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Why do Pakistanis get entry in Bollywood: Gajendra Chauhan

There is a debate all over the country regarding the connection of ISI in Bollywood. This secret is being investigated as to how many rulers of Rehan Siddiqui are in Bollywood. Actor Gajendra Chauhan said on this issue, I objected first that Pakistan actors have no place in Bollywood. Pakistani artists do not pay taxes in India and take all the money with their country. Pakistani artists come here with e visa. Is there a shortage of talent in Indian artists, why are these people given entry. We will oppose whatever work will be done against our country. We also opposed Rehan Siddiqui's program. They will be banned as soon as the government orders come. #Bollywood_ISI_Connection #DeshKiBahas

Updated : 24 July 2020, 09:52 PM