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Cash Crunch: Secretary of Dept of Economic Affairs says we will now print more notes

SC Garg, the Secretary of Department of Economic Affairs had said that because of the cash crunch, now the steps to print Rs 500 notes will raise. The production will now raise about 5 times the normal production. He said in coming days, the Rs 500 notes will regulate at about 2500 crore per day and 70,000-75,000 crore in a month. Garg said, “We print about 500 cr of Rs 500 notes per day. We have taken steps to raise this production 5 times. In next couple of days, we'll have supply of about 2500 cr of Rs 500 notes per day. In a month, supply would be about 70000-75000 cr.”

Updated : 17 April 2018, 04:10 PM