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IPL 2018 Final Highlights, CSK vs SRH: Chennai Super Kings defeat SunRisers Hyderabad by 8 wickets to lift third IPL title

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Subhayan Chakraborty | Updated on: 28 May 2018, 10:30:53 AM
IPL 2018 Final Highlights, CSK vs SRH: Live Commentary, Updates (Image Source: CSK Twitter)

New Delhi:

After 59 matches, 149 players sweating it out in 10 venues for the ultimate prize, the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 final is here. Chennai Super Kings is set to fight it out against SunRisers Hyderabad at the iconic Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai in the most awaited match of the season.

Both the teams have enjoyed a spectacular season in terms of results. In the league table, both finished with 18 points each. While CSK achieved direct qualification by defeating SRH in the Qualifier-1, SRH took the tough road and got to the finals after defeating KKR in the Qualifier-2.

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The Head to Head stat favours CSK big time, with them winning 7 games out of 9, whereas SRH won the remaining 2.

IPL 2018 Final Highlights:

# So that is all from this side! Thank you for joining in and until next season, its a Wrap! Congratulations CSK for their Third IPL title!

MS Dhoni | CSK captain: [On Bravo sitting with pads on] He keeps doing it on his own. There was no plan as such; with Faf playing Rayudu had to come down at four. But Bravo is someone who pads quite easily and stays ready. Very difficult to recall what the earlier championship wins were. A lot of people talk about stats , so tonight is 27th, my jersey number is seven and this is the seventh final for us. Enough reasons to win it. But none of these reasons matter, what matters is that we've won it in the end. We talked a lot about age but what matters is the fitness. Rayudu for example is 33, he's someone who is fit, covers a lot of ground. Even if he plays a few games where he spends a lot of time in the ground and in the field, he never complains. So it is the fitness that really matters more than the age aspect. What captains want is players who move well in the field. It doesn't matter which year a player is born in, whether you are 19 or 20 - you have to be agile. You have to accept your shortcomings. For example if I push Watson to stop a single, there is a very good chance that he'll burst his hamstring and won't be available for the next game. So what you tell yourselves is that they have to commit and try, but there's no point getting injured for a single. No plans to celebrate as of now. We are going to Chennai tomorrow, meet a few people, the fans and some people who are close to the franchise. But we'll have a get-together in the hotel and celebrate.

MS Dhoni gets the winners cheque of Rs. 20,00,00,000

Stephen Fleming | CSK coach: Each year has been different for us. We stayed pretty consistent with the core of our team when others kept chopping and changing. It's one thing that players are older, but it's the professionalism that we got look into as well. MS Dhoni handles me (smiles). It's about man-management. When he goes on the field he can do the things. There's a lot of trust as well and it's a nice relationship to have with him.

Kane Williamson | SRH skipper: "We thought it would be a very competitve total. Hats off, Shane Watson comes and gets 120 not out in the final. It's frustrating, but CSK were deserved winners. A new bunch of guys in SRH, a great bunch of guys in the unit. Showed great character. It was a great experience leading this side, shame that we couldn't win the final. Every team is trying to find the balance between bat and ball. Rashid is a great asset for us. As a team we look back fondly on the season. It's a collective effort from the team."

Kane Williamson collects Rs. 12,50,00,000 - He's the runner up

Super Striker of the Season - Sunil Narine 

# Vivo Perfect Catch of the Season - Trent Boult 

# IPL Fairplay award - Mumbai Indians -- Aditya Tare collects

# Rishabh Pant | Emerging player of the season: I enjoyed the whole tournament; but it didn't go well for the team though. When you play a lot of matches you get confidence and that helps me and the team. Last year I was trying to hit a lot of sixes, but in this season I've stopped my instincts from taking over.

# Pitch and ground award - Punjab Cricket Association (For grounds who've hosted less than seven matches)

# Pitch and ground award - Cricket Association of Bengal (For those grounds who've hosted seven matches or more)

Shane Watson, Man of the Match: It's been a special season to be honest. To get a special season especially after the last season with RCB. It means a lot to be with a franchise like CSK. After those first ten balls I was only hoping to catch up to at least a run-a-ball. Bhuvi is really good with the new ball and was lucky to get the opportunity to catch up. It was good that I got a couple of boundaries to hit and get on par to take it from there. The good thing is that I wouldn't be playing for the next three-four months; feels great. It gives me plenty of time to recover. Throughout the back end of the tournament I was hanging on for dear life, Stephen Fleming and MS Dhoni have been looking after me really well and I am really glad to contribute like I did tonight.

Harbhajan Singh: Brilliant the way we came out and chase it down. You know how many runs you might get, it is always chaseable. Fourth IPL time for me and I am glad. I mean considering that Kane was in good form, Dhoni was right that he needed someone who would take the ball away from the batsman. We have seen wrist spinners bowling more and more overs in the IPL compared to finger spinners. But I hope it would change next year.

Karn Sharma: I was prepared and was waiting for my chances to grab the opportunities I got.

Deepak Chahar: I enjoyed bowling with the new ball. I have been waiting for my chance and this year I got my chance. Thanks to Mahi bhai for believing in me.

Shardul Thakur: It is great. Last year I was part of final, but couldn't win it. I am feeling at top of the world. I think I had the last game in my mind, had to bowl well. Today I was on top of the ball and executed the plans.

Ngidi: "Very amazing. Been a rollercoaster of emotions. Good to come away with a win and lucky to be part of an IPL winning side. It's lovely to have the death bowling responsibility on your shoulders in a pressure situation and its great to help the team win."

# Jadeja: It is good to be part of a champion team. We did a great job on and off the field. We've participated after two years and am very glad to finish as champions.

 Dwayne Bravo: It has been good. This is a special moment. Most of the guys this is their first time. We were able to keep focus and do it. Nothing is better than winning finals. We always said experience will help in crunch time. Watson is a world class player.

# Rayudu: I was really fortunate such a season for Chennai. I worked really hard for it and am glad that I could hit the winning runs. Initially the wicket looked a little slow, it was damp, got much quicker and I am glad we could chase it down.

IPL Champions:

# RR in 2008

# DC in 2009

# CSK in 2010, 2011 & 2018

# KKR in 2012 & 2014

# MI in 2013, 2015 & 2017

# SRH in 2016

# Chennai Super Kings are the champions of Indian Premier League 2018 and they lift the trophy for the third time!

# 18.3 Overs: FOUR! Rayudu finishes off! CSK are the Indian Premier League 2018 winners!

# 18.2 Overs: DOT! 

# 18.1 Overs: DOT! Players are ready in the boundary line to run at the batsmen 

# Dhoni having a bit of fun in the dug out now!

# 17.5 Overs: FOUR! Straight drive! Perfect..

# 17.4 Overs: FOUR! Off to the long of boundary in a flash! Phew Watson!

# 17.3 Overs: Another single by Rayudu.

# 17.2 Overs: Watson punches it towards long off for a single.

# 17.1 Overs: Pulled away by Rayudu for a single.

# 16.6 Overs: FOUR! Matter of time now, CSK has got this game. CSK 166/2

# 16.5 Overs: Swept away by Watson for a boundary.

# 16.4 Overs: Single by Rayudu!

# 16.3 Overs: Single and a CENTURY for Shane Watson! Brilliant innings after a nervy start. 

# 16.2 Overs: Forward drive for a single by Rayudu!

# 16.1 Overs: Watson punches it towards long on for a single. He is on 99 runs!

# 15.6 Overs: A delicate cut by Watson and he is now on 98 runs! CSK 154/2

# 15.5 Overs: Slashes it hard for a single.

# 15.4 Overs: Dot, a gentle push towards cover. 

# 15.3 Overs: SIX! Enough is enough says Rayudu and launches the strike over long off boundary.

# 15.2 Overs: Backfoot punch by Rayudu but no run there.

# 15.1 Overs: Bhuvneshwar starts with a dot.

# Strategic time out ends!

# 14.6 Overs: One leg byes to end the over!

# 14.5 Overs: Wasted review by SRH. A sign of desperation perhaps!

# 14.4 Overs: Defended well by Rayudu

# 14.3 Overs: Another dot, they just want this Rashid Khan spell to pass!

# 14.2 Overs: Another Dot!

# 14.1 Overs: DOT to start the over.

# Rashid Khan back into the attack 

# 13.6 Overs: SIX! Classic Watson and Stand and deliver stuff! CSK 145/2

# 13.6 Overs: WIDE!

# 13.5 Overs: FOUR! Delicate and pure timing by Watson! He is closing on to a century!

# 13.4 Overs: Rayudu off the strike as he takes a single.

# 13.3 Overs: OUT! Raina departs as the bouncer by Brathwaite kisses Raina's gloves before going into the gloves of Sreevats Goswami! Raina c Goswami b Brathwaite 32(24)  CSK 133/2

# 13.2 Overs: Watson pulls it towards mid-wicket and takes a single.

# 13.1 Overs: Raina takes a single to bring Watson back to the strike. Excellent batting 

# 12.6 Overs: FOUR! Watson glances it towards the backward point gap! CSK 131/1

# 12.6 Overs: WIDE! Pressure! Pure pressure!

# 12.5 Overs: SIX! This is the over Watson was waiting for! He is on fire!!

# 12.4 Overs: SIX! Watson is picking apart Sandeep Sharma here! Launches the ball over deep mid-wicket!

# 12.3 Overs: SIX! Watson mistimes it but the ball still sails over the long on boundary! Incredible.

# 12.2 Overs: FOUR! Watson picks the ball early and drives it towards the cover region.

# 12.1 Overs: Dot to begin the over, good start by Sandeep Sharma

# 11.6 Overs: Watson takes a single to finish the over. CSK 104/1

# 11.5 Overs: FOUR! Watson find the gap in the mid-wicket region. 

# 11.4 Overs: Raina cuts it towards the short third man for a single.

# 11.3 Overs: Overthrows and Watson-Raina steals a single!

# 11.2 Overs: Raina with soft hands to take a single.

# 11.1 Overs: Brathwaite comes into the attack, and Watson takes a single!

# 10.6 Overs: SIX! Raina hits it traight to the sight screen!

# 10.5 Overs: Watson takes a single, good batting by the Aussie.

# 10.4 Overs: Raina pushes it towards long on for a single.

# 10.3 Overs: Raina defends it. Dot!

# 10.2 Overs: Punches it towards extra cover for a single.

# 10.1 Overs: SIX! A special Watson pull to bring up his FIFTY! 

# 9.6 Overs: FOUR! A rare poor delivery by Rashid Khan and Raina finds the boundary. CSK 80/1

# 9.5 Overs: Watson pushes it towards mid-wicket for a single.

# 9.4 Overs: Raina flicks it and takes a single.

# 9.3 Overs: Rashid Khan is on fire, some piece of fielding there. 

# 9.2 Overs: Driven away by Watson for a single

# 9.1 Overs: Raina takes a single.

# 8.6 Overs: SAFE! Watson is having a lucky day today! Again the ball lands in no man zone! CSK 72/1

# 8.5 Overs: FOUR! Watson hammers it above the mid off fielder for a boundary.

# 8.4 Overs: SAFE! Watson drives the full toss but the ball lands safe just in front of incoming Rashid Khan!

# 8.3 Overs: SIX! Watson sends the ball back to the crowd! Getting in the mood!

# 8.2 Overs: Single taken by Raina

# 8.1 Overs: Watson lifts it above the umpire and takes a single.

# Strategy timeout ends and Kaul is back into the attack!

# 7.6 Overs: Backfoot drive by Watson as he takes a single. CSK 56/1

# 7.5 Overs: Single by Raina.

# 7.4 Overs: Appeal for LBW! But no review is taken.

# 7.3 Overs: Raina flicks it towards short fine leg and takes a single.

# 7.2 Overs: Watson pushes it towards the long off fielder for a single!

# 7.1 Overs: Watson defends the first ball.

# Rashid Khan has the bowl now, time for some spin bowling!

# 6.6 Overs: Poor bowling by Kaul! Raina picks the delivery early and takes the easy boundary. CSK 51/1

# 6.5 Overs: Raina plays it towards mid-wicket. DOT!

# 6.4 Overs: FOUR! Poor delivery by Kaul and Raina pulls it for a boundary!

# 6.3 Overs: SAFE! Watson mistimes it but the ball lands just short of the fielder.

# 6.2 Overs: SIX! Watson is going all out now! Lovely flick above the deep square leg fielder!

# 6.1 Overs: Siddharth Kaul starts his spell as Raina takes a single!

# 5.6 Overs: Raina cuts it towards point and takes a single. CSK 35/1

# 5.5 Overs: Safe! Raina's dive saves him there. 

# 5.4 Overs: FOUR! Watson drives it straight down the ground! Building the momentum now..

# 5.3 Overs: SIX! Watson gets it in his arch and pulls it for a maximum!

# 5.2 Overs: Hooda with a great effort at point to stop a boundary! Electric stuff!

# 5.1 Overs: Watson slaps it hard but Superman Rashid Khan is there at the boundary to safe it with a single hand effort! Brilliant!

# 5.1 Overs: Wide to start the over by Sandeep Sharma!

# 4.6 Overs: Watson takes a single to end the over. CSK 20/1

# 4.5 Overs: Raina directs the ball towards square leg for a single.

# 4.4 Overs: Dot again..

# MS Dhoni is spotted walking up and down in the dressing room! Moments of tension..

# 4.3 Overs: Raina defends it with his heads down. Good bowling by Bhuvneshwar

# 4.2 Overs: Watson plays it towards mid-wicket and takes a single. 

# 4.1 Overs: New man Suresh Raina flicks it towards Square leg for a single. 

# 3.6 Overs: OUT! Faf succumbs to the pressure which was building! Big blow to CSK. du Plessis c and b Sandeep Sharma 10(11) CSK 16/1

# 3.5 Overs: Watson gets some bat on it and takes a single.

# 3.4 Overs: Watson plays it straight to the fielder at cover. Dot!

# 3.3 Overs: FOUR! Straight drive and Watson gets it going. Finally!

# 3.2 Overs: DOT! Watson is struggling..

# 3.1 Overs: Single to start the over!

# 2.6 Overs: Dot to end the over. CSK 10/0

# 2.5 Overs: FIVE! Single and an overthrow boundary! Bhuvneshwar ain't a happy man.

# 2.4 Overs: Another dot, CSK dug out looking a bit worried now..

# 2.3 Overs: Another dot!

# 2.2 Overs: Wicket to wicket stuff by Bhuvneshwar. Another dot.

# 2.1 Overs: DOT to start the over, pressure building on the openers!

# 1.6 Overs: Another dot to end the over. CSK 5/0

# 1.5 Overs: Watson defends it.

# 1.4 Overs: Faf pushes it towards mid off and steals a single. 

# 1.3 Overs: Pushed towards cover! Dot.

# 1.2 Overs: FOUR! And they are off! Beautifully driven by Faf.

# 1.1 Overs: Inswinger by Sandeep Sharma, Faf defends it!

# 0.6 Over: DOT! Belter by Bhuvneshwar to end the first over! MAIDEN! CSK 0/0

# 0.5 Over: Watson slaps it straight to the point fielder. Dot!

# 0.4 Over: Watson directs it towards point for yet another dot!

# 0.3 Over: Dot again, Watson defends it.

# 0.2 Over: Watson is happy to leave that. Good start by Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

# 0.1 Over: Outswinger by Bhuvneshwar to start the over! Dot

# Faf du Plessis and Shane Watson are at the crease to open for CSK, while Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the new ball for SRH!

# Successful chases in IPL finals:

164 RR v CSK, Mumbai DYP, 2008

191 KKR v CSK, Chennai, 2012

200 KKR v KXIP, Bengaluru, 2014

# Chennai Super Kings need 179 runs to win the Indian Premier League 2018! Come back for the second innings, which will begin in a jiffy!

# 19.6 Overs: OUT! Brathwaite goes in the last ball! Brathwaite c Rayudu b SN Thakur 21(11)  SRH 178/6

# 19.5 Overs: SIX! Packed and dispatched by Brathwaite! Some hit that was!

# 19.4 Overs: Perfectly delivered Knuckle ball by Thakur, swing and a miss by Brathwaite!

# 19.3 Overs: Pathan takes a single, Brathwaite has the strike now!

# 19.2 Overs: Some scenes there at the pitch. Brathwaite was in the middle of the pitch when Dhoni yelled at Thakur to not throw towards the stump!

# 19.2 Overs: Wide! Poor delivery by Thakur!

# 19.1 Overs: Pathan takes a couple after pushing it towards deep mid wicket. Good running!

# Shardul Thakur will bowl the final over! Yusuf Pathan on strike..

# 18.6 Overs: SIX! Brathwaite just reached the ball and dispatched it above the long on fielder. SRH 168/5

# 18.5 Overs: Lovely slower by Ngidi! Doing what he does the best! Dot!

# 18.4 Overs: DOT! Brathwaite is looking for that big hit.

# 18.3 Overs: Pathan pushes it towards cover for a single.

# 18.2 Overs: SAFE! Brathwaite again mishits it and again the ball lands short of the fielder.

# 18.1 Overs: Swing and a miss!

# 17.6 Overs: FOUR! Yusuf slams it hard for a boundary. SRH 160/5

# 17.5 Overs: SAFE! Brathwaite mistimed it but the ball landed in NO MAN ZONE!

# 17.4 Overs: Yusuf steals a single after playing it gently towards point.

# 17.3 Overs: Brathwaite takes a single.

# 17.2 Overs: SIX! Boooom! Clean hit by Brathwaite!

# 17.2 Overs: Again a wide by Bravo.

# 17.1 Overs: Yusuf takes a single after playing it towards long off

# 17.1 Overs: Bravo starts with a wide!

# 16.6 Overs: OUT! Ngidi cuts the pace off and Hooda falls into the trap! Deepak Hooda c (sub)Shorey b Lungi Ngidi 3(4) SRH 144/5

# 16.5 Overs: Pathan takes a single to bring Hooda back in the strike.

# 16.4 Overs: SIX! Baseball swing by Pathan and sails over the Long on boundary! 

# 16.3 Overs: Gentle hands towards third man for a single. 

# 16.2 Overs: Pathan also takes a single

# 16.1 Overs: Hooda flicks it again for a single.

# 15.6 Overs: Hooda comes in and takes a single to start his innings! SRH 134/4

# 15.5 Overs: OUT! Shakib thrashes it straight to Suresh Raina at cover! Shakib c Raina b Dwayne Bravo 23(15) SRH 133/4

# 15.4 Overs: Soft hands by Pathan to get a single.

# 15.3 Overs: Shakib slogs it towards the deep mid wicket fielder for a single. 

# 15.2 Overs: Glances it towards square leg for a single.

# 15.1 Overs: FOUR! Pathan slaps it for a fantastic boundary. 

# 14.6 Overs: Dot to end the over. SRH 126/3

# 14.5 Overs: Shakib slashes it toward the deep point region for a couple of runs

# 14.4 Overs: Shakib missed the slog completely.

# 14.3 Overs: Pathan plays it towards long on for a single.

# 14.2 Overs: SIX! Pathan tonks it over the deep extra cover fielder for a maximum!

# 14.1 Overs: Dot to start the over by Karn Sharma

# 13.6 Overs: Pulled away towards deep mid wicket by Pathan for a single. SRH 117/3

# 13.5 Overs: Single by Shakib as he plays it towards third man.

# 13.4 Overs: Pushed towards long on for a single.

# 13.3 Overs: FOUR! Whacked away by Pathan towards backward point!

# 13.2 Overs: Shakib plays it towards backwards point for a single!

# 13.1 Overs: Single towards long on by Yusuf Pathan.

# 12.6 Overs: Single towards point. SRH 108/3

# 12.5 Overs: Yusuf went for the cut but missed the ball!

# 12.4 Overs: Single again by Shakib!

# 12.3 Overs: Yusuf slaps it towards third man for a boundary.

# 12.2 Overs: Yusuf Pathan the new man at the crease plays it gently towards point for a dot!

# 12.1 Overs: OUT! Big big wicket for CSK as Skipper Williamson walks back! Williamson st Dhoni b Karn Sharma 47(36) SRH 101/3

# 11.6 Overs: A gentle push by Williamson for a single. SRH 101/2

# 11.5 Overs: Full toss by Bravo but Shakib drives it towards long on for a single.

# 11.4 Overs: Driven towards cover for a single. Sensible batting by Kane Williamson

# 11.3 Overs: FOUR! Williamson goes cross bat and find the boundary towards the mid wicket region.!

# 11.2 Overs: FOUR! That is a beauty of a cover drive by Williamson! What a shot!!

# 11.1 Overs: A dot to start the over by Bravo.

# 10.6 Overs: FOUR! Shakib find the gap in the cow corner! SRH 90/2

# 10.5 Overs: SIX! Shakib goes big and clears the mid wicket boundary line.

# 10.4 Overs: Big appeal by Jadeja for a LBW but umpire signals a leg bye for a single!

# 10.3 Overs: FOUR! Edged and still found the gap towards third man for a boundary. 

# 10.2 Overs: Shakib flicks it towards fine leg for a single!

# 10.1 Overs: Williamson takes a single!

# 9.6 Overs: Single to end the over! SRH 73/2

# 9.5 Overs: Another dot by Williamson!

# 9.4 Overs: Played towards point by Shakib for a single.

# 9.3 Overs: Defended by Shakib for a dot.

# 9.2 Overs: Williamson steals a single.

# 9.1 Overs: DOT to start the over by Chahar.

# 8.6 Overs: Jadeja to Williamson, 1 run, sliding on with the angle and Williamson nudges it into the on-side 
# 8.5 Overs: Jadeja to Shakib, 1 run, once more tad short and Shakib punches it square on the off-side
# 8.4 Overs: Jadeja to Shakib, FOUR, Shakib is off the mark with a boundary. 

# 8.3 overs: BYE-BYE Dhawan! Jadeja clean bowls Shikhar Dhawan, who goes out for 26

#8.2 overs: Williamson chips the bowl to long-off, gets one run

#8.1 overs: Dhawan scores one run off Jadeja's delivery, brings up 50-run stand

# Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack

# 7.6 Overs: SIX! A DILSCOOP by Williamson for a maximum! SRH 62/1

# 7.5 Overs: FOUR! Williamson goes inside out to find the gap towards extra cover!

# 7.4 Overs: Dhawan plays it towards extra cover for a single. 

# 7.3 Overs: Bravo bangs it short for another dot.

# 7.2 Overs: Yorker and a dot!

# 7.1 Overs: Dot to start the over by Bravo.

# 6.6 Overs: Dhawan hits it towards long on for a easy single. SRH 51/1

# 6.5 Overs: FOUR! Dhawan sweeps it away towards the Square leg boundary! 

# 6.4 Overs: Dhawan plays it back to the bowler. DOT!

# 6.4 Overs: WIDE by Sharma!

# 6.3 Overs: Williamson takes a single. 

# 6.2 Overs: Dhawan slaps it towards the point fielder for a single. 

# 6.1 Overs: Karn Sharma comes to the attack and Williamson takes a single.

# 5.6 Overs: Delicate late cut by Williamson for a single. SRH 42/1

# 5.5 Overs: Dhawan defends it with soft hands to steal a single.

# 5.4 Overs: Dhawan flicks it towards the square leg boundary but Karn Sharma did a brilliant job to save 2 runs for his team

# 5.3 Overs: SIX! Dhawan powers it over the long on boundary!

# 5.2 Overs: Driven straight to the cover fielder by Dhawan. Dot!

# 5.1 Overs: Gentle hands by Williamson for a single

# 5.1 Overs: Thakur starts with a wide!

# 4.6 Overs: Williamson steps out and takes a single. SRH 30/1

# 4.5 Overs: Knuckle ball by Chahar and Williamson missed it completely. DOT!

# 4.5 Overs: WIDE for a short ball above the head!

# 4.4 Overs: FOUR! Slammed away by Williamson towards mid wicket boundary.

# 4.3 Overs: Williamson steps out and defends it for a dot!

# 4.2 Overs: SIX! Chahar banged it short for Williamson to edge it, but the ball sails over the fine leg boundary for a six!

# 4.1 Overs: Dhawan played it with soft hands to find a single! SRH 18/1

# 3.6 Overs: Dot and a maiden for Ngidi. Brilliant over. SRH 17/1

# 3.5 Overs: Another dot! 

# 3.4 Overs: Another dot! Williamson pushed it towards mid wicket. 

# 3.3 Overs: Frontfoot defense by Williamson for another dot. Good wicket to wicket stuff by Ngidi

# 3.2 Overs: Another dot, Williamson taking it easy

# 3.1 Overs: Dot to start Ngidi's over.

# 2.6 Overs: Defended well by Williamson for a dot. SRH 17/1

# 2.5 Overs: Williamson with soft hands for a single. A bit of swing for Chahar.

# 2.4 Overs: Dhawan played it gently for a single

# 2.3 Overs: Inswinger for Dhawan for a dot

# 2.2 Overs: Played towards backward point by Williamson for a single.

# 2.1 Overs: Dot to start the over by Chahar.

# 1.6 Overs: Quick single by Williamson. SRH 14/1

# 1.5 Overs: OUT! Run out, terrible choice to run the second. Goswami run out (Karn Sharma/Dhoni) 5(5) SRH 13/1

# 1.4 Overs: Ngidi to Dhawan, pushed away towards point for a single

# 1.3 Overs: Left away by Dhawan. 

# 1.2 Overs: FOUR! On the leg stump by Ngidi and Dhawan flicks it towards fine leg. 

# 1.1 Overs: Dot to start by Ngidi

# 0.6 Over: Dot to finish up a good start by Chahar. SRH are 6/0 

# 0.5 Over: Goswami pushes it towards third man for a single

# 0.4 Over: Again a dot, good start by Chahar

# 0.3 Over: Dhawan pushed the cut towards point for 0 run

# 0.2 Over: Nice flick by Goswami for a single

# 0.1 Over: Full on the pads and Dhawan lifts it up towards long on for a single.

# Deepak Chahar starts with a no ball, while Shikhar Dhawan is facing and Sreevats Goswami is on the non-strikers end

STAT ATTACK: Teams chasing in finals (win) - Rajasthan Royals in 2008 and Kolkata Knight Riders in 2014.

# MS Dhoni tried to fool around a bit with Sanjay Manjrekar during the toss, but that is what he is - a calm, nice, humble and silently funny guy!

Sunrisers Hyderabad (Playing XI): Shikhar Dhawan, Shreevats Goswami(w), Kane Williamson(c), Shakib Al Hasan, Deepak Hooda, Yusuf Pathan, Carlos Brathwaite, Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Siddarth Kaul, Sandeep Sharma

Chennai Super Kings (Playing XI): Shane Watson, Faf du Plessis, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni(w/c), Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Deepak Chahar, Karn Sharma, Shardul Thakur, Lungi Ngidi

Kane Williamson (SRH Skipper): Get a competitive total and then assess the conditions. We are looking forward to the opportunity. We have two changes. Sandeep comes in for Khaleel. Saha is injured and Goswami comes in.

MS Dhoni (CSK Skipper): We will bowl first. Our batting will have to look to take extra pressure. The journey has been good. There were challenges thrown at us. We have one change. Karn Sharma comes in for Harbhajan Singh.

# Chennai Super Kings won the toss and elected to field first.

Weather: Zero percent chances of rain in Mumbai tonight, but a bit humid though.

#05:40: Here are the likely eleven: 

 Chennai Super Kings: Faf du Plessis, Shane Watson, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni (C & wk), Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh, Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Lungi Ngidi

SunRisers Hyderabad: Shikhar Dhawan, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Kane Williamson (c), Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, Shakib al Hasan, Carlos Brathwaite, Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Siddharth Kaul, Sandeep Sharma.

#05:30 PM: Hello and welcome to News Nation live updates on IPL 2018 Final: The table toppers of the league stage - SunRisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings - are up against each other for the coveted IPL 2018 trophy. Stay with us for a ball by ball coverage of the SRH vs CSK, IPL 2018 Finale.

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First Published : 27 May 2018, 03:53:33 PM