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Deepika stood with JNU students, so that she is being targeted: Ifra

How did Deepika get 24-hour deferment? How many more characters in bollywood drugs gang? When is the action on KWAN and Arniban? Social activist Ifra Jan said on this issue, when Kangana Ranaut's Iligal office was demolished, at that time you got up and said that you had spoken against the government, so it was dropped. And when Deepika stood with the JNU students against the government, you have done the same thing. Exactly the same technique with which the Maharashtra government allowed Kangana to build Iligal house 10 years ago. If you are sending summons on the chat of 2017 then why not summon on that viral video of Kangana in which she herself is saying that she takes drugs. You will tell the government of Uttar Pradesh that if you close the cannabis shops, what will you stop. #???????_???_??? #DrugsMafia #DeshKiBahas

Updated : 24 September 2020, 10:48 PM