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Hindustan Muslims do not consider Babur as their ideal: Ehtesham

On the day of Bhoomipujan of Ram temple in Ayodhya, there are some people who are not coming to terms with the end of Ramlala's exile. Why was Asaduddin Owaisi irritated by Bhoomipujan? Who gave 'threat' in the name of Babri? On this issue, political analyst Ehtesham Hashmi said, "All our Muslims and siblings of India do not consider Babur as their icon." The judges of the Supreme Court have also said that there was no Ram temple where the mosque has been constructed. The Supreme Court gave this decision in view of the sentiments of the Hindus of the country. #NewsNation_Ayodhya_Special #DeshKiBahas

Updated : 06 August 2020, 12:07 AM