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Naked Couple’s Picture On Google Street View Goes Viral, Here’s How You Can Block

Google Street View Camera Has Recently Photographed A Completely Naked Couple In A Loving Embrace On Their Vehicle's Bonnet At The Side Of A Road In Taiwan. Here’s How You Can Avoid.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Anurag Singh | Updated on: 06 Oct 2019, 09:03:27 AM
Naked Couple’s Picture On Google Street View Goes Viral, Here’s How You Can Avoid

New Delhi:

Google Street View camera has recently photographed a completely naked couple in a loving embrace on their vehicle's bonnet at the side of a road in Taiwan. Yes, you read it right. It is to be noted that the couple’s amorous act was captured by Google Street View camera on Shantian Road, Taichung. 

According to a report of, despite Maps's crackdown on nudity, the site was not able to sift out of the private moments of this nude couple. However, the couple’s amorous act was first spotted by a social media user, who said, "I took a look on Google to see whether I'd find some animals, and unexpectedly came across this wonderful sight! Google Maps is the greatest ever invention." 

Later, the photograph was removed for violating Google's policies. 

Steps To Delete Your Location From Google History: 

  • Even if you have 'Location History' off, Google often stores your precise location. 
  • Click on the browser and go to You'll need to be logged into Google.
  • On the upper left drop-down menu, go to 'Activity Controls.' Turn off both 'Web & App Activity' and 'Location History.' That should prevent precise location markers from being stored to your Google account.
  • Google will warn you that some of its services won't work as well with these settings off. 
  • In particular, neither the Google Assistant, a digital concierge, nor the Google Home smart speaker will be particularly useful.

On iOS 

  • If you use Google Maps, adjust your location setting to 'While Using' the app. This will prevent the app from accessing your location when it's not active. 
  • Go to Settings Privacy Location Services and from there select Google Maps to make the adjustment.
  • In the Safari web browser, consider using a search engine other than Google. 
  • Under Settings Safari Search Engine, you can find other options like Bing or DuckDuckGo. You can turn location off while browsing by going to Settings Privacy Location Services Safari Websites, and turn this to 'Never.' 
  • This still won't prevent advertisers from knowing your rough location based on IP address on any website.
  • You can also turn Location Services off to the device almost completely from Settings Privacy Location Services.
  • Both Google Maps and Apple Maps will still work, but they won't be able to detect you. 
  • Emergency responders will still be able to find you if the need arises.

On Android 

  • Under the main settings icon click on 'Security & location.' Scroll down to the 'Privacy' heading. Tap 'Location.' You can toggle it off for the entire device.
  • Use 'App-level permissions' to turn off access to various apps. 
  • You cannot turn off Google Play services, which supplies your location to other apps if you leave that service on.
  • Sign in as a 'guest' on your Android device by swiping down from top and tapping the downward-facing cursor, then again on the torso icon.
  • Be aware of which services you sign in on, like Chrome. You can also change search engines even in Chrome.

To delete past location tracking on any device 

  • On the page, look for any entry that has a location pin icon beside the word 'details.' 
  • Clicking on that pops up a window that includes a link that sometimes says 'From your current location.' 
  • Clicking on it will open Google Maps, which will display where you were at the time.
  • Delete it from this popup by clicking on the navigation icon with the three stacked dots and then 'Delete.'
  • Some items will be grouped in unexpected places, such as topic names,, Search, or Maps. 
  • Delete them item by item. You can wholesale delete all items in date ranges or by service, but will end up taking out more than just location markers. 

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First Published : 06 Oct 2019, 09:03:27 AM