10 pm: Fifty comes up for Gayle and 100 for West Indies. What a player he is. Probably his last game at home and he is showing the world why is called the Universe Boss. 

#08:07 pm: Bhuvi to continue. Can he stop Gayle and Lewis today? No... Not today. 18 runs off the over. Score after 9 overs: WI 97-0 

#07:59 pm: Bowling change - Khalil Ahmed comes to the attack. And he had a forgetable first over here. 16 runs off the over and it wasn't Gayle. It was Lewis. Score after 8 overs: 79

#07:55 pm: Another expensive over from Bhuvneshwar and he can't really do much about it when Lewis and Gayle are in such mood. Score after 7 overs: WI 63-0

#07:50 pm: 6,0,4,2,4,4 in this over. Gayle is on fire here and so does Lewis. Score after 6 overs: WI 49-0; Gayle 30(22); Lewis 15(15)

#07:45 pm: A big over for West Indies. Four, Four and a six on the last ball to Bhuvneshwar. After to very good overs, Bhuvi gets the taste of his own medicine. Score after 5 overs: WI 29-0; Lewis 15(15); Gayle 10(16)

#07:39 pm: Maiden from Shami. A very good come back from the pacer. After going for 11 runs in his first over, he came back strongly. No change in the score after four overs.

#07:35 pm: Another wonderful over from Bhuvneshwar. After a maiden, just one run off the voer. Score after 3 overs: WI 13-0Gayle 10(15) Lewis 1(4)

#07:30 pm: Not a good first over from Shami. A no ball and six on a free hit and then a boundary to end the over. Score after 2 overs: WI 12-0; Gayle 10(12); Lewis 0(1)

#07:25 pm: Good news. the covers are coming off and it won't take a long for the game to resume.

#07:07 pm: Guess what!  It has started raining. Although it looks a passing shower, but the covers are coming in and we will have to wait a little for action to resume.

#07:04 pm: What a wonderful start for India as Bhuvi bowls a maiden here. Score after 1 overs: WI 0-0; Gayle 0(6) Lewis 0(0). Mohammed Shami, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

#07:00 pm: Gayle and Lewis are at the crease. Gayle is on strike. Bhuvneshwar will open the attack. Here we go.....

#06:42 pm: India (Playing XI): Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Shreyas Iyer, Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Yuzvendra Chahal, Khaleel Ahmed

#06:41 pm: West Indies (Playing XI): Chris Gayle, Evin Lewis, Shai Hope(w), Shimron Hetmyer, Nicholas Pooran, Roston Chase, Jason Holder(c), Carlos Brathwaite, Fabian Allen, Kemar Roach, Keemo Paul

#06:40 pm: Weather and pitch report: The chances of rain for the third ODI is 30 percent at Port of Spain. The forecast for the second ODI was 10 percent and even that resulted in a delay of more than one hour. 

#06:37 pm: Toss Time: West Indies have won the toss and they have opted to bat first.

#06:36 pm: West Indies Probable XI: Evin Lewis, Chris Gayle, Shai Hope(w), Nicholas Pooran, Shimron Hetmyer, Roston Chase, Jason Holder(c), Carlos Brathwaite, Oshane Thomas, Sheldon Cottrell, Kemar Roach

#06:35 pm: India Probable XI: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant(w), Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, K Khaleel Ahmed/Navdeep Saini

#6:30 pm: Hello and welcome to News Nation Live Blog: India will look to series win while West Indies would want to give Universe Boss Chris Gayle a fitting farewell as they clash in the third and final ODI at Port of Spain. Stay with us as we bring you all the live action from the Caribbean.

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