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7 cell phone hacks that will blow your mind

Did You Know That Our Cell Phones Can Serve Us More Effectively And Efficiently If We Apply Just A Few Easy And Fun Cell Phone Hacks?

By : Tahir Qureshi | Updated on: 20 Aug 2017, 03:37:47 PM
Prolonged use of mobile phones is not really advisable (Agency picture)

New Delhi:

We and our cell phones are almost inseparable. These wonderful gadgets have become so essential components of every instant (every day is passé) of our lives that it’s a horror to even imagine going them kaput or the battery drying out without a warning.  

But did you know that our cell phones can serve us more effectively and efficiently if we apply just a few easy and fun cell phone hacks? Here we share with you really cool hacks that will help you use the phone in more useful ways than you ever thought.     

Here you go:

1. One number that we least, or hardly call is our own. So what happens? We tend to forget it. Just imagine; forgetting our own personal cell phone number? Fret not! Simply save your number in your own phone against your name or mark it as My Own Number.  

2. The phones are getting more chic and up-to-date, and so are their cameras. Here is how you can use the phone cameras for a purpose that sounds innocuous yet can come really handy. If you go to some far away or to say, ‘unsafe’ place and have to leave your car there unattended on its own while you would be away, just click a few pictures of the area with your vehicle in the foreground capturing the most distinct landmarks around it. You can even shoot a video with same parameters. Save, and share these pictures and video with any of your close buddies. Heaven forbids if someone takes away your car you would be having its latest, last seen position safely etched into your phone’s chip duly shared which will work as a great backup.    

3. Prolonged use of mobile phones is not really advisable given the exposure to the strong radiation levels. But then sometimes we have to cling on to our dear communication device for long periods of time. This is where Bluetooth steps in. If you are a music buff go for a stereo headset. These headsets are great looking, lightweight, with a range of almost 10 meters, waterproof, and produce clear sound. At home simply put the phone in one place while you can easily move around doing your daily errands while talking. Outside, you can keep the phone in your back pocket or simply move around holding it in your hand. The radiation factor is reduced to a great extent.   

4. Do you know that you can make a fashion statement with your phone? Let the conventional earphone make way for the retro ear piece. This is surely going to get you bombarded with queries and compliments alike.  

5. Water is a death knell for the mobile phone as it causes severe, almost irreparable damage to the machinery and also with all our precious data. So if you heading to a place where there is a strong probability of your phone getting in contact with water, or if it is a rainy day, slip in your phone inside a good quality polythene or plastic sandwich bag to prevent from getting wet.

6. Make the most of the phone camera. You are taking a stroll or driving around and come across a really interesting, useful signboard or hoarding but don’t have the time or equipment to note down the details, just click a good clear picture and you can always jot down the same once you have pen and paper at your disposal. 

7. You must have heard about call recorders? Call recorders are very useful as not only you have the proof of the call but it also contains certain facts, figures, and other useful details like names and addresses which you can playback and note down if you were not able to do so during the live call. If your phone is not having one, simply install any call recording app and be more informed of the call log.

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First Published : 20 Aug 2017, 02:20:44 PM