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Donald Trump vows to restrict flight of jobs to overseas including India

Citing Flight Of Jobs To Overseas Including Some To India, Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Has Vowed To Stop Such A Trend In The US If He Is Voted To Power In The Election In About A Week From Now.

PTI | Updated on: 01 Nov 2016, 09:42:37 AM
Donald Trump (Pic: Getty)


Citing flight of jobs to overseas including some to India, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has vowed to stop such a trend in the US if he is voted to power in the election in about a week from now.

During a series of election rallies in Michigan, Trump blamed the Obama Administration and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for this.

"Hillary got rich selling your jobs -- the same special interests who pushed the jobs out of America are the people who've given countless millions to the Clintons. Hillary gets rich making America poo," he alleged during his three rallies in Michigan wherein he delivered similar speeches.

"Just look at the devastation. Delphi laid off 3,627 workers here in Michigan. Most of those jobs went to Mexico... -- Chrysler laid off over 5,300 workers. Those jobs went to Mexico, China, India and other countries. Ford laid off 2,155 workers. Those jobs went to other countries...A Trump Administration will stop the flight of American jobs," the 70-year-old business tycoon asserted.

Trump said if Ford, or another company, announces they want to move their jobs to Mexico or another country, then he would charge a 35 per cent tax when they try to ship their products back across the border.

"It used to be the cars were made in Flint and you couldn't drink the water in Mexico. Now, the cars are made in Mexico and you can't drink the water in Flint. We are going to turn it all around," he said.

Trump said he has outlined a plan for urban renewal, it is called 'A New Deal For Black America'.

"That deal includes a plan to use the money we will save by securing our border, and curbing refugee admissions, to invest in communities like Flint and Detroit. It includes a pledge of school choice for African-American children," he said.

"My plan also includes a promise to cancel billions in climate change spending for the United Nations -- a number Hillary wants to increase -- and instead use that money to provide for American infrastructure, including clean water in cities like Flint," he said.

Trump said his plans also include a pledge to reduce violent crime -- every child in this nation has a right to grow up in safety and peace.

"And my plan includes a pledge to restore manufacturing in the United States," he said.

A Trump Administration will stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership, he said, adding that he would renegotiate North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and, if he does not get the deal he wants, the US will terminate NAFTA and get a much better deal.

"We are going to lower taxes on American business from 35 per cent to 15 per cent. We are going to massively cut taxes for the middle class," he said.

Trump said the political class in Washington has betrayed Americans.

"They've uprooted your jobs, and your communities, and shipped your wealth all over the world. They put new skyscrapers up in Beijing while your factories in Michigan crumbled," he said.

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First Published : 01 Nov 2016, 09:40:00 AM