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'Rahul-Priyanka should have gone to rape victim in Rajasthan first'

Is this the strategy of justice, block the road, commit riots? How did the leaders get involved in the conspiracy of riots? Shaheen Bagh module of PFI and how many pieces? Will Shyoraj Jeewan of congress cut off hand? Where is the boss of PFI hidden? On these issues, BJP MP Sudhanshu Trivedi said, where did his blood boil go when it was said in a state that even if Dalits do PhD, they will never become professors. The cleaners will remain the same. That state was Jammu and Kashmir and because of Article 370, this law was applicable there, who removed it. Rahul and Priyanka should have gone to the rape victim of Rajasthan first. #????????_??_??? #DeshKiBahas

Updated : 07 October 2020, 11:08 PM