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Nupur Sharma and Surendra Rajput clashed during debate on China

During the debate on China, BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma and Congress Spokesperson clashed. Nupur Sharma said, today the Congress is ready to believe that the Indian Army had driven the Chinese soldiers away. A few days ago, Indian soldiers had driven Chinese soldiers away from LAC when the same Congress was questioning the valor of the army. Why did Rahul Gandhi go to eat Chowmin when there was a struggle with Chinese soldiers in Doklam. On this, Surendra Rajput said that if this is the case then why does the government not put him in jail? He said, it is the responsibility of the government that if any traitor acts, then action should be taken on him. In our place, the PM calls the Chinese President and makes a swing. #MaiBhiSainik #DeshKiBahas

Updated : 02 September 2020, 10:47 PM