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Alien alert: Recent UFO sightings near NASA's ISS - from mothership 'mammoth craft' to three orbs smoke | Watch Videos

Three Orbs Of Smoke (UFO-like) Can Be Seen In The NASA Live Feed Near The International Space Station (ISS) And This Video Has Left People Discussing About Aliens Watching Us Or Maybe Spying On Us. A YouTube Channel Named Third Phase Of Moon Was The First To Share The NASA Live Feed, Showing Three Rings Of Smoke Hovering Near The ISS.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Deepak Mahato | Updated on: 13 Sep 2017, 01:21:46 PM
Aliens hovering around ISS? Alleged UFOs recently spotted from NASA’s International Space Station (Representational Image)

New Delhi:

The alleged sighting of UFO in a latest NASA live video captured from the International Space Station (ISS) has yet again sparked a debate over the existence of aliens. The video shows not one, not two but three UFO like figures flying over the ISS. And the alien-theory enthusiasts are super excited with the discovery of what they claim are UFOs belonging to the aliens.

Three orbs of smoke can be seen in the NASA live and this video has left people discussing about aliens watching us or maybe spying on us. A YouTube channel named Third Phase of Moon was the first to share the NASA Live Feed, showing three rings of smoke hovering near the ISS.

Contrary to the conspiracy theorists’ belief, many people have dismissed this as a mere cloud formation. A different video shot using a cellphone is being shared as ‘3 UFO ORB Video’ and shows three orbs of light flying in a formation and disappearing into the skies.

Despite such sightings, NASA has been denying the presence of aliens and has called them just distortions in the lens. However, conspiracy theorists don’t agree and believe aliens do exist and there are a lot of ‘evidence’ to prove their existence.

April 2016: UFO appears in live feed of ISS

In April 2016, the US space agency NASA cut the live feed of a scenario as seen from International Space Station (ISS) after a UFO was captured on the camera. A diamond shaped object appeared to be changing its shape, however, after spotting the unidentified object flying closer to ISS, NASA video feed was cut and went to a blue screen.

However, the space agency later clarified that it did not intentionally cut the video feed but said that such occurrences have occurred in the past owing to lost transmission.

Like always, UFO hunters were sure about NASA knowing of UFOs and mystery around them but still they hide it from people on Earth.

April 2017: Mysterious 'Alien' cylinder seen on NASA live feed for ISS

In April 2017, a mysterious object was captured by NASA’s live feed of the ISS and UFO experts claimed that it was an alien cylinder. The weird shape was spotted by space enthusiasts while watching the live feed.

UFO expert Scott C Waring, shared the footage and said: "I noticed a UFO in the distance that was coming closer and closer to the space station. The UFO was partially cloaked, which made it look transparent."

May 2017: Alleged alien aircraft comes close to ISS then zooms out in space

In May 2017, NASA astronauts shot a video showing a disc-like object hovering around the International Space Station and then plunging into space.

Alien-theory enthusiasts have had a hectic day with the discovery of the new mysterious, alleged UFO, which looked like a longish white-coloured floating object seen coming close to the ISS and then zooming back to space.

This was not only the sighting this year as multiple such objects were reportedly seen in space in NASA videos in 2017. Also, many citizens in the US saw such mysterious objects and reported them.

Many UFO hunters have been blaming NASA for hiding the existence of aliens by tampering with proofs. UFO expert Scott C Waring, who hosts UFO Sightings Daily blog, wrote a blog spot describing the recent ‘alien video’ saying, the “UFO is seen on the other side of the solar panels in the far distance.” “It looks like it is the size of a city bus and is disc- shaped.”

According to Waring, one can easily spot a UFO at the ISS if one looks hard enough.

“Many say it’s impossible to catch a UFO at the space station, however those people never put more than 5 minutes into looking,” he wrote. “If you search for about 1-2 hours I guarantee you will see a UFO.”

YouTube user Streetcap1 was credited by Waring for spotting the alleged UFO in the NASA video and for uploading the clip.

“This looks like a craft behind the ISS speeding off into the distance. NASA must have been on their coffee break,” Streetcap1 wrote in the video description.

Stan Salmon posted a comment in the video and alleged that NASA uses old and low resolution cameras so as to hide the evidence of UFOs from humans.

“A good example why NASA won’t use hi resolution cameras, nasa=never a straight answer…,” he wrote. “Amazing….one of the best space station UFO footage I have seen. Great find!” another YouTube user posted.

July 2017: Alien mothership 'mammoth craft' noticed on NASA's live feed

In July 2017, footage emerged of what leading UFO researchers believe to be an alien "mothership" – the mammoth craft was spotted on NASA's live feed of the space region adjacent to the International Space Station (ISS).

Truth revealed about what is leading UFO researchers believe to be an alien "mothership". It was only after a video was released on Thursday by brothers Blake and Brett Cousins who run YouTube channel ‘thirdphaseofmoon'.

In the footage released, a hazy object 'the mammoth craft' was spotted on NASA's live feed of the space region adjacent to the International Space Station (ISS). It is seen like a mere line of burning orange orbs initially, quickly forming the shape of what appears to be a spacefaring vessel gains contour and colour.

The clip itself, the Cousins duo said, is sped up by 900 per cent — the actual event lasted over nine minutes.

The pair enlisted the expertise of a UFO aficionado to shed some light on what the apparent craft — which they claimed was "tracking" the station — might actually be.

Till now the video has been able to get the attention of over 40,000 views following its upload date (July 17).

Do aliens really exist? Well, it still remains a mystery in the lack of any solid evidence of their presence.

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First Published : 12 Sep 2017, 03:11:18 PM