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Accused father said, truth revealed through technology can't be a lie

Did justice sound suppressed amidst provoking Hathras? Why family vs family in Hathras? On this issue, accused K Baba of Hathras case said, all this evidence is coming out through technology, it cannot be called a lie. Both families were from the same village, so both knew each other. On September 14, my boy left for duty, no incident has happened here, neither did anyone hear the scream. If such an incident were to happen then why Dareti or any weapon was not used. I am also pleading for the justice of the daughter. If the sons are guilty then they must be punished. If my children are criminals, they should be shot. Get all the tests done for my child, we are ready for every test. I will pay as much compensation as the government is giving, but if they are found guilty, then we should get the compensation they are getting. #हाथरस_का_इंसाफ #DeshKiBahas

Updated : 08 October 2020, 11:08 PM