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FIFA World Cup 2018 Highlights, Brazil vs Costa Rica: Coutinho, Neymar score in dying minutes for Brazil to win it!

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Subhayan Chakraborty | Updated on: 22 Jun 2018, 09:04:11 PM
FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Score, Brazil vs Costa Rica

New Delhi:

In the first match of the day of the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018, Brazil face Costa Rica at the Saint-Petersburg Stadium in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

The Brazilians have the opportunity to get their first win of the competition, as they take on one of the surprise packages of the 2014 World Cup at the Saint-Petersburg Stadium.

Brazil scored a total of 41 goals in the World Cup qualification and are touted to be one the most entertaining teams in Russia. However, Tite's side are coming to this match after a disappointing 1-1 draw against Switzerland. This is a must win game for Brazil, if they want to avoid any undue pressure against Serbia in their final game of Group E.

The Costa Ricans suffered a defeat in their opening game of the World Cup in the hands of Serbia, thanks to an unstoppable free kick by Aleksandar Kolarov and a loss for Oscar Ramirez's men against Brazil would end their hopes of qualifying for the last 16. 

Highlights of Brazil vs Costa Rica:

# The second goal of the game!

# The first goal of the game!

The referee blows for the end of today's match.

# 90+6' GOAL! Douglas Costa puts the ball across the area and Neymar (Brazil) has the easiest task in the world to tuck the ball into an empty net. 2:0.

# 90+6' Marcelo (Brazil) delivers a low pass into the box which is intercepted. Brazil will take a corner kick.

# 90+1' Goal Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)! Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) was put through by Gabriel Jesus and he showed brilliant composure to tuck it home from inside the box. 1:0.

The fourth official shows 6 min. of added time.

# 87' Casemiro (Brazil) tries his luck with a low long-range effort after receiving a precise pass, but Keylor Navas has a clear view of it and makes a comfortable save.

# 86' Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) picks up a pass, lines up a shot and strikes from 25 metres out, but Keylor Navas thwarts the effort which is headed to the middle of the goal.

# 84' The referee has issued a yellow card to Johnny Acosta (Costa Rica).

# 84' That's the end of the game for David Alberto Guzman Perez, who is replaced by Yeltsin Tejeda (Costa Rica).

# 81' Philippe Coutinho and Neymar (Brazil) are punished with the yellow card.

# 80' Referee Bjorn Kuipers reverses his original decision after the VAR review. There was no infringement and subsequently it’s not a penalty.

# 78' Geancarlo Gonzalez (Costa Rica) pulls the jersey of one of the opposition players and Bjorn Kuipers blows his whistle for a foul. Wait a minute! The referee has decided to review the penalty decision using the VAR system.

# 77' Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) sends a cross into the box, but Keylor Navas comes off his line to gather the ball.

# 76' A dangerous looking corner kick from Neymar (Brazil) is cleared to safety by the defence.

# 76' Neymar (Brazil) has a shot blocked from inside the box. Brazil have been awarded a corner kick.

# 75' Cristian Gamboa comes off the pitch to be replaced by Francisco Calvo (Costa Rica).

# 74' David Alberto Guzman Perez (Costa Rica) hasn't suffered any serious injury which would see him leave the pitch. He's back in the game now.

# 73' David Alberto Guzman Perez (Costa Rica) is lying on the ground after being tackled and the physio comes onto the pitch to give him medical treatment.

# 72' CHANCE! Neymar (Brazil) gets there first and whips in a shot at goal that flies just wide of the right post.

# 71' Casemiro (Brazil) wins himself just enough space inside the box to connect with the corner. His header flies towards the middle of the goal, but the goalkeeper blocks the effort.

# 70' Casemiro (Brazil) attempts to find his teammate with a final pass from outside of the box, but one of the defenders clears the ball to safety. The ball is out of play. Brazil win a corner kick.

# 69' The corner from Neymar (Brazil) is cleared away by the defence.

# 69' The ball is cleared after Neymar (Brazil) attempted to dribble past an opposing player. The ball goes out of play. Brazil are awarded a corner kick.

# 67' It's time for a substitution. Roberto Firmino (Brazil) comes on in place of Paulinho.

# 67' Douglas Costa (Brazil) attempts to find the head of one of his teammates with a promising cross into the box, but a defender outjumps the attackers and averts the threat.

# 65' Paulinho (Brazil) gets on the ball and beats an opponent, but his run is stopped by the referee Bjorn Kuipers who sees an offensive foul.

# 64' Neymar (Brazil) hits a shot towards the left side of the goal from the edge of the box, but it's a weak attempt and is easily saved by Keylor Navas.

# 60' Gabriel Jesus (Brazil) displays brilliant individual ability, gets inside the box and pulls the trigger. His promising effort is blocked by one of the defenders.

# 60' Christian Bolanos (Costa Rica) takes the corner kick but the ball only finds the head of an opponent.

# 59' Christian Bolanos (Costa Rica) looks to break free, but an opposing player clears the ball away. The referee points to the corner flag and Costa Rica will take a corner.

# 58' SAVE! Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) receives a precise pass in the box and takes the shot early. The ball heads towards the middle of the goal, but Keylor Navas shows off his skills and makes a brilliant save to deny him.

# 56' Keylor Navas pulls off a great save to deny Neymar (Brazil) after receiving a precise defence-splitting pass. The effort is headed for the underside of the crossbar, but the goalkeeper dives superbly to stop it. Definitely the best save of this match so far! Brazil force a corner. Their opponents will face another attacking threat.

# 55' Here comes a substitution. Christian Bolanos (Costa Rica) is brought on as a substitute for Marcos Urena.

# 53' Marcelo (Brazil) is unable to feed an accurate cross into the box.

# 52' Douglas Costa (Brazil) launches a powerful cross from the corner into the box, but the ball is intercepted by the defender.

# 51' Casemiro (Brazil) attempts to send a pass but the effort is blocked. Corner kick. Brazil will have an opportunity.

# 51' Neymar (Brazil) produces a lovely ball into the penalty area but the defender manages to intercept and comfortably averts the danger. The ball goes out for a corner. Brazil can continue in their attacking effort.

# 50' Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) gets to the rebound and shoots, but the effort is blocked. Brazil have been awarded a corner kick.

# 50' CHANCE! Gabriel Jesus (Brazil) latches on to a superb cross inside the box but only hits the crossbar with a fine header. What a chance!

# 48' Neymar (Brazil) commits a foul during an attacking move

# 47' Marcelo (Brazil) attempts a long crossfield pass, but the defence does well to intercept the ball.

# 46' Adenor Leonardo Bacchi has made a change at the break. Douglas Costa (Brazil) has come on in place of Willian.

# Second half begins!

The referee blows his whistle for half-time, bringing to a close the first 45 minutes of the match.

# 1 min. of stoppage-time to be played.

# 44' Flag up against Neymar (Brazil). He had space to move into behind the defence, but he went too soon.

# 42' A pass from Fagner (Brazil) is intercepted by Keylor Navas and the move breaks down.

# 41' CHANCE! Marcelo (Brazil) attempts to score from 20 metres out, but his decent effort flies to the left side of the target and is thwarted by Keylor Navas. Fantastic goalkeeping!

# 39' The linesman raises his flag. Marcos Urena (Costa Rica) is adjudged offside.

# 39' Willian (Brazil) takes the corner, but he overhits it and none of his teammates are able to reach the ball.

# 38' A pass into the penalty area from Willian (Brazil) is intercepted by the defence. The referee and one of his assistants signal for a corner kick to Brazil.

# 36' Marcelo (Brazil) sends a cross into the box, but the opposition's defence quickly intercepts the ball.

# 33' Willian (Brazil) finds space on the edge of the box, but his wild shot goes high over the bar.

# 32' The linesman raises his flag for offside before Gabriel Jesus (Brazil) heads on.

# 30' Unlucky! A great strike from Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) near the edge of the box had the keeper scrambling but flew just over the bar.

# 29' CHANCE! Marcelo (Brazil) makes a yard for himself and unleashes a stunning shot from 18 metres out. His great effort, however, goes painfully wide of the right post.

# 28' Neymar (Brazil) tries to send a low pass into the box, but it's blocked and cleared.

# 27' SAVE! Neymar (Brazil) dribbles into the box, but Keylor Navas is quick enough to come off his line and stop him.

# 26' Gooal! No wait, it's been ruled out for offside. Gabriel Jesus (Brazil) disagrees, but the linesman is sure about his call.

# 25' Neymar (Brazil) fizzes over a cross which doesn't cause any problems.

# 25' Gabriel Jesus (Brazil) races towards goal but the defender gets back well to make a challenge.

# 23' Thiago Silva (Brazil) latches on to a sweet cross into the box and misses with a header way wide of the left post.

# 22' Oscar Duarte (Costa Rica) makes a reckless foul in order to win the ball from his opponent. Bjorn Kuipers has a clear sight of it and blows his whistle.

# 21' Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) attempts to find one of his teammates, but puts far too much on the pass and the chance is gone.

# 19' Neymar (Brazil) sends a cross into the box from the free kick, but Keylor Navas leaps into the air and clears the danger.

# 18' Johan Venegas (Costa Rica) makes an unfair challenge by holding his opponent to prevent him from getting the ball. Brazil have a free kick.

# 17' The defence is alert as they clear a dangerous cross from Neymar (Brazil).

# 15' Dangerous play by David Alberto Guzman Perez (Costa Rica). Bjorn Kuipers blows his whistle for a foul.

# 13' CHANCE! Cristian Gamboa slides a brilliant pass into Celso Borges (Costa Rica), but his shot from inside the box goes a whisker wide of the left post.

# 11' Casemiro (Brazil) is out on the sidelines due to a bleeding nose.

# 10' Neymar (Brazil) dinks a cross into the box in an attempt to find one of his teammates, but the defence manages to clear.

# 9' Neymar (Brazil) will take a free kick. Is he going to strike the ball directly at the goal? Let's find out!

# 9' David Alberto Guzman Perez (Costa Rica) makes an overly-aggressive challenge and Bjorn Kuipers blows his whistle for a foul. Another situation results in a direct free kick for Brazil.

# 8' Willian (Brazil) passes the ball from the edge of the box in order to find his teammate, who is in a good scoring position, but the defender blocks the pass and tonks the ball to safety.

# 7' Cristian Gamboa (Costa Rica) rushes a shot from long range and subsequently sends it high over the bar.

# 5' Casemiro (Brazil) attempts to scoop the ball into the box over the defence, but one of the defending players makes a timely intervention.

# 3' Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) has an effort from the edge of the area, but he skies the ball over the top.

# 2' A crossfield pass from Marcelo (Brazil) fails to find any of his teammates.

# Kick off!

# In ten previous meetings with Costa Rica in all competitions, Brazil have a great record that currently stands at: W9, D0, L1, and have a positive H2H goal difference of plus 23 (GF32, GA9).

Clashes between these two sides are usually high scoring affairs, with more than 2.5 goals scored (total) in seven of these ten encounters.

# The Costa Ricans have won only two of their last eleven matches in all competitions (W2, D2, L7).

Brazil have lost only one of their last 23 games in all competitions (W17, D5, L1), scoring at least two goals in 15 them.

Stat attack: The Brazilians have won both of their WC meetings against Costa Rica.

# Players to watch: Brazil’s best goalscorer in the 2018 WC qualifiers was Gabriel Jesus with seven goals. Costa Rica’s current top scorer Bryan Ruiz has 24 international goals - the fifth-best total in the national team’s history

Brazil Playing XI: Miranda, Willian, T.Silva, Fagner, Marcelo, Paulinho, Coutinho, Alisson, Casemiro, Neymar, Gabriel Jesus

Costa Rica Playing XI: B.Ruiz, K.Navas, B.Oviedo, Ó.Duarte, C.Borges, M.Ureña, C.Gamboa, G.González, J.Acosta, D.Guzmán, J.Venegas

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