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Most Bizarre Religions You Won’t Believe Are Real

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 03 Sep 2018, 02:18:15 PM
Most Bizarre Religions You Won’t Believe Are Real (Photo:NewsNation)

New Delhi:

You have heard about different religious beliefs but how about bizarre religions? Religion, undoubtedly, is one of the most debated subjects in the world. With 4,200 religions existing already and still growing in number, religion has been in existence for more than a 1000 years. Religion, however, has proved to be more of a dividing force rather than a unifying one. Many religions are opinionated but these lesser known religions are so bizarre and controversial at the same time. 

Here’s a compilation of four bizarre religions that actually exist:

  • Jediism: Too strange to believe? Jedi or Jediism was an online phenomenon that started off as a result of not wanting to mention their religion on the census. When calculated, Jediism was found to be the second biggest religion in New Zealand and the fourth biggest in England and Whales. In England and Wales, 0.8% of the population claimed that their religion was Jediism. You sure now know where to find the largest Star War fans.
  • Pastafarians: This religion is as intriguing as it sounds. For a group of people who do not believe in religion- atheists, Pastafarians has a large number of followers. Patafarianism came about in 2005 when Bobby Henderson, its founder, asserts that the world was created in one day by the flying spaghetti monster in response to the Kansas School Board of Education decision to spend time teaching intelligent design. Their ‘God’ as you can guess, is no other than a flying plop of floating meatballs and noodles. The idea came about as a challenge as to why it is allowed to be taught creationism at schools.
  • Universe People: Also known as Cosmic People of Light Powers is one of the many UFO religions. It’s followers believe that a fleet of UFOs fly around the earth and intervene when the people needed assistance. Most of these believers are based in Slovakia and Czech Republic. 
  • The Order of the Solar Temple: The Order of the Solar Temple founded in 1984 has a rather dark history. This religion was founded by Joseph di Mambro and Luc Jouret. Their idea was to reassert the correct bounce of power and lay the foundation for the Second Coming of Christ, the Solar king. Their dark side came into view in October 1994 when a couple and a baby were killed on the order of Mambro for believing they were an antichrist. Then a few days later, both the founders were found dead along with 46 other followers. The dark side was not the death of the founders but about how they influenced mass murder and group ritual suicide.

This bizarre religion started off in Switzerland then moved its headquarters in Quebec, Canada. This religion was based on different sources, the main ones being the Knights Templar.

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Which religion did you find the most bizarre?

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First Published : 02 Sep 2018, 01:35:45 PM