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Final US Presidential debate: Will disclose my reaction on rigged elections after results, say Trump

The Debate Which Is Taking Place In University Of Nevada, Las Vegas Is The Last Chance Of Democratic And Republican Nominees To Sway Voters In Their Favour.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Arshi Aggarwal | Updated on: 20 Oct 2016, 10:57:07 AM
Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump live: Final battel before US presidential elections

New Delhi:

US Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are facing off each other in the final debate on Wednesday night (USA time) before the voting on November 8. 

The debate which is taking place in University of Nevada, Las Vegas is the last chance of Democratic and Republican nominees to sway voters in their favour. 

So far, recent allegations of sexual harassment have created a serious dent in the public support for Donald Trump, while Clinton has registered a comfortable lead, accord9ing to reports, and she will looking to maintain it.  

Democratic party nominee Clinton has a nine point lead over her Republican rival, according to Bloomberg Politics poll in which the former secretary of state got 47 per cent support while the controversial real estate billionaire received 38 per cent backing in a four-way race.

As it happened: 

#Trump when asked on his comment of rigged election,wont he respect results?: I will tell you at that time, I will keep u in suspense 

#Trump: You took money from Saudi Arabia (for Clinton Foundation), you talk of women rights, they throw gays off buildings

#Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of causing a pattern of divisiveness in America, he incites violence, she says

#Nobody has more respect for women than I do: Donald Trump. Audience laughs, moderator asks for silence 

#Clinton campaign hired people to cause violence in Republican rallies, say Trump

#Hillary lists out her achievements as Secretary of State while Donald Trump was hosting TV programmes & in private business

#Trump: The problem is you talk but don't do anything. 6 billion dollars were gone when you were Sec of State. Where did it go?

#Hillary: There is only one person who has shipped jobs to Mexico & that is Donald. Donald has bought China steel and aluminium

#Trump: US is stagnant,our jobs are not growing.Our products r coming in from China,Vietnam. We are producing nothing

#Trump: India is growing at 8%, China is growing fast, but we are growing at 1% and it is going down

#Clinton: I do not want to raise taxes, I want to invest education. Cutting taxes on riches does not work.

#Donald Trump: Her plan is to raise taxes. Her tax plan is a disaster. We are going to do great things for education

#Hillary: He'd rather believe Putin than intell agencies of our country. Trump: She doesnt like Putin coz he has outsmarted her

#I don't know Putin, but if Russia works with US against ISIS it will be good: Trump

#Clinton demands Trump to clear stand on Putin

#Hillary Clinton on her comment on "open borders": I was talking about energy when I said that. You are quoting from Wikileaks

#Trump 's plans for immigration would rip families and our country apart: Clinton

#Will introduce a comprehensive immigration plan with path to citizenship: Hillary Cinton 

#Clinton wanted the wall: Trump

#Republican nominee reiterates need for wall to stop inflow of drugs and illegal trafficking 

#Abortion rights: Democratic nominee supports planned parenthood, Trump pro-life

#Nominees discuss gun ownership; Trump vows to strengthen it 

#I support second ammendment: Clinton 

#Nominees skip handshake again

#Debate to begin shortly 

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First Published : 20 Oct 2016, 06:33:00 AM