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Sitapur Viral Video: SP leader of Sitapur wept bitterly !

In the election period, the leader of every party is hoping that he will get a ticket. If the ticket of a leader who has been dreaming of becoming the leader of the region for a long time is cut, then obviously it will be very heart-wrenching. In the election period, there are many leaders whose tickets are being cut. Some of them have recovered, but there are some who have been hurt a lot. One such SP leader is Manish Rawat. When his ticket was cut, he was so hurt that he could not hold back his tears. Actually, Manish Rawat, former MLA from Sidhauli Assembly in Sitapur, had full hope of getting the ticket but SP cut his ticket. Due to this he was so sad that he cried in public. When something like this happens, the round of accusations also goes on.

Updated : 31 January 2022, 03:48 PM