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Honking At Mumbai’s Traffic Signals May Soon Prolong Wait

Mumbai police has recently uploaded a video of a novel experiment it conducted in some parts of the metropolis in November last year under which traffic signals were configured to stay red for longer if incessant honking there caused the decibels levels to shoot up beyond a limit. The plan was to convey a message 'feel free to honk if you don't ming waiting', and, as part of it, decibel meters were placed at CSMT, Marine Drive and Pedder Road in south Mumbai, Hindmata in central Mumbai and Bandra in the western suburbs. As per the arrangement, if due to the honking the din levels crossed 85 decibels, then the signal would reset and stay red for a longer time. This effectively meant that honking would actually delay you rather than speed up your commute. Watch full bulletin. 

Updated : 03 February 2020, 12:28 PM