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Did Cristiano Ronaldo rape American model in Las Vegas?

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Subhayan Chakraborty | Updated on: 29 Sep 2018, 12:57:14 PM
Did Cristiano Ronaldo rape American model in Las Vegas? (Photo: Twitter)

New Delhi:

In a shocking development from a 2017 case that accused captain of Portugal football team Cristiano Ronaldo of rape in a Las Vegas hotel room, the American woman who had kept her anonymity then have now revealed her identity for German publication Der Spiegel, who initially reported the case last year and revealed that she has filed a new civil suit against Cristiano Ronaldo in court. However, the lawyer team for Ronaldo has denied the report and has expressed their intent to sue the German outlet.

As per Der Spiegel’s latest report Kathryn Mayorga, who had kept her anonymity since the alleged rape incident, explained what happened on the night at the Palms Place Hotel in Las Vegas and how that incident affected her life.

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The biggest revelation surfaced as Mayorga’s laywer claimed to possess a questionnaire that Ronaldo answered and admitted that the then aspiring model Mayorga had objected to their sex that night.

(NOTE: that these documents were written in code where “Ms. C” refers to Mayorga and “X” to Ronaldo)

“The sender was a lawyer from the firm of Carlos Osório de Castro, a lawyer who has long represented the soccer star [CH1] . The recipients were Osório de Castro himself and an additional colleague.

“She said no and stop several times.” And furthermore: “She made herself available. She was lying on her side, in bed. It was rude. We didn’t change position. 5/7 minutes."

She said that she didn’t want to, but she made herself available.” And added: “But she kept saying ‘no.’ ‘Don’t do it.’ ‘I’m not like the others.’ I apologized afterwards.” The document quoted him as saying that she never screamed and never called out for anyone.

“Question: Did Ms. C. say anything afterwards about the sex being too brutal?

X: She didn’t complain about it being brutal. She complained that I forced her. She didn’t say anything about wanting to go to the police.”

NOTE: This is a translated version from Der Speigel’s story in Germany.

On June 12, 2009, Mayorga, now a 34-year-old teacher but then a 25-year-old model, met Crisitano Ronaldo, who had just sealed a move to Spanish giants Real Madrid for a reported fee of 94 million Pounds at Palms Casino.

“[Ronaldo] just came up to me and grabbed my arm, and he was like, ‘You! Come with me!’”

However, Ronaldo cleared her hesitancy to join him to the party and convinced her to let him buy her a drink. Later, Mayorga and Ronaldo exchanged their phone numbers and the now Juventus star asked her to join a party in his penthouse. Mayorga and her friend Jordan agreed to pay him a visit.

Mayorga and her friend met Ronaldo and his friends before heading towards Ronaldo’s room. The American model was reluctant to get into the hot tub but Ronaldo offered him a swimsuit and she agreed to get in. 

Later, Mayorga went into the washroom to change the suit and Ronaldo came there following her.

“This guy that is so famous and so hot ... he’s a loser and a creep,” Mayorga said.

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Ronaldo said to her, ‘I’ll let you go if you give me a kiss.’ I said, ‘OK, I’ll kiss you but I’m not going to do anything more”. And she recalls that the kiss only turned him on more.

“He starts to come on to me very strong. And he starts to do stuff to me and touch me and grab me.”

Mayorga pushed him away and again to him no.

By that time one of Ronaldo’s friend came and asked what was going on?  

“I took the opportunity to quickly put my dress back on and said,” We’re coming out. “And he said yes, we’re coming,” Mayorga said.

However, as Mayorga went ahead to join others by the tub, Ronaldo pulled her back.

“I was not really scared, I just did not think that’s how stubborn this guy is. I told him again that nothing would happen between us.

“I pushed him off again, he tried to take off my underwear, but he did not succeed, so I rolled myself up like a ball and tried to protect myself with both hands and then he was on top of me,“  she said.

“When he was done, he still did not want to let me go, he looked guilty and suddenly started calling me ‘baby.’ ‘Baby, baby.’ I do not remember exactly the wording, but he also said ‘sorry’ and asked me if I was in pain, somehow getting on my knees and saying, ‘99 percent of me am a good guy, I do not know what to do this one percent is,’” she added.

Here is how Mayorga described the whole incident:

“It all happened so fast, and I was so confused, it was like floating, like in a trance, I cannot describe it, my next thought was: what if he had AIDS now, or some other disease? I asked him, and he said, ‘I’m a professional athlete, I’m tested every three months, and if I was ill, I would not be able to play.’”

“I said to him, nobody will know about it, and when we finally got out of the room, he meant something like ‘stay cool’ or something, but I do not remember exactly.”

Mayorga’s friend Jordan told Der Speigel that “Kathryn looked completely upset, her hair was disheveled, her make-up smeared,” and when he asked Ronaldo “What did you do to my girlfriend?” His reply was “It’s okay, we’re friends.”

However, Mayorga soon started joking around and laughing. Finally, everyone got out of the hot tub and the Mayorga and Jordan left the room and the hotel.

But it was only after she got into her car and realised the magnitude of what had just happened, “There was this terrible pain, every heartbeat,” she said.

Mayorga went to contact the police but was scared of Ronaldo’s power.

But, after months of agreement Ronaldo’s lawyers and Mayorga agreed to a $375,000 settlement, keeping the alleged incident to a shut.

“Today I would give anything to go back and change my decision!!, she said after nine years from the incident.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s lawyer told News Agency Reuters that Der Spiegel’s report was “blatantly illegal” and they would sue the German outlet for publishing the report. 

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First Published : 29 Sep 2018, 12:56:43 PM