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Shiv Sena is afraid of Dawood, so his house does not break: Athawale

This is the most dreadful picture of politics of revenge. Bulldozers were run on the dreams of Kangana Ranaut's years. The temple was also not taken care of during the sabotage. On this issue, Union Minister Ramdas Athawale said, If Shiv Sena cannot break Dawood's house, then why demolish Kangna's house? The Shiv Sena had to take revenge, so Kangana's office was demolished. Shiv Sena has become infamous all over the country. We are standing with Kangana. Action should be taken on the officer who has broken the office. These people are afraid of Dawood, so they are not breaking his house, but are not afraid of Kangana. Shiv Sena is using wrong language against Kangana, which is sheer wrong. Shiv Sena is maligning the name of Mumbai all over the country. #????_????_????_????? #DeshKiBahas #KanganaRanaut #BMC #NewsNation

Updated : 09 September 2020, 10:40 PM