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IPL | MI vs CSK: Chennai win as Dwayne Bravo stars in nail-biting comeback

The Indian Premier League On Saturday Will Begin Another Season, With Mumbai Indians Clashing Against Chennai Super Kings In The Opener. Catch All The Live Updates Here

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Subhayan Chakraborty | Updated on: 08 Apr 2018, 12:11:49 AM
IPL Match Day 1: MI vs CSK (Source: Mumbai Indians Twitter)

New Delhi:

The Indian Premier League on Saturday will begin another season, with Mumbai Indians clashing against Chennai Super Kings in the opener.

Two of the most successful teams in the history of IPL will lock horns and the fixture has already making the fans excited.

The match will be played at a sold out Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

CSK marks its comeback following a two years ban and will be looking for a win to make it memorable.

Meanwhile, CSK would be banking on the experience and expertise of veteran Suresh Raina, while Dhoni is set to play a more important role with his batting, this time around for CSK.Mumbai’s fierce bowling attack will have the likes of Jasprit Bumrah and Mustafizur Rehman and the duo is surely something the fans will be excited to watch. Whereas CSK will look to shake the opposition with the pace of Lungi Ngidi and the trickery of Dwayne Bravo.

Here are the highlights: 

# Dwayne Bravo is the Man of the Match for his match-winning 68 runs off 30

# MS Dhoni: I think they missed the competition. CSK-MI is one game that people wait to watch. We're coming back after two years, that's also the reason that people are eager to watch us in action. I'm a practical person, so I was hoping in the dressing room that the quantum of defeat wasn't too big. The way Bravo batted, it was really good to see him take the responsibility. Don't think we batted well as a team. But it's the first game, so we'll take the positives out of it. The kind of players we have got, our selection will be based on horses for courses. We'll have to keep an eye on lot of things.

# Kedar Jadhav: I am happy physiologically, but physically I am hurt. I don't know how long I will be out, maybe two weeks, three weeks or even a month. Fingers crossed, but I would like to appreciate Bravo's knock. Credit goes to him, he brought us back into the game. I knew I couldn't run and I needed to get the runs. I told him (Tahir) that I will try and make the runs myself, play all the six balls and try and stay still. But after three balls, I felt he (Tahir) was feeling itchy. I knew that the bowler would come under pressure, I was waiting for my chance, knew that the bad ball would come, wanted to see how my body was reacting. The deeper I took the game, he (the bowler) comes under more pressure.

# Rohit Sharma: Feeling low at the moment, credit to Bravo, he played well, hit the right pockets, there was some dew and that didn't help us, but they played well. We need to improve our death bowling, we were in the game till the 17th over, the last three overs didn't go our way, dew isn't an excuse. We knew with 165 on the board, we needed to bowl very well, but I think we will 10-15 runs short. Bravo bowled very well in the end, we have got a great bunch of guys, we need to look into the positives and learn from it. Just the first game, it isn't the end of the world, we will need to learn from this

# Got to feel for Mayank, terrific performance in his debut game but Bravo's late heroics denies MI a victory!

# Its all smiles in the Chennai dugout as MI players shake their heads in disbelief 

# 19.5 Overs: FOUR! CSK wins and marks a superb comeback! Good lord, take your time to catch your breath. That was something else.

# 19.4 Overs: Jadhav with a six! wow, pumps his fist in air. 1 needed CSK 165/9

# 19.1 Overs: Jadhav is seriously injured here, can't move it all. He will be looking for a big one as he is not taking any single. Mustafizur will be looking for that ultimate wicket. Nail biter here.

# 18.6 Overs: OUT! Bravo departs, but what an innings this has been. Can CSK finish off in style? 1 wicket in hand and Kedhar Jadhav walks in again... Dwayne Bravo c Rohit b Bumrah 68(30)  CSK 159/9

# 18.5 Overs: SIX! WOW, take a bow Bravo. CSK 159/8 and 7 off 7

# 18.2 Overs: SIX! Unbelievable hit by Bravo CSK 151/8

# 18.1 Overs: SIX! and a fifty for DJ Bravo CSK 145/8

# CSK need 27 runs off 12 balls.

# 17.5 Overs: Bravo with a four again! CSK 138/8

# 17.3 Overs: Back to back sixes by Bravo here, are we looking for a Karthikesque comeback here? CSK 132/8 

# 16.3 Over: OUT! Mark Wood puts it straight to the fielder on fine leg. Mark Wood c Mustafizur b Hardik Pandya 1(3) CSK 118/8

# CSK need 51 runs off 24 balls

# 15.1 Overs: SIX! Bravo dispatches it straight to the ropes. CSK 112/7

# 14.5 Overs: OUT! Harbhajan gone! Harbhajan c Bumrah b McClenaghan 8(5)  CSK 105/7

# 14.1 Overs: FOUR! Dwayne Bravo with a classy loft! CSK 101/6

# 13.4 Overs: FOUR! Edge and goes past the short third man. CSK 92/6

# 12.6 Overs: OUT! Deepak Chahar departs for a golden duck, and Markande again fools a batsman with his googly! Chahar st Ishan Kishan b Markande 0(1) MI 84/6

# Kedar Jadhav has retired hurt. Deepak Chahar comes in.

# Meanwhile, Jadhav receives medical attention. Seems to have pulled his hamstring there.

# 12.4 Overs: SIX! DJ Bravo steps out and dispatches the ball straight to the side screen. CSK 83/3

# 11.6 Overs: OUT! Mustafizur strikes and Jadeja goes back to pavillion. Jadeja c Suryakumar Yadav b Mustafizur 12(13) CSK 75/5

# 11.3 Overs: Four! CSK need some more of that. CSK 73/4

# 10.2 Overs: SIX! Kedhar Jadav with a much needed six. MI 63/4

# After 10 overs CSK are 56/4, they seriously need a magical innings here.

# CSK are in big trouble here

# 8.3 Overs: OUT! Captain cool Dhoni departs, Markande is bamboozling everyone here. Dream debut for him. Dhoni was trapped in his Google! Dhoni lbw b Markande  MI 51/4

# 7.3 Overs: DOT, Dhoni couldn't utilise as the ball was right on money. MI 45/3

# 7.3 Overs: NO BALL by Bumrah and its a free hit. First one of the IPL 11.

# Mahendra Singh Dhoni walks in

# Mumbai Indians Twitter has a gift for the debutant Markande..

# 6.3 Overs: OUT! Young Markande strikes, what a start for him and Rayudu who was looking in a good touch is plumb. Rayudu lbw b Markande CSK 42/3

# 5.6 Overs: OUT! Raina departs. Injured Hardik Pandya is destroying CSK here. Raina mistimed it and hands it straigt to his brother standing at mid on. Raina c Krunal Pandya b Hardik Pandya CSK 42/2

# 4.2 Overs: FOUR! Dispatches McClenaghan for a boundary. Slashed it in the backward point region. CSK 36/2

# 3.6 Overs: FOUR! Beauty of a off drive by Rayudu. CSK 31/1

# Veteran Suresh Raina walks in.

# Good show of sporting spirit by CSK Twitter

# 3.4 Overs: OUT! Watson departs. Went for another big one but the knuckle ball worked there. 120kmph only. Watson c Lewis b Hardik Pandya CSK 27/1

# 3.3 Overs: SIX! WOW Watson, Classic lofted cover drive there. Pandya trying to shrug off his injury. CSK 27/0

# 2.6 Overs: Bumrah with a fantastic start, gave away just 3 runs off it. CSK 19/0

# After 2 overs CSK has 16 runs on board, with openers Shane Watson and Ambati Rayudu on the crease

# MI managed to get to a fighting total but CSK need to be at their best to win this. Its going to be a good fight, stay tuned for the second innings. We will be right back

# 19.6 Overs: Great over by Bravo again. CSK need 166 to win their comeback game.

# 19.4 Overs: What a yorker by Bravo! Hardik Pandya down on the floor. MI 162/4

# 18.6 Overs: SIX! Huge by Krunal, dismantled Mark Wood in this over. Expensive over for CSK, Dhoni won't be happy ny it. MI 160/4

# 18.3 Overs: Again Four Krunal, MI looking to finish it strongly. MI 152/4

# 18.2 Overs: Four by Krunal. MI 148/4

# 18th over by Dwayne Bravo was absolutely classic. Experience kicking in there, perfect blend of slowers and yorkers. Gave away just 4 runs. MI 143/4

# 16.6 Overs: Four! Krunal destroying Mark Wood here. MI 139/4

# 16.4 Overs: Four! Uses the pace of the delivery to perfection. Krunal Pandya again at it. MI 133/4

# 16.1 Overs: SIX! Krunal Pandya with a much needed six over mid wicket boundary. MI 127/4

# Shane Bond, the MI bowling coach, says that they are looking at a score around 160-170. He doesn't thinks that dew will be a factor tonight

# 14.5 Overs: FOUR! The big Pandya - Krunal starts his innings in style. MI 117/4

# 14.4 Overs: OUT! Kishan with a slog and mistimes it completely. Easy catch for Mark Wood at short third man as Tahir strikes. MI 113/4

# 13.5 Overs: Four! as cool as you like, Pandya just stood there and opened the face of the bat for a OOPAR CUT as some say it.

# And Mumbai Indians twitter account has given that shot a new term

# 13.1 Overs: FOUR! Pandya with his usual unorthodox effort, finds a boundary in the fine leg region. MI 105/3

# Hardik Pandya walks in! MI Paltans would be hoping for some fireworks from him.

# 12.3 Overs: OUT! Suryakumar Yadav's flashy innings comes to an end. He went for a big one but found Harbhajan Singh in the boundary. Big Blow.  Suryakumar Yadav c Harbhajan b Watson 43(29) MI 98/3

# 11.3 Overs: FOUR! Shot selection at its best. MI 95/2

# 11.2 Overs: FOUR! Again.. Yadav is hitting those sweetly. MI 91/2

# 11.1 Overs: FOUR! Suryakumar Yadav manages well to time the short ball for boundary. Welcome Dwayne Bravo. MI 87/2

# 10.3 Overs: FOUR! Kishan is on fire, this time smashes it straight down the ground. MI 79/2

# 10.2 Overs: SIX! Flat as a pan..over long on. MI 75/2

# 10.1 Overs: Tahir comes in and Kishan welcomes him with a boundary. Mi 69/2

# 9.6 Overs: What a debut over for Mark Wood! Just 2 runs off it. MI 65/2

# 9.1 Overs: Mark Wood, for the first time in IPL, starts with a dot. MI 62/2

# After 9 overs its time for first strategic time out of IPL 2018

# 8.3 Overs: FOUR! Suryakumar is timing everything here. MI 60/2

# 7.5 Overs: Four again! A peach of a late cut by Kishan there. MI 52/2

# 7.2 Overs: Four! Ishan Kishan welcomes Ravindra Jadeja with a classy boundary. MI 48/2

# Harbhajan Singh is back, but this time he is against Mumbai Indians. Ishan Kishan to face

# 5.6 Overs: SIX! Shuffles a bit and flicks a lose Watson delivery over square leg boundary. MI 39/2

# 5.3 Overs: FOUR! Wow Suryakumar Yadav looking in mood today. Punches the ball to the cover boundary. MI 31/2

# 4.1 Overs: Local boy Suryakumar Yadav with a stylish FOUR! MI 26/2

# 3.5 Overs: OUT! Rohit Sharma completely mistimes it and the ball went high in the sky. Rayudu with a comfortable catch. Big wicket for CSK! Rohit c Rayudu b Watson 15(18) MI 20/2

# 3.3 Overs: SIX! Classic Rohit Sharma, times it to perfection and the ball sails over the deep cover boundary. MI 20/1

# Stat attack: Evin Lewis - 58th player to get dismissed for a duck on debut innings in IPL

# 2.6 Overs: Rohit mistimes the slog but the ball lands safe in the deep cover zone. MI 12/1

# 2.4 Overs: Deepak Chahar is terrorising the batsman with some quality swing bowling

# 2.1 Overs: Appeal for a big LBW and Evin Lewis departs for a duck in his debut match! Chahar with some brilliant bowling. Lewis lbw b Chahar 0(2) MI 7/1

# 1.4 Overs: Peach of a delivery by Watson and Rohit edges it but the ball landed just short of the 2nd slip standing there.

# 1.3 Overs: Safe! Rohit steps out and lifts it high, everyone thought it would clear the ropes but the ball landed in no man's land.

# Shane Watson to come in from the other end

# 0.6 Overs: Good start for CSK and Chahar. MI 5/0

# 0.4 Overs: FOUR! Rohit with the first boundary of IPL 2011, brilliant cover drive there! MI 4/0

# 0.2 Overs: Deepak Chahar showing some classic outswing bowling. Good start for the youngster

# Evin Lewis and Ishan Kishan comes in to open the innings for Mumbai Indians, the crowd is lit. Deepak Chahar to start for CSK

# Chennai Super Kings (Playing XI): Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni(w/c), Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh, Deepak Chahar, Imran Tahir, Mark Wood

# Mumbai Indians (Playing XI): Evin Lewis, Ishan Kishan(w), Rohit Sharma(c), Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Suryakumar Yadav, Krunal Pandya, Mayank Markande, Mitchell McClenaghan, Mustafizur Rahman, Jasprit Bumrah

# Rohit Sharma: ''Happy to bat first, we were bowling as well. Fresh wicket, should be plenty of runs on offer. We have prepared very well, we have come together as a group. It's time to perform. What we have done in the past doesn't matter a lot, we will have to start afreash. CSK play well as a team, we have got four bowlers, two genuine all-rounders in the Pandya brothers. McClenaghan, Bumrah and Mustafizur are our pace options, Mayank Markande is the new guy in our team, heard good things about him."

# MS DHONI: "We will bowl first. There will be some dew later on, it's a good batting surface. It feels nice to be back in yellow, but we can't be emotional. Starting well is important. Wood, Tahir, Bravo and Watson are the four overseas players today."

# After all the glitter and glamour of Bollywood superstars, we are now in for some serious cricket!

# Chennai Super Kings win the toss, elects to bowl first

# Opening ceremony comes to an end and we all await the first toss of the IPL season 11

# Hrithik Roshan is up to close the IPL 2018 opening ceremony

# Jaqueline Fernandez comes in to entertain the crowd

# Mika Singh with his electric performace

# Tamannah Bhatia with a sizzling performace

# Prabhu Deva dazzles as usual with his magical legs

# Varun Dhawan lights the stage up with a cracking performance

Match Details Timings:

Time: 20:00 hours IST (14:30 GMT)

Venue: Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

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First Published : 07 Apr 2018, 05:10:23 PM