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'If there was no mistake then why the dead body was burnt at night'

Did justice sound suppressed amidst provoking Hathras? Why family vs family in Hathras? On this issue, the sister-in-law of the victim of Hathras said, "Nothing about the accused is true." Everything is wrong. There is only one phone in our house, which is always with Papa, this is a conspiracy to mislead us. These people are now doing this to escape, neither a call has been made nor there has been any talk. If justice is not available today, no girl will get justice in future. If the boy's family knew then why didn't they stop. When I was crying on the road, all the women were laughing seeing it, because it was a well thought out conspiracy. If no mistake was made, why was the body burnt? I want justice, I don't know anything else. This world knows, if the girl has taken the name of the accused while dying, is it false? #हाथरस_का_इंसाफ #DeshKiBahas

Updated : 08 October 2020, 11:10 PM