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Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election Results: Congress set to end 15-year rule of BJP, Shivraj Singh to be ousted Live

The BJP And The Congress Are In A Close Fight In Madhya Pradesh As Trends In All 230 Assembly Seats Show The Opposition Party Having A Slight Edge Over The Ruling Faction.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Aniruddha Dhar | Updated on: 12 Dec 2018, 12:13:57 AM
Congress celebrates outside party offices across India (Photo Source: Twitter)

New Delhi:

The counting of votes for the Madhya Pradeh Assembly elections 2018 is underway with the Congress taking a comfortable lead over the ruling BJP since early trends. While the Congress is inching towards majority mark to make a comeback in the state after 15 long years, the BJP is ahead in 105 constituencies across the state. Fate of Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan's attempt for his fourth term in office will be known in a few hours. Though as many as 14 miniters from Chouhan's cabinet are trailing in the state, he continues to lead from Budhni constituency with a healthy majority. While Chouhan has called himself the "biggest surveyor" in claiming a win for the BJP, senior Congress leader Kamal Nath said his party would get at least 140 seats to oust the saffron party and form a majority government. Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia are the frontrunners for the chief minister's position. According to News Nation Exit Poll, the BJP is likely to be emerged as the single largest party in Madhya Pradesh. While the BJP may bag 108-112 seats to retain power in the state yet again in 2018, the Congress, in a neck-and-neck fight with the incumbent BJP, is likely to get 105-109 seats.

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Here are the Highlights for Madhya Pradesh Election Results 2018:

06:55 pm: BJP's Om Prakash Sakhchela wins from Jawad by 13,651 votes.

06:51 pm: Congress candidate Jajpal Singh Jajji wins from Ashok Nagar constituency in Madhya Pradesh by 9,370 votes.

06:50 pm: Congress candidate Ranvir Jatav is leading from Gohad constituency in Madhya Pradesh. 

06:49 pm: BJP candidate Ashok Rohani is leading from Jabalpur Cantt in Madhya Pradesh.

06:48 pm: Congress leader Ajay Arjun Singh is trailing from Churhat constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

06:44 pm: BJP's Anirudh Maroo wins from Manasa by 14,028 votes.

06:43 pm: Congress' Jasmant Jatave Chitree wins from Karera by 10,320 votes. He defeats BJP's Rajkumar Omprakash Khatik.

06:32 pm: BJP's Ram Dangore wins from Pandhana by 17,261 votes. Dangore defeated Congress's Chhaya More.

06:28 pm: BJP's Nandini Marvi wins from Sihora by 15,004 votes.

06:26 pm: BJP's Shailendra Jain wins from Sagar district by 8,223 votes.

06:10 pm: BJP's Aakash Kailash Vijayvargiya wins from Indore-3 constituency in Madhya Pradesh with a margin of 7,000 votes.

05:35 pm: As per the latest trends, BJP is ahead in 106 seats while Congress and Others are ahead in 115 and 9 constituencies respectively.

05:34 pm: BJP candidate Surendra Patwa wins Bhojpur constituency in Madhya Pradesh, defeats Congress leader Suresh Pachouri: Reports.

04:54 pm: Congress takes a comfortable lead in 119 seats, BJP ahead in 102 seats.

04:54 pm: BJP candidate Dilip Kumar Makwana wins Ratlam Rural constituency in Madhya Pradesh, defeats Congress candidate Thawarlal Bhuriya by 5,605 votes.

04:40 pm: Congress crosses majority mark with 117 seats. BJP manages century-mark.

04:17 pm: Security has been beefed up outside Delhi BJP headquarters.

04:01 pm: Going by the latest trends, BJP and Congress leading in 105 and 115 constituencies respectively. Others ahead in 10 seats.

03:58 pm: Congress candidate Sanjay Shukla is leading from Indore-I constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:54 pm: BJP candidate Ajay Vishnoi is leading from Patan constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:52 pm: Congress candidate Jitu Patwari is leading from Rau constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:51 pm: Congress candidate Hina Likhiram Kawre is leading from Lanji constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:46 pm: People were disappointed with the BJP, says senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad.

03:44 pm: Congress leading on 115 seats, BJP leading on 105 seats, others on 10 in Madhya Pradesh, says Election Commission.

03:39 pm: Congress leading in 112 seats, BJP leading in 108 seats, BSP in 4 in Madhya Pradesh, according to official ECI trends.

03:34 pm: Another come back for the Congress, Takes lead over ruling BJP in 113 seats. Others ahead in 10 seats.

03:29 pm: Reacting to Assembly Polls results, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu said, "People recognize that BJP has done nothing in last 5 years and moving towards alternative. People are with us in our fight against BJP. These 5 states results will help form a strong alternative to the BJP".

03:28 pm: So far, four results have been declared in Madhya Pradesh. BJP's Amar Singh Chitrangi from Rewa district, Dilip Kumar Makwana from Ratlam rural, Shailendra Jain from Sagar and Chetanya Kashyap from Ratlam city have won, as per the latest reports by Hindustan Times.

03:23 pm: BJP ahead in 113 constituencies, Congress leads in 108.

03:22 pm: As many 14 ministers of the Shivraj Singh Chouhan cabinet are trailing in their respective constituencies. Thirteen ministers are leading as per the trend so far.

03:19 pm: It's again a tie between BJP and Congress. As per the latest trends, both BJP and Congress get 110 constituencies followed by Others (10).

03:18 pm: BJP candidate Rajendra Shukla is leading from Rewa constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:17 pm: BJP candidate Narayan Tripathi is leading from Maihar constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:16 pm: Congress candidate KK Sing Kalukheda is leading from Jaora constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:16 pm: Congress candidate Deepak Saxena is leading from Chhindwara constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:14 pm: BJP candidate Neena Vikram Verma is leading from Dhar constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:13 pm: Congress candidate Arif Aqueel is leading from Bhopal Uttar constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:13 pm: Congress candidate Lakshman Singh is leading from Chachoda constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:12 pm: Congress candidate Rahul Singh is leading from Damoh constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:12 pm: Congress candidate Girraj Dandotiya is leading from Dimani constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:11 pm: BJP candidate Bharat Singh Kushwah is leading from Gwalior Rural constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

03:06 pm: BJP still ahead in 111 seats. Congress is giving tough competition with 108 seats.

03:02 pm: Taking a jibe at the ruling BJP, Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Akhilesh Yadav said, "when one and one come together, it makes 11, and the power of the bigwigs eventually fade away".

02:49 pm: Congress workers celebrate outside party office in Punjab's Ludhiana.

02:33 pm: BJP leading over Opposition Congress with a healthy margin, ahead in 113 seats. Congress goes down to 106 followed by Others (10).

02:27 pm: BJP candidate Chetanya Kasyap is leading from Ratlam City constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

02:20 pm: BJP takes lead yet again in Madhya Pradesh, ahead in 111 seats. Congress leading in 108 seats.

02:18 pm: BJP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Kakade criticises the party,saying "I knew we would lose in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh but Madhya Pradesh trends have come as a surprise. I think we forgot the issue of development that Modi took up in 2014. Ram Mandir, statues and name changing became the focus.

02:08 pm: It's a tie between BJP and Congress. Both the parties ahead in 110 seats in Madhya Pradesh.

02:06 pm: Congress in talks with BSP, SP and GGP for alliance in Madhya Pradesh.

02:05 pm: According to ECI, BJP vote share is 41.7% in Madhya Pradesh till now. Congress is at 40.9%. BSP: 4.5%.

01:55 pm: BJP takes lead in 112 seats, Congress ahead in 108 seats.

01:48 pm: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is leading with a handsome margin from Budhni constituency.

01:47 pm: Congress candidate Dr Ashok Marskole is leading from Niwas constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

01:46 pm: Congress candidate KP Singh is leading from Pichhore constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

01:36 pm: A resurgent Congress in Madhya Pradesh is leading over the ruling BJP by a slender margin, as per trends available in all the 230 Assembly seats. The Opposition Congress was leading in 111 seats, while BJP was ahead in 108 constituencies.

01:35 pm: Congress President Rahul Gandhi reaches Sonia Gandhi's residence, 10 Janpath, Delhi.

01:33 pm: Speaking to ANI, SP's Ramgopal Yadav said, "BJP's wrong policies have destroyed the country and this is a result of that. Any talk of an alliance will be done once the whole picture is clear".

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01:25 pm: Official ECI trends: BJP leading on 111 seats, Congress on 108 seats, others on 11 seats in Madhya Pradesh.

01:24 pm: Congress candidate Tarun Bhanot is leading from Jabalpur West constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

01:23 pm: Congress candidate and former Union minister Sartaj Singh is trailing in Hoshangabad constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

01:22 pm: Congress candidate Suneel saraf is leading from Kotama constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

01:17 pm: BJP candidate Ramkhelawan Patel is leading from Amarpatan constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

01:17 pm: Congress candidate Manoj Chawla is leading from Alote constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

01:16 pm: Congress candidate Mukesh Rawat is leading from Alirajpur constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

01:15 pm: BJP candidate Manohar Untwal is leading from Agar constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

01:13 pm: Nine ministers in Shivraj Singh Chouhan cabinet trailin. Read Full Story Here

01:10 pm: BJP takes lead in 113 seats, Congress ahead in 108.

12:39 pm: As per the latest reports by Hindustan Times, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is seeking re-election from Budhni in Sehore district. Chouhan is pitted against Congress candidate Arun Yadav, a former minister.

12:36 pm: Shiv Sena's Sanjay Raut said, "I won't say these are victories of Congress but this is an anger of the people. Self-reflection is needed".

12:33 pm: BJP leads in 111 seats, Congress ahead in 106 seats followed by Others (13).

12:24 pm: Tough competition between BJP and Congress. Congress takes lead in 110 seats, BJP ahead in 108.

12:23 pm: After fourth round od counting, sports minister Yashodhara Raje Scindia is leading by 7,757 votes from Shivpuri constituency.

12:20 pm: BJP slipping up in Madhya Pradesh. Congress takes a lead in 113 seats.

12:11 pm: Congress crosses majority mark, ahead in 117 seats.

12:09 pm: Congress ahead in 112 seats, BJP takes lead in 112.

12:04 pm: Congress makes a come back in Madhya Pradesh. Takes a lead in 115 seats. Congress ahead in 104 seats.

11:54 am: Speaking to news agency ANI, Scindia said that they will create an environment of peace, justice, and development if come to power in Madhya Pradesh, adding that the trends reflect people's desire for change.

11:53 am: Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia arrive at party HQ in Bhopal.

11:44 am: As per the latest trends, BJP gets majority in trends. Congress ahead in 106 seats.

11:39 am: Madhya Pradesh Election Commission: Congress leading on 116 seats, BJP on 94 seats, others on 10 seats in the state.

11:35 am: BJP takes on Congress yet again in Madhya Pradesh. Leading in 113 seats. Congress ahead in 108 seats followed by others (09).

11:32 am: Jyotiraditya Scindia reached state Congress chief Kamal Nath's house.

11:28 am: BJP ahead in 108 seats, Congress takes a lead in 110 seats.

11:22 am: Tourism minister Surendra Patwa leads by 4,805 votes against Congress candidate Suresh Pachauri at the end of second round of counting from Bhojpur constituency, Hindustan Times reported.

11:20 am: Madhya Pradesh Election Commission: Congress leading on 112 seats, BJP on 102 seats, others on 14 seats in the state.

11:11 am: Congress ahead in 112 seats, BJP leading in 105.

11:05 am: Again a close fight between BJP and Congress, taking lead in 106 and 111 seats respectively. Others ahead in 13 seats.

11:04 am: Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath said that these are trends, but he is fully confident that they will get full majority in the state.

11:00 am: Rajya Sabha member from Madhya Pradesh and Union minister of social justice and empowerment Thawar Chand Gehlot told Hindustan Times, “I am confident BJP will form the government.”

10:57 am: Congress leading in 112 seats, BJP maintaints century-mark with 104 seats.

10:50 am: Congress takes a massive lead with 115 seats in Madhya Pradesh. BJP below century mark (99) followed by others (16).

10:34 am: Congress gets majority in Madhya Pradesh in the latest trends.

10:17 am: BJP takes a lead in 112 seats, Congress ahead in 108 seats in Madhya Pradesh, according to early trends.

10:14 am: Reacting to Assembly Elections 2018 results, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said "These are early trends. We hope to perform well".

10:02 am: Setback for BJP: According to Hindustan Times, BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya’s son Akash is trailing from Indore 3 constituency. Also trailing is public relation minister Narottam Mishra. Higher education minister Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya trailing from Gwalior. General administration minister Lal Singh Arya also trailing from Gohad.

09:50 am: Neck-and-neck fight between BJP and Congress. BJP takes a lead with 110 seats. Others leading in 12 seats.

09:47 am: BJP overtakes Congress, ahead in 111 seats.

09:44 am: Congress close to majority mark, takes lead in 111 seats in Madhya Pradesh. BJP ahead in 105 seats.

09:33 am: BJP ahead in 102 seats followed by Others (08).

09:27 am: Congress hits a century in Madhya Pradesh for the first time in the last 15 years, takes a lead in 109 seats.

09:15 am: Close fight between BJP and Congress in Madhya Pradesh. The Rahul Gandhi-led party takes lead in 99 seats followed by the BJP (91). Others ahead in 4 seats.

09:14 am: BJP's Kailash Vijayvargiya said that they will definitely form government in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Seeing the early trends coming from Rajasthan, we believe BJP will form a government there as well.

09:13 am: Firecrackers brought to Congress office in Delhi by party leader Jagdish Sharma as counting is underway for assembly elections in five states.

09:05 am: Congress takes massive lead in Madhya Pradesh, ahead in 83 seats. BJP leading in 73.

09:01 am: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is leading from Budhni. Congress overtakes BJP with 69 seats.

08:56 am: BJP's Yashodhara Raje Scindia is leading from Shivpuri Assembly Constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

08:52 am: The Congress overtakes BJP in Madhya Pradesh. Takes lead in 50 seats.

08:45 am: Close fight between the BJP and the Congress, take lead in 34 and 31 seats respectively.

08:38 am: The BJP ahead in 26 seats, Congress leads in 22.

08:36 am: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is taking lead in 17 seats, Congress gets 15

08:32 am: In a nail-bitting show, the Congress takes lead with 11 seats in Madhya Praadesh, the BJP bags 10 seats.

08:28 am: The incumbent BJP is leading in 9 seats followed by the Congress which bagged 7 seats so far in the state.

08:20 am: Congress gets 4 seats in Madhya Pradesh, BJP takes lead with 6 seats.

08:17 am: In neck-and-neck fight Congress, BJP lead in 2 seats while others bag 1 seat in the state.

08:13 am: As per the early trends, the Congress is ahead in two seats in Madhya Pradesh.

08:06 am: Counting of votes for 230 Assembly constituencies in Madhya Pradesh began at 8 am.

08:00 am: While the BSP is expected to be emerge as the kingmaker in the state, the Samajwadi Party also said that they will recieve calls for alliance on Tuesday once results are out.

07:57 am: Though Madhya Pradesh is considered to be a straight fight between the BJP and Congress, several smaller parties, inlcuding Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Samajwadi Party (SP), Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Left parties and SAPAKS are in the fray.

07:49 am: Showing confidence towards their victory in Madhya Pradesh elections, the state Congress on Tuesday took to Twitter and extended advance greetings and best wishes to the people across the state.

07:32 am: Days ahead of the Assembly election results, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said the results of five states will determine the course of the Lok Sabha elections slated for April 2019.

07:31 am: The Madhya Pradesh elections 2018 took place on November 28, with a record voter turnout of about 75 per cent.

07:30 am: As many as 2,899 candidates are in fray for 230 Assembly constituencies across the state.

07:22 am: In 2013 Assembly elections, the BJP had won 165 of total 230 seats, followed by the Congress (58), BSP (4) and Independents 3.

06:32 am: "Dedicated teams deployed to ensure full security. Diversion points put on roads outside centres. There's a 3-tier security system. Any device that can help communication isn't allowed inside," says Bhopal City SP from outside Old Central Jail counting centre.

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06:27 am: News Nation ( and our sister channel News State ( will bring you the minute to minute live updates on results 2018.

06:26 am: 15,000 employees have been drafted for the counting process which will be monitored through 1200 CCTV cameras installed at 51 centres across the state.

06:25 am: Counting of votes in Madhya Pradesh will start from 8:00 am with the postal ballots at 51 centres across the state.

However, several exit polls have predicted different outcomes in Madhya Pradesh. According to India Today-Axis My India, India TV, Republic TV-Jan Ki Baat, Times Now -CNX, the BJP is likely to emerge as the single largest party in the state. But as per the poll suevey by India News MP-NETA, News 24-Pace Media, Republic-C-Voters and ABP News the Congress will make a huge comeback in the state after 15 long years.

The Assembly polls 2018 are significant as it could make a big impact on the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and all the major political parties would want to end the year on a winning note.

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First Published : 11 Dec 2018, 12:10:04 AM