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Winning The WWE Royal Rumble rule is the later one goes, the fresher he/she is says Hacksaw Jim Duggan

30 People In A Ring And The Objective Being The Last One Standing Seems A Daunting Challenge. Watching The WWE Royal Rumble Is A Treat For Viewers That Is Illustrated By The Simple Fact. Royal Rumble Started In 1998 And Has Been Having A Strong Cadence With Viewers Ever Since Then.

By : Radha Agrawal | Updated on: 02 Mar 2022, 07:52:08 AM

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New Delhi :

30 people in a ring and the objective being the last one standing seems a daunting challenge. Watching the WWE Royal Rumble is a treat for viewers that is illustrated by the simple fact. Royal Rumble started in 1998 and has been having a strong cadence with viewers ever since then. To satisfy the fancies of people, here are a few tips on how to get the coveted title. It’s always beneficial to enter the ring at the later stages than the early stages. From a strictly statistical standpoint, the 19th entry position is considered the sweet spot.

According to Hacksaw Jim Duggan, winner of the inaugural Royal rumble, a rule of thumb is “the later one goes, the fresher he/she is”. So, the idea of giving a lot of moves and finishing the match is a strategy that would be intuitive and effective when entering late. Another common trick of the trade is to take a corner and stay there. This is a great tactic since taking a few minutes to calm oneself before going on another duel is a good way to stay energized. Boxing and UFC players have been using this technique as a part of regulations already. Which has been proven to be a better energy saver while fights go on. One strategy that people in the audience have kept coming back to time and again is picking opponents for the battle before the beetle begins.

Objectively looking at a game plan like this shows that. Firstly, the element of a plan going haywire working hasn’t been accounted for. Furthermore, the point of a player who’s performing better than expected is also a major gamechanger. Players such as Steve Austin, Hacksaw Jim have clearly stated that anyone who moves in the ring is a threat. Battling as many players as necessary is the right way forward. Another issue that players face in the ring is, space sadly this isn’t talked about a lot.

However, a major consequence of lack of space giving finishing moves or signature moves becomes a tough task. Some popular moves such as Rey Mysterio’s 619 or tombstone can easily be interrupted by another player. Hence, major focus instead should be given to brawling or pure fighting. Special moves can be given when there are a handful of players left in the ring. Another statistical factor that may allow players to get an edge over their opponents is that it is better to fight younger competitors before the older ones.

This is because the younger competitors would make the fight tougher. So, a 35-year-old is generally supposed to be easier to fight than a 25-year-old wrestler. However, this is no hard and fast rule since there are multiple metrics to determine a fighter’s strength. Winning the Royal Rumble is a fantasy that many people have. But if anyone does get a shot here were some tips that would make the process easier.

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First Published : 01 Mar 2022, 10:29:33 PM