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1. Cookie Policy for News Nation

We value your privacy and make sure to present a complete transparency in the technology used by us. In this effort, we have framed our present policy -- the cookie policy -- in adherence to user’s privacy protection rules. The cookies, in a way, are stored and can be accessed from your device every time you visit our website or any applications that is linked to the respective policy.

As it is clearly mentioned in the cookie policy that you give us the right and authority to store and access cookies and other tracking technologies whenever you visit our website or use any our web services. By using our web services and applications, you agree to the terms of our cookie policy.

In any case, if you do not agree to the terms of our cookie policy, please do not access and use our website, mobile applications and any other online service. It is to note that our cookie policy should be together with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What are cookies and related tracking technologies?

Cookies are generally small textual files that a website stores on your device every time you visit the respective website. It allows the website to recollect your online action such as login, language, font size and other display attributes over a certain time period. The information is stored to refrain users from re-entering the same details whenever they visit the same website or browse the specific pages.

This helps us serve you in a better way, and we are able to personalise your online experience according to your preference. We shall analysis on the basis of use of these technologies and generate individual’s report on collective basis.

The other tracking technologies used are the process of placement and storage of small data files on your device in order to evaluate your online activity, as this will support us in figuring out about how you use our website and other online applications. This allows our website to figure out your device from other users of the site. The information mentioned below is about cookies and also applies to other tracking technologies.

How to use cookies and other tracking technologies effectively?

We specifically use the cookies and other tracking technologies to understand the user journey on our website and mobile applications. This helps us to learn about your interest and hence, allow us to improve your experience based on your requirement. In addition to this, we use the cookies for other purposes, but not limited to identification of your device and browser. Further, the cookies are used for research and analytics purpose in order to monitor the user behaviour, which eventually helps us to improve the browsing experience as per your interest.

In addition, you and other users may create content and links to content within the Service that has not otherwise been submitted to the Service. NN is not responsible for this type of content or links.

2. Types of cookies used by our website according to the respective purpose

First-Party Cookies

The First-Party Cookies are vital for us to offer the required service. The absence of first-party cookies won’t let us provide various services that you will need on the website and mobile applications. If you decide to get out of these cookies, we may be not able to provide you the respective services. To illustrate this in broader terms, the first-party cookies help us to remember your online journey over the website and mobile application.

Third-Party Cookies

The Third-Party Cookies are specifically used by the third party on your device through our website. Examples may include advertising agencies who may place their certain cookies on our website that will gather tracking information and hence serve you with advertisements.

Persistent cookies

These types of cookies are primarily used to recognise your online preference within the mobile application and website even after you close the browser. In this way, it helps us remember you as an existing user and therefore, supports in easy interaction with our services without signing in again.

Session cookies

These cookies are temporary that are used primarily to recognise you when you visit the website and the cookie expires once you close the browser. By activating the respective setting on the browser, you can refrain from accepting cookies. Nevertheless, if you select and choose to accept the cookie setting, you will be able to access certain parts of the website. Unless you have adjusted the browser setting to refuse cookies, our system will keep check if the cookies can be captured when your browser is directed to our website.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies monitor and track information related to website visits. This is basically done to make improvements and report our performance. These cookies collect information on how a visitor uses the website and mobile application.

Advertising or targeting cookies

Advertising cookies are placed by third-party advertainment networks or platforms to deliver ads, and hence monitor the advertising performance. The cookies also allow advertisers to show relevant ads based on your interest and preference. Other than this, the cookies are used to deliver targeted advertisements or limit the number of times you view an advertisement. The helps third-party to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The cookies remember in a way that you have visited a website and passes the same information to other third-parties, including advertisers and our agencies. Advertising cookies are linked to the site functionality offered by third parties.

Do these cookies collect user’s personal data?

No, we don't collect user's personal data. According to the type of cookies used by the respective third-party, the information collected by these cookies may include data, however, the data may not able to directly recognise you as an individual or have any of our information like name, mobile number or E-mail id.

How can I withdraw or disagree to the use of cookies?

If you do not want cookies to get into your device, you can still control the cookies through the help of setting preference on your browser. Nevertheless, even if you turn off the cookies, it will still display the advertisements on the website.