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Make instant khandvi for childrens and guests in breakfast. 

It is early morning. If you find something good in breakfast, then enjoy it. But, after roaming around and eating the same poha, sandwiches, children have also become bored. Festive season from above, now, something spicy and tasty has to be made on it. So, what are you waiting for? Be ready. To make such a breakfast which is not only tasty but also healthy. Also it is an instant breakfast. Now just tell its name as well, only then you will collect the ingredients. So, the name of this dish is Khandvi. Now, first note down its ingredients quickly, after that let's start the method of making. #KhandviRecipe #HomemadeKhandvi #InstantKhandvi #NewsNationTV

Updated : 27 October 2021, 08:26 PM